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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORESAW

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Destiny, 152:a touch of prevision, of prophetic insight, and foresaw a little of the wonder of the Aquarian Age.Discipleship1, 162:or plan, because you have all developed as I foresaw, though one or two of the group are learningDiscipleship1, 288:a source that is not that of your own soul. I foresaw your present state of mind when last I wroteDiscipleship1, 409:and has been specially so in your case. This I foresaw, but I saw also that you would make a realDiscipleship1, 463:myself. I gave you "permission thus to call." I foresaw the agony of your coming months and soughtDiscipleship2, 529:- enter into a cycle of very great usefulness. I foresaw this cycle of useful work when I firstDiscipleship2, 553:covered the remainder of your life events - as I foresaw them. You have lived for years at the highDiscipleship2, 739:physical effect which is not desirable. I foresaw this risk, and it was for that reason that theExternalisation, 663:has been fostered for centuries; Christ Himself foresaw the possibility of this error and tried toMagic, 405:keeping men apart from each other and which They foresaw would increasingly do so. Cycle by cycle,Rays, 522:Reality which He represents. This Christ Himself foresaw as a possibility, and sought to obviateReappearance, 81:The coming in of the Aquarian Age, Christ foresaw and reduced to pictorial form for us, thus
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