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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORESEEN

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Astrology, 404:Universe. He fashions all things to a divinely foreseen end and in this sign - through His agents,Astrology, 593:united success or unified conformity to a long foreseen purpose of spirit-matter, life-form, plusBethlehem, 211:yet been made. It was almost as if Christ had foreseen the turn which theology would give to HisDestiny, 86:yet essentially the inner straight line of foreseen and planned activity will hold Italy true toDiscipleship1, 240:at the situation - one which you had not foreseen and which causes you deep distress. Relax and beDiscipleship1, 489:the happenings and changes - there hinted at and foreseen - you will see how correct were myDiscipleship1, 631:the first ray type. Your answers could have been foreseen. They should prove helpful to all whoDiscipleship2, 529:group are now being tested - a thing which was foreseen by me but refused consideration by severalExternalisation, 132:and a new order - planned and determined and foreseen. This has been brought about through crueltyHealing, 664:But something happened which had not been foreseen even by the Hierarchy. During the past twoMeditation, 305:the future may not always work out in detail as foreseen. I but seek to lay before you the bigPsychology2, 718:is inevitable and its effects must be foreseen and dealt with in such a manner that itsRays, 325:The time has come, as the Hierarchy had foreseen, for further light upon the endless Way. Reappearance, 85:work undertaken by the Christ in the past, and foreseen by Him as His future responsibility. ChristReappearance, 100:He comes to the East and to the West, and has foreseen this "time of the end," with its planetary
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