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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORCING

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Astrology, 186:circumstances, indicating inheritance and forcing the environment to be declarative in connectionAtom, 64:mental bodies. He energizes his threefold form, forcing it to carry out his behests and fulfil hisDiscipleship1, 126:to do in the particular field wherein you are, forcing yourself to remain. It should be the otherDiscipleship1, 222:the first ray energy, predominantly yours, is by forcing mental issues and making yourself do whatDiscipleship1, 309:and effects to take place naturally without any forcing of the process. Your soul is active andDiscipleship1, 381:yourself and through the process of definitely forcing yourself to serve where needed (and not soDiscipleship1, 442:field of activity has provided for you a needed forcing ground. The group activity with which youDiscipleship1, 585:in some second ray group you aid yourself by forcing the emergence of your second rayDiscipleship1, 646:group have received so that - by a self-applied forcing process - you can start on an equal basis.Discipleship1, 708:to truth. This is frequently brought about by forcing them to question all the conclusions of theDiscipleship1, 726:call "freeing karma." This is a part of the forcing process to which those who choose the moreDiscipleship1, 735:the recognition of limitation, of desire, of the forcing of an issue and of the intense aspirationDiscipleship2well as flowers emerge. It was a new age group forcing process, tested in operation by the use ofDiscipleship2, 64:and needs. Senior disciples are undergoing a forcing process to enable them more rapidly to takeDiscipleship2, 90:periphery of the Ashram; sometimes the spiritual forcing process brings him to that [91] pointDiscipleship2, 219:freedom really exist, my brother?) - is forcing men to think, to reflect, to question and toDiscipleship2, 514:bringing intensification of his situation and forcing him to "struggle into the light of day,"Discipleship2, 646:of the situation which your circumstances are forcing you to meet. Therefore, your major need is toEducation, 63:in the production of any current civilization, forcing the masses of men into certain needed linesEducation, 131:because the young people in every land are forcing upon their parents and their teachers the ideaExternalisation, 17:training and have subjected themselves to a forcing process which is intended to bring the fullExternalisation, 17:afraid or to refuse to subject himself to this forcing process, but he should enter upon it withExternalisation, 120:into the country - the lords of evolution are forcing the breaking up of the rhythm ofExternalisation, 434:to a smaller and much weaker nation, thus forcing France and Great Britain to fulfil their pledgedExternalisation, 555:abundantly" which the war has made possible by forcing a return to the real values. The keynote ofExternalisation, 677:Hierarchy to offset it; it led to an increased forcing process by means of which many earnest andExternalisation, 686:(on a higher turn of the spiral) submitting to a forcing process which will make great demands uponFire, 126:of the force in an uneven manner upwards, or in forcing its radiation to undesirable centers. TheFire, 474:then normally etheric, will have the effect of forcing him to recognize that which is now calledFire, 829:to do in a briefer period, through a self-chosen forcing process. At the termination of the 777Fire, 1002:known. The force used by the Ego in the work of forcing the man to carry out His purpose has beenFire, 1209:driving that hierarchy on to self expression and forcing the "marriage of the poles." The wholeFire, 1221:forth in search of another way of entrance, thus forcing him through the cycle of rebirth until heGlamour, 66:for a moment a sense of loss and of negation, forcing from His dying Personality that tremendousHealing, 4:outer physical response apparatus, and is today forcing a mechanism that has been constructedHealing, 671:and the demonstration of the will-to-power (forcing evil to leave Him) marked a most importantHercules, 5:nature. Upon this path he submits himself to a forcing process, so that the flower of the soul canHercules, 130:started a great fire behind his own troops, thus forcing them to press forward with such desperateIntellect, 119:and meditation, to achieve facility in forcing the mind to be one-pointed in any direction. TheIntellect, 221:nature", the practicer has only succeeded in forcing entrance into new fields of phenomena. He hasMagic, 36:form manifestations. The soul plays upon matter, forcing it to assume certain shapes, to respond toMagic, 171:These qualities delude him and lead him astray, forcing [172] him onto a pedestal from whichMagic, 182:but disciplining them. We lead them on, not forcing them forward by feeding their ambitions byMagic, 193:of spiritual perception. Many schools are simply forcing schools, prematurely developing the higherMagic, 215:four elementals (of earth, water, fire, air) and forcing the lunar lords to abdicate. TheMagic, 240:to himself as constantly as need [240] requires, forcing his mind to focus attention upon theMeditation, 16:via the Power Ray - the driving forward and the forcing upward had a like result; the openedMeditation, 18:is mentality driving a man on to perfection and forcing him to utilize all knowledge in the lovingPatanjali, 120:coordinates the entire lower threefold man, forcing him into a position where he is nothing but thePatanjali, 215:practise, rather than through the violent forcing of the body into postures and attitudesPatanjali, 255:emotional and temperamental person. The undue forcing of one's development carries with it certainProblems, 76:the American Civil War all played their part in forcing the issue of the common man. Men in everyProblems, 121:found by deciding upon some line of action and forcing it on public attention by propaganda and byPsychology1, 171:of humanity and to institute a sort of forcing process, so that men's horizon of thought would bePsychology1, 172:intuition. It was found wise to bring about a forcing process, in order to make mankind morePsychology2, 121:and make them what he feels they should be, thus forcing people to conform to that which the serverPsychology2, 372:following his Master unto death, if need be; forcing himself (from very love of form) and forcingPsychology2, 372:be; forcing himself (from very love of form) and forcing all his fellowmen to dedicate themselvesPsychology2, 392:have been temporarily arranged as a hastening or forcing process. This progression of realizedPsychology2, 449:to avail oneself of the tide which is forcing humanity to approach the world of spiritual realitiesRays, 57:becomes intensified and energy pours in, forcing the acquiescent personality fully to express theRays, 393:nature. This training in decision is given by forcing the Master to make basic decisions within HisRays, 409:were finding their way into the Ashrams, thus forcing the passage of many initiates on to the WayTelepathy, 40:teach subjectively with no undue influence, no forcing, and no infringement of the liberty andTelepathy, 179:truths approach each other and blend, forcing us to use the [180] same terminologies in order to
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