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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORCES

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Psychology2, 723:and lack of perspective), may call evil or black forces. In worldly parlance, these forces arePsychology2, 723:evil or black forces. In worldly parlance, these forces are connected, with what is regarded as thePsychology2, 723:- The Great Approaches These are some of the forces which are bringing about and constituting thePsychology2, 723:these the Council has had to deal. All these forces are today playing upon humanity, and thisPsychology2, 725:and of innate freedom from hatred can the forces of destruction be offset. These forces have beenPsychology2, 725:can the forces of destruction be offset. These forces have been needed and useful, but the taskPsychology2, 733:be working cooperatively in every land with the forces of construction - national, religious andPsychology2, 735:heart center and upon the necessity to hold the forces there (symbolized by the clasped handsPsychology2, 737:I have briefly restated this line-up of the forces, prevalent in humanity today. A little thoughtPsychology2, 739:the strength of love and sacrifice - offset the forces of hate and of death. As those who guide andPsychology2, 742:plan) to be destructive. The destructive forces of the planet are doing [743] their directed andPsychology2, 745:fusion, the downpouring desire of the spiritual forces of the Hierarchy, of the Christ and of allPsychology2, 746:techniques must be strenuously inculcated. The forces existent today, directed by the spiritualPsychology2, 751:which the spirit of peace can work and the forces of Light enter. The Hierarchy waits. It has doneRays, 7:which will give him control over the elemental forces of nature. Insight into the planetary plans.Rays, 10:and it [10] is this power which at present forces the 'fiery energies' of the body to feed theRays, 12:is attributed by men to other men or to certain forces generated by human thinking, frailty andRays, 13:inner occurrences and the meeting of subjective forces and inflowing energies. It is of course notRays, 13:kingdoms. A study of the above in terms of forces and energy will give some idea of the underlyingRays, 14:descending energies evoke also the obstructing forces, and I would here remind you that theseRays, 14:here remind you that these obstructing evil forces (so-called) are [15] met with upon the highestRays, 64:needed energy and certain destined and chosen forces so that the Plan (let me repeat myself) may goRays, 65:of the centers. The personality works with forces. The third great demand has in it a differentRays, 69:energies, and later wisely to distribute the forces of the divine will in the three worlds whereRays, 71:of the Hierarchy, Page V). ("Let the Forces of Light bring illumination to mankind...") was anRays, 76:intention. Humanity was, however, swept by forces that carried in themselves the seeds ofRays, 76:was that in humanity which responded to those forces. Therefore the Law of destruction wasRays, 76:in the May and June Full Moons. Can the forces be so organized and the energies so distributed thatRays, 76:goodwill? Can the will-to-good of the spiritual Forces and the goodwill of humanity be broughtRays, 86:to recognize the factual nature of the Shamballa forces as they play upon our planetary life andRays, 96:the Will of God, to the Council at Shamballa, to forces active on the planet Pluto, and on anotherRays, 97:aspect of the planet, or that great ocean of forces in which all these three aspects live and moveRays, 108:exhausted all tangible goals, the inner life forces the man on towards the intangible, and theRays, 109:we shall have the gradual consolidation of the forces of evil or of materialism on Earth. I am notRays, 114:Angel controls the personality life and its forces. This, in the New Age, is the goal of theRays, 134:Great and penetrating energies and their evoked forces have met in a conflict which has,Rays, 145:war and conflict proceed on Earth between the Forces of Light and the Forces of Evil. They have letRays, 145:on Earth between the Forces of Light and the Forces of Evil. They have let loose upon Earth theRays, 145:of Evil. They have let loose upon Earth the Forces of Light, whilst the Forces of Evil are inherentRays, 145:loose upon Earth the Forces of Light, whilst the Forces of Evil are inherent in substance itself -Rays, 149:the multiplicity of units and combinations of forces which make up his entire daily life and whichRays, 149:- having released himself from the control of forces - and begin to direct energy in conformityRays, 151:man. Humanity These together embody the combined forces of the planetary life as registered by theRays, 151:enable the individual to respond to material forces, to soul energy and spiritual life, and theyRays, 151:the conditioning energy of the soul ray and the forces, emanating from the environment. TheseRays, 151:right direction should then guide the entering forces. The Law demands that the changes thusRays, 158:expression, and right distribution of these forces in the lower three worlds. These are, under theRays, 158:world of men as regenerative and constructive forces. These living spiritual energies - transmittedRays, 162:workers, choosing to work with the planetary forces of evolution. Others pass on into the greatRays, 165:right direction should then guide the entering forces. The entering forces, working under this law,Rays, 165:then guide the entering forces. The entering forces, working under this law, are directed first ofRays, 174:true occultist works entirely in the field of forces and energies. The next lesson which the groupRays, 179:understand more fully the function of the deva forces, a man must arrive at some understanding ofRays, 179:a man must arrive at some understanding of the forces in his etheric body which, in their turn, areRays, 179:that term. They are sometimes regarded as blind forces, but that is only because they get theirRays, 182:aspirants to deal with and handle those forces which have worked through into physical expression.Rays, 182:direct his life from above downwards, if these forces are to be dominated by him and are not toRays, 182:from the very heart of the mystery of these forces; this he can do because he is in a position toRays, 182:has to contend, to understand the nature of the forces with which he can and must manipulate theRays, 183:veils of maya, constructed necessarily of seven forces, and these produce the factual andRays, 183:and the ordination and coordination of the forces, present as existent maya; this must provide, inRays, 183:connotes to the initiate the mass of creative forces with which he must work; these are swept intoRays, 185:and therefore little or no effect upon the forces and energies which were active upon ethericRays, 186:somewhat negative organization of the prevalent forces. But then a third and most potent force,Rays, 186:was beginning to make an impact upon the etheric forces. Men were beginning, at this early periodRays, 187:going on, subject to the impact of energies and forces as listed above, plus certain other energiesRays, 187:increased steadily in potency. Gradually the forces took organized form and the four "veils ofRays, 190:money changers is the last. Meet the descending forces and find the current which is yours. WatchRays, 191:use of that descending current - will drive the forces of evil back on to the astral plane and willRays, 191:for the cleansing and the reorganization of the forces active in the world today. These forces areRays, 191:of the forces active in the world today. These forces are now raging and running wild; their effectRays, 192:and creates a unique concentration of the Forces of Good and the forces of evil upon the ethericRays, 192:concentration of the Forces of Good and the forces of evil upon the etheric plane. The task of allRays, 192:and as needed in the projection of those forces which will destroy, purify and reorganize. Moses,Rays, 195:of that term. They are in the nature of opposing forces and energies which act as inhibitoryRays, 195:side of light"; they are essentially physical forces, and although they are the result of man's ownRays, 195:They constitute the lowest concentration of forces precipitated from levels of activity other andRays, 195:or break down and through the separating veiling forces, thus producing coordination eventuallyRays, 195:of the veils of their own interior life and forces, thus bringing about soul contact unimpeded andRays, 196:the force which tore its way into the separating forces, driving them in a threefold direction,Rays, 199:encounters at the fourth initiation and which forces him to cry out in his blindness: "My God, myRays, 199:the initiate when - as the Embodiment of all the forces of the Spiritual Triad - He faces the MonadRays, 215:group interrelation. Learning how to use the forces of destruction constructively. Attaining theRays, 218:considered, the constructive planned use of the forces of destruction, can now be seen as active.Rays, 218:can now be seen as active. It is these forces which are often responsible for the upheavals, theRays, 229:It is the field of force in which the two other forces must work. It has been produced by the past.Rays, 230:of [230] energies you have present those forces which will implement the activities of theRays, 231:have to be tried; experiment with the incoming forces will necessarily be the order of the day,Rays, 231:It is the reaction of modern man to the ancient forces which produces the need for care. Mankind isRays, 235:to work with and use the available astrological forces which make their impact upon one or other ofRays, 235:changing orientation and attitudes. These forces and energies - from the zodiac or from one orRays, 236:on the part of the Black Lodge. Between the two forces - one sensitive, onward moving, ready forRays, 236:and immovable between humanity and the forces of evil. This has been an epoch of crisis, and theRays, 236:the inner and newer vision and to the incoming forces and energies. Each group, therefore, whetherRays, 237:of all the efforts of the evil and reactionary forces), and the seething turmoil reachingRays, 238:is planned and ordered; the right energies and forces will be available, for the Hierarchy worksRays, 262:"disappears" out of his own life, but the forces which have been transmuted into spiritual energyRays, 304:those who are free from these all-compelling forces in the three worlds which condition humanRays, 324:human being is the recipient of the energies and forces which they emanate or distribute. ThisRays, 325:and unfoldment, and of the play of energies and forces which produce the difficulties and the
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