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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORCES

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Rays, 331:planet and of the solar system and to control forces within the [332] planet; they will put theRays, 339:of his nature may still be conditioned by the forces flowing through them sequentially andRays, 352:as follows: Electrical energy, composed of two forces of electricity: the innate, inert and latentRays, 353:is ever portrayed as one who works with the forces and energies of the planet and the system. ToRays, 359:of a Master, the four planes are composed of forces which are basically responsive to, and finallyRays, 360:development); these are conditioned by three forces and four energies. I have emphasized this byRays, 389:information, the world war took place, the forces of hidden evil [390] emerged for a short periodRays, 393:in the three worlds of certain appropriate ray forces, are brought to the point of precipitation byRays, 402:astral energy of the cosmic astral plane. These forces are symbolized to the manipulating Master byRays, 404:occultist has to learn to master and control the forces and energies within himself; the discipleRays, 404:work with hierarchical energies and with the forces [405] of the kingdoms of nature in the threeRays, 413:also the reason for the violent attempt of the Forces of Evil to gain control, and their resultantRays, 429:and again she has been the victim of the armed forces of Germany and cries aloud to the world aboutRays, 430:partially again opened the door [430] to the Forces of Evil, which worked originally through HitlerRays, 430:part of wisdom to discover this in time. These Forces of Evil work through a triangle of evil, oneRays, 440:a triangle of energies with grouped subsidiary forces working in seven departments andRays, 449:and happenings in the world of energies and forces, in connection with which man is definitelyRays, 456:"nine of initiation" or the transmuting of nine forces into divine energies: [457] Rays, 467:focused and projected from the fused and blended forces of the personality. Energy, drawn from theRays, 469:the right use or misuse of energies and forces. This process puts the disciple in touch withRays, 469:begins to interpret life in terms of energy and forces, and not in terms of quality and desire.Rays, 480:nucleus of force, but is the result of different forces, and primarily of group force. It isRays, 482:negative energies, or as magnetic, attractive forces. An understanding of this statement willRays, 487:This the disciple must also do, gathering his forces (to use a common expression) into the highestRays, 491:along this line that the final withdrawal of the forces takes place, the forces which - upon theRays, 491:final withdrawal of the forces takes place, the forces which - upon the downward way or theRays, 520:is an expression of His dynamic intention as it forces all substance in manifestation and in timeRays, 550:begins consciously to [550] work in a world of forces similarly composed; he then begins to useRays, 554:spirit. This evoked a prompt reaction from the Forces of Evil which had created and "held in being"Rays, 556:mounted and from the vortex of the four uniting forces, the initiate passes through the door and isRays, 572:divorce and the setting in motion of those forces which will eventually produce a new attitude toRays, 603:fight between the demonstrators of evil and the Forces of Light took place; it was inconclusive,Rays, 603:mental plane was the focus of the amalgamated forces, for [604] the war was in reality a clash ofRays, 612:of the needed adjustments. Even the evil forces which still remain active hide their greedyRays, 626:and her curious innate cruelty permitted the Forces of Evil (temporarily) to work through GermanyRays, 626:appropriate to point out here that the spiritual forces of the planet do not greatly fear a renewedRays, 636:and territorial greed, against which the Forces of Light were arrayed in the last war. The UnitedRays, 644:light and joins his brothers. He gathers all his forces and seeks new light upon the Plan. ThatRays, 645:energies of the seven rays and of the twenty-one forces. It is this synthesis which is revealed atRays, 645:and - as I said above - the combination of these forces produces the Ascension; this is anRays, 646:and quality when related to the energies and the forces, is most difficult to express. Each greatRays, 648:a specific revelation of the nature of certain forces in relation to light; this event willRays, 666:the aspirant into the world of energies and forces, which is the true world of occult endeavor,Rays, 669:the energies which the centers channel and the forces which they generate can be controlled andRays, 670:becomes automatically magnetic and attracts the forces of the sacral center upward through theRays, 681:Hierarchy and mark a point of triumph of the forces of evil. I am emphasizing the activities ofRays, 681:leaders of these groups of aggressive men the forces of evil - dammed back temporarily by theRays, 722:so only after setting in motion certain energy forces which will creatively change matters onRays, 722:were faced with the fact of the emerging forces of cosmic evil; They had then to decide in whatRays, 729:now an intelligent cooperator with the Building Forces of the planet and also of the solar system,Rays, 742:whether the reactionary, material and selfish forces which have controlled for millennia of yearsRays, 742:powerful groups are swayed in their turn by the forces of evil - forces which were not "sealed inRays, 742:are swayed in their turn by the forces of evil - forces which were not "sealed in their own place,"Rays, 742:a too acute understanding of the nature of the forces of evil with which they are confronted. TheRays, 743:statement of that which the active spiritual Forces are seeking to bring about may prove helpful.Rays, 743:seeking to bring about may prove helpful. If the Forces of Evil are active and organized, theRays, 743:the Forces of Evil are active and organized, the Forces of Light are equally active, but not soRays, 743:of the manner in which the hierarchical forces are working and a recognition that all men are todayRays, 747:spiritual approach to divinity or (if the Forces of Light do not triumph) they can drive mankindRays, 754:nations of the world allied themselves with the Forces of Light to a very large extent, and littleRays, 754:of evil in the world today through which these forces of darkness can reach humanity. What they areRays, 754:good in the old forms will contribute, for the forces of right will withdraw that good, andReappearance, 20:and unique problems. All these spiritual forces and many others, both within and without the worldReappearance, 20:are those at every stage of responsiveness. The forces of regeneration, of reconstruction, ofReappearance, 40:spiritual sphere and set in motion energies and forces which cannot now be stopped. The invocativeReappearance, 52:belief is one of the incredible triumphs of the forces of evil. To be a citizen of the Kingdom ofReappearance, 82:it will then be subjected to those energies and forces which will break down the barriers ofReappearance, 90:and Their responsibility. The reactionary forces of the world - political and religious - desiredReappearance, 90:new. This, they are still doing. The progressive forces fight only for that which is new, and seekReappearance, 90:efforts of the Hierarchy. In these progressive forces, hope does indeed lie, but they sadly lackReappearance, 90:approximately a period of five weeks, the Forces of Restoration began their work, emerging firstReappearance, 91:the type of mind of the man who responds to the forces of restoration, conditioned by his point inReappearance, 91:and his religious and civilized reactions. These forces are active now in every land, frequentlyReappearance, 91:of the Full Moon of the Buddha in May 1945, the forces of enlightenment became active, and lightReappearance, 92:Work of the Christ Today and in the Future The forces of restoration are related to and emanateReappearance, 92:man from all other forms in nature. The forces of enlightenment come from the Heart of God and areReappearance, 93:In June 1945, Christ set in motion the forces of reconstruction which are related to the WillReappearance, 93:the three Full Moon Festivals in 1945. These forces of reconstruction are effective mainly inReappearance, 95:must surely be apparent to all of us. Great Forces, under potent spiritual Leadership, are standingReappearance, 123:safely grasped. There are planetary energies and forces which men as yet cannot and do not control;Reappearance, 131:within. He will then find that the self-centered forces and the energies of personal desire and ofReappearance, 151:organization of spiritual energy and of the forces of love, and these, when effective, will evokeReappearance, 161:to work, and his clarity of perception as to the forces [162] ranged against him (and on a muchReappearance, 162:of any effort which I can make? Why not let the forces of good and evil fight it out alone? Why notReappearance, 162:or unwarranted), the greed of the capitalistic forces of the world, the selfishness of labor, theReappearance, 163:the problems which must be solved. The opposing forces of entrenched evil must be routed before HeReappearance, 164:but growth of spiritual understanding; the forces of the spirit are unconquered. These aspects ofReappearance, 176:that has come) they can work potently. The Forces of Evil are defeated, though not yet "sealed"Reappearance, 188:the world war, and arrest the reactionary forces in every nation, we shall be making way for thatSoul, 64:of any definite shape, cannot exist without the forces of cohesion - cannot exist therefore withoutSoul, 65:governing all the manifestations of physical forces, at the root of elasticity and tenacity andSoul, 78:races, who personified and worshipped the forces of nature; we recognize the animism outlined bySoul, 79:be negated. We live in a universe animated by forces. Speed, activity, vitality, transportation,Soul, 84:is the spirit." - Prasad, Rama, Nature's Finer Forces, p. 121. (Quoted from the Prashnopanishad.)Soul, 93:possible for a man to work actively with the forces of his own nature, as they function through theSoul, 94:- Quoted by Rama Prasad in Nature's Finer Forces, pp. 187-188. A resemblance between theSoul, 94:amazingly interesting book called Nature's Finer Forces lists four states of subtle matter: PranaSoul, 94:into being and animated by a subjective world of forces, which use the ether (Akasha) as theirSoul, 95:'matter,' even with the addition of all possible forces, is insufficient to explain many phenomena,Soul, 97:a cycle everything becomes Akasha, and all the forces that are in the universe resolve back into
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