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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORGET

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Discipleship1, 562:your friend and teacher of several lives, and forget everything but the need of those you dailyDiscipleship1, 562:- the lesson of utter self-forgetfulness. Forget the past and all that it brought to you of painDiscipleship1, 562:all that it brought to you of pain and of joy; forget the personal self and all that it has to giveDiscipleship1, 562:all that it has to give or what it withholds; forget that which you said or has been said anentDiscipleship1, 564:seeing of the immediate vision. 2nd month - Forget the past and press anew into the glory of theDiscipleship1, 575:realignment and inner reorganization. Forget not my earlier injunction to go slowly. Discipleship1, 578:beauty of that which might be done, lead you to forget that which has been begun; otherwise you mayDiscipleship1, 586:palls and you hanker to traverse new fields? Forget not that the Hierarchy stands. So stand alsoDiscipleship1, 591:and yet a more focused service of the mind. Forget not that the mind, in your case, can be a majorDiscipleship1, 597:the next twelve months are as follows: First: Forget your karmic relationship with me and give noDiscipleship1, 599:your soul's life. Live, therefore, as a soul and forget the personality. Give not so much time toDiscipleship1, 601:situation which is simply that of identity. Forget this not, and confuse not the issue. It is notDiscipleship1, 602:and deep seated ambition. The two are allied. Forget not either my earlier injunction to you thatDiscipleship1, 606:your work. This I have not done for six months. Forget not, that when older and, therefore, moreDiscipleship1, 616:during the past years. Your place lies open. Forget it not. Time may enable you to show a changedDiscipleship1, 634:Her tower has naught to do with the personality. Forget not, my brother, that when you have learnedDiscipleship1, 637:you will rapidly free yourself from glamor. Forget not, your sixth ray astral body intensifies yourDiscipleship1, 640:make you a strong hand in the dark to others. Forget this not, but battle on, remembering that youDiscipleship1, 644:wise and needed. You are, however, apt [644] to forget that much can be gained by judicious readingDiscipleship1, 668:People everywhere are living under great strain. Forget not that it is the few in every land (andDiscipleship1, 690:your capacity to decentralize yourselves and to forget your personalities. This forgetting involvesDiscipleship1, 690:themselves because, not having learnt to forget their personalities, they have an attitude of deepDiscipleship1, 693:constantly the tendency not to give; you will forget your physical bodies and not give so muchDiscipleship1, 701:impact upon soul force and personality force. Forget not that a Master expresses monadic energy,Discipleship1, 705:is one which disciples are very [705] apt to forget because they are so basically interested inDiscipleship1, 706:need to take the desire for granted and then forget about it. I would ask all disciples at thisDiscipleship1, 719:from the angle of the Masters themselves. Never forget that in all our discussions and in all yourDiscipleship1, 730:this it is not necessary for humanity to know. Forget not, an Ashram is a vortex of force and aDiscipleship1, 737:The cry of the disciple is: "Aid [737] the work. Forget yourself. The world needs you." So manyDiscipleship1, 738:Part VI Another thing which disciples are apt to forget is that the Master has to protect theDiscipleship1, 741:behind a barrier of smug self-satisfaction. They forget that the aboriginal races and animals areDiscipleship1, 744:in the early stages of their novitiate never forget that they are disciples. This is what theDiscipleship1, 744:difficult to avoid. Never for a minute do they forget the fact of their discipleship and the factDiscipleship1, 744:working from a point of tension - they would forget his very existence in the work to be done forDiscipleship1, 762:is a point which the disciple is very apt to forget. The soul is preoccupied with its own life; theDiscipleship1, 770:Ashram and his interest in them. If they would forget themselves, their difficulties and theirDiscipleship2, 8:disciples but never for a second do they forget themselves; the problem of glamor and preoccupationDiscipleship2, 10:note will depend upon its "occult location." Forget not that the world of meaning and the world ofDiscipleship2, 40:the effects of war from their troubled minds, to forget that which has happened, to return to theDiscipleship2, 40:re-establish the old ways of life. Human beings forget easily, and besides this ancient habit,Discipleship2, 65:and they must accept the changing curriculum. Forget not that disciples in this particular periodDiscipleship2, 75:out of the Problems, presented by me to you. Forget not that these Problems were part of yourDiscipleship2, 78:thus truly grow and influence the coming age. Forget this not. Discipleship2, 84:to the students for cooperation in some matter. Forget not that these instructions were not SchoolDiscipleship2, 94:You are not the group of major importance. Forget not these other co-disciples. Some day, when youDiscipleship2, 96:and this, most aspirants are apt to forget. I suggest that during the coming year you go over yourDiscipleship2, 102:at the outside (and believe me, my brother, I forget physical plane ages!) you will all returnDiscipleship2, 126:make and for the requirements presented to you. Forget not that the aspirant to the MysteriesDiscipleship2, 167:esotericists and the Members of the Hierarchy. Forget not that they also use this great InvocationDiscipleship2, 181:demonstrations are founded on an ideal. Do not forget that "as a man thinketh in his heart, so isDiscipleship2, 192:measure of his conscious activity in the Ashram. Forget not that an Ashram in the Hierarchy is on aDiscipleship2, 204:brain consciousness of what has transpired. Forget not that - in detail - the New Group of WorldDiscipleship2, 228:it a few times, this should be easily possible; forget the various stages and be impelled by theDiscipleship2, 271:anyone who has not taken the third initiation. Forget not, the Christ and his great Brothers, andDiscipleship2, 283:I would have this group which I am training forget the details about initiation as presented so oftDiscipleship2, 293:into new fields of awareness and of recognition. Forget not that recognition involves rightDiscipleship2, 327:effect upon the three lower kingdoms in nature. Forget not! Mankind is the macrocosm to thisDiscipleship2, 342:- Again, of what? One thing you are all apt to forget as you hunt feverishly for the hint, and thatDiscipleship2, 382:sensitivity to all that is spiritually esoteric (forget not that there is an esotericism which isDiscipleship2, 394:the dark and of seeing no light anywhere; they forget that the ability to work in the dark or inDiscipleship2, 394:the aspirant (seeking soul expression) learns to forget himself in the need of others as theyDiscipleship2, 420:will upon the two differing types of substance. Forget not, that in this solar system all that weDiscipleship2, 459:desirable expanded consciousness. But they oft forget that this expansion of consciousness will notDiscipleship2, 468:this occult unfoldment. Disciples are apt to forget that the Masters themselves are at variousDiscipleship2, 474:you are choosing to tread. In this connection, forget not, brother of mine, that the teaching rayDiscipleship2, 477:undeviatingly upon the Way. But they are apt to forget that - equally because of that devotion -Discipleship2, 492:of the soul, plus the dedicated will to forget all personality applications in the meeting ofDiscipleship2, 526:of the latter are also of an emotional type, for forget not, my brother, we draw to ourselves thoseDiscipleship2, 547:knowing that "as a man thinketh so is he." Then forget about the acquiring of the light andDiscipleship2, 555:of our outer (not the inner) fellowship; forget not that the outer fellowship was only the sign ofDiscipleship2, 570:proffered suggestions and this creates a glamor. Forget not that contact with disciples older andDiscipleship2, 602:control and racial karma. At present you seldom forget it and it conditions you unduly. Will youDiscipleship2, 626:built and its use in the service of the Plan. Forget not that all aspects or externalizations whichDiscipleship2, 627:a definite rapport and pour out love and help. Forget yourself in so doing and drive out of yourDiscipleship2, 655:therefore can be great. Disciples are apt to forget that when they reach a point of completeDiscipleship2, 673:reactions; for this reason I would ask you to forget all this past history and any past reactionsDiscipleship2, 677:are, however, one or two things you are apt to forget. The center from whence the Goodwill workDiscipleship2, 696:you is mainly a waiting process, you are apt to forget these two facts which I have brought to yourDiscipleship2, 702:effect than anything else that you can do. Forget not that by means of this exercise you train theDiscipleship2, 703:all the power which flows out from that center. Forget it not. The future opens up with much thatDiscipleship2, 713:without any deviation from the path of duty. Forget this not, and avail yourself of "the privilegeDiscipleship2, 721:you so will - be of service to your fellowmen. Forget not that at the center of the Ashram I can beDiscipleship2, 741:position as a representative of an Ashram. Forget not that the Masters choose their disciples, notDiscipleship2, 761:contact with the Ashram and with the Master. Forget not that I have assured you that such a contactEducation, 32:the soul also is consciously connected (do not forget that it is always unconsciously linked), anEducation, 64:usually called nature. Students are apt to forget that every level of awareness, from the highestEducation, 110:of the needed bridges of light may go on apace. Forget not that I, too, have to make an effort toEducation, 112:that end. But at the same time, let us never forget that it is the Life, its purpose and itsEducation, 120:group of individuals. Such idealists are apt to forget that the only true sacrifice is that whichExternalisation, 19:and never exceeding forty minutes. Let them forget themselves in service, and let them notExternalisation, 23:Understanding of the Plan Love of my fellowmen? Forget not that meditation clarifies the mind as toExternalisation, 25:mutual understanding and illumination and to forget utterly your own needs - mental, emotional andExternalisation, 49:which they "heal by their own inclusiveness." Forget not, that the greater can always include theExternalisation, 73:be used, and this many earnest people are apt to forget. Can you possibly work at high tension inExternalisation, 87:nature of humanity and of the planetary Logos. Forget not that the Personality of our planetaryExternalisation, 114:normal and inevitable. We are apt, however, to forget that what is true of the individual is trueExternalisation, 129:and development of the human consciousness. Forget not that the real issue is in the field ofExternalisation, 139:and of Fulfilment of the Biblical injunction to "forget the things which lie behind and to pressExternalisation, 156:you attempt to say it correctly and effectively: Forget not, first of all, the necessary process ofExternalisation, 157:in order that they may produce the desired ends. Forget not that this has to be a group endeavor
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