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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FOREBODING

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Destiny, 7:these effects which are producing so much fear, foreboding and concern are but temporary and willDiscipleship1, 385:into the future with speculation or with [385] foreboding, nor even with hope, which is but a formDiscipleship1, 504:and those vile children of fear - nervousness, foreboding, worry and that instant jumping toDiscipleship1, 704:all one is and has into the life of the Ashram, foreboding, as to the future and a host of mentalDiscipleship2, 651:struggled with fatigue, with loneliness, with foreboding [652] and with anxieties of many kinds.Externalisation, 65:of the various world leaders and in fearful foreboding - none of which is in the least helpful and,Externalisation, 115:which gives rise to the recurrent and foreboding cry, "This is the death of civilization; it mustExternalisation, 238:confidence nor be forever overborne by grim foreboding of disaster. The new world that we seek willExternalisation, 254:lead to human affairs. Aggression, fear, terror, foreboding and the numbness that comes from undueExternalisation, 452:motives, rake up past grievances, foretell (with foreboding) imminent difficulties; they fosterIntellect, 250:and whether it carries a vibration of fear and foreboding, it is all psychic stuff, and it in noMagic, 69:made, and so to abide by the results without foreboding or regrets. Secondly, he can wait, restingMagic, 239:times when swept by illusory fears and needless foreboding the following formula or prayer: "LetMagic, 480:be said that even now the fire of anxiety, of foreboding, of worry, and of fear is burning up ourMagic, 532:the future. They are exempt from the agony of foreboding. Their entire reaction to what are calledPsychology2, 234:we have, therefore, no cause for real fear or foreboding. God's instincts are stronger and more
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