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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORGET

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Externalisation, 222:the life of mankind, but wish that it had. They forget that when a thought-form has beenExternalisation, 226:and invoking the Forces of Light, endeavor to forget entirely all your own personal difficulties,Externalisation, 259:as they understand it and desire it are apt to forget the Biblical implication that the Prince ofExternalisation, 334:all of you, and a growth of real understanding. Forget not, at [335] the same time, that love isExternalisation, 352:desire. This all disciples know but are apt to forget. The critical situation upon the outer planeExternalisation, 403:of the churches, given earlier, let us not forget the Christians found within those churches. IExternalisation, 413:future: Lose sight of self in group endeavor. Forget the self in group activity. Pass through theExternalisation, 434:speaking) was taken up by humanity. Forget not (particularly those of you who are outraged byExternalisation, 447:and read reports of these various conferences. Forget not that divine energy must make its impactExternalisation, 450:than any national situation or demand. Forget not that the Forces of Evil are still powerful,Externalisation, 452:between what is true and what is false. Forget not, the forces of evil are exceedingly clever. Externalisation, 472:Process The Work of the Christ Today Forget not one important point. The Hierarchy itself is theExternalisation, 477:misleading, and the simple-minded are apt to forget that the Christ said, "He that is not with meExternalisation, 493:the universal trend to good. You are prone to forget that if the evil forces possess potenciesExternalisation, 496:spirit - as was the goal of the Axis effort. Forget not that all success (both good and bad) isExternalisation, 510:the close of this century. In this connection, forget not the wise prophecy of H.P.B. as touchingExternalisation, 519:as a wall between humanity and excessive evil. Forget not that as humanity is thus protected thatExternalisation, 606:thinking and aspiration. Christians are apt to forget that the crisis in the final hours of theExternalisation, 606:- Stages in the Externalization I would have you forget distance, remoteness and vagueness andExternalisation, 645:and directed effort, these energies will flow. Forget not that Christ represents the energy of loveExternalisation, 673:essentially are life itself and life in action. Forget not that dense matter is not a principle; itExternalisation, 684:a protective screen around the human family. Forget not the nature of the protective service whichFire, 167:centers, the heart and head. Yet, we must not forget that the center at the base of the spine isFire, 175:three triangles dealt with earlier. We must not forget that, for the sake of clarity, we are hereFire, 198:touched, and the threefold merging is completed. Forget not in this connection the mystery of theFire, 284:energizing Will is withdrawn. But we must not forget that this is purely relative, and only to beFire, 317:functioning in the causal body. We must not forget that the causal body contains the threeFire, 361:the apparent chaos of the moment. Let us not forget, that when order is brought about, and unitedFire, 414:name in our scheme) will flash into objectivity. Forget not that the schemes manifest as seven, asFire, 418:the Self and the Not-Self. What we are apt to forget is that this faculty persists on all planes,Fire, 437:with the potentiality of human manifestation. Forget not the occult truism that all forms ofFire, 573:in the consummating of His idea. We must not forget that three great symbols stand, in the mind ofFire, 652:large numbers of the sons of man. We must not forget that this stimulation of the spirillae affectsFire, 973:from the particular center involved. We must not forget that we are considering the thought form ofFire, 1001:purposes, and pictures it in detail. We must not forget that we are here dealing with thoseFire, 1037:What our more modern students are apt to forget in this connection is that this activity is but theFire, 1142:length of a cosmic pralaya settled. We must not forget that the Lipika Lords of the solar systemFire, 1170:life of the vegetable kingdom. We must not forget that man is occultly a "seven-leaved plant, theFire, 1176:Students of the Ageless Wisdom are apt to forget that the Life of the Logos manifests itselfFire, 1274:the sparks... Silence reigns. The absent Lhas forget the worlds and play at other games... AllGlamour, 35:application of that which I seek to teach you. Forget not that as you look out upon the world andGlamour, 69:with illusion. Are you strong enough for this? Forget not, that a disciple who is dealing with theGlamour, 97:physical force and etheric energy are at grips. Forget not what I earlier told you that ethericGlamour, 108:the next divine stage, the astral consciousness. Forget not, through familiarity and fatigue ofGlamour, 129:person must inevitably react, though they forget that that reaction is based on tradition, or uponGlamour, 259:musical quality of the Hierarchy can be heard. Forget not [260] that sound permeates all forms; theGlamour, 269:from the Angel. The two factors involved (and forget not, my brother, that all this takes placeHealing, 28:group within the human family, is equally true. Forget this not. I deal with the subjective aspectHealing, 77:by the rays (personality and soul) of the man. Forget not, that the five aspects of man (as heHealing, 103:done. You can then function as a group. Then forget about the group relation and concentrate uponHealing, 104:recall it to your mind and then dismiss it. Forget now the details of the work, such as the group,Healing, 152:and the probationary disciples of the world. (Forget not that, technically speaking, the firstHealing, 212:right and due, to be gained by affirmation, and forget the hard work necessary to bring aboutHealing, 256:academic schools of medicine and surgery. They forget that many of their claims to success (andHealing, 306:point of view as regards the healing art. Forget not that I am an Oriental in the last analysis,Healing, 354:and to his group as a unit of several souls. Forget not that such a unit is in itself a separativeHealing, 361:are but an empty symbol and a sounding cymbal. Forget this not. Healing, 403:upon the physical plane. People are apt to forget that time is the sequence of events and of statesHealing, 440:unconscious, for the great transition. Forget not that it takes strength and a strong hold on theHealing, 444:A Treatise on White Magic: But people are apt to forget that every night in the hours of sleep weHealing, 444:and are alive and functioning elsewhere. They forget that they have already achieved facility inHealing, 461:which is the [461] general reservoir of forces. Forget not that the etheric body has no distinctiveHealing, 490:of consciousness in which he finds himself. Forget not that a plane is essentially a state ofHealing, 492:man will be polarized in the next incarnation. Forget not, I am dealing here with the average manHealing, 509:or because they are occult students. They forget that an occult student is one who is in search ofHealing, 512:impression) of the developing personality. Forget not that this kingdom or this aggregate of soulsHealing, 546:and because hate and not love controls. Forget not that he who loveth not his brother is a murdererHealing, 547:one facilitates the understanding of the next. Forget not that the head center is the one throughHealing, 565:substance or matter of the Earth itself. Forget not that the physical body is constructed of suchHealing, 589:development of this, the second solar system. Forget not that the seven planes of our solar systemHealing, 627:into the blood stream, via the related gland. Forget not, the truth remains eternally right thatHealing, 627:and connects those centers with the glands. Forget not that this constitutes an interlinking andHercules, 15:of the wheel will come the mystery of death. Forget this not. What is your age, my son?" "I hadHercules, 49:must control, and not the lower nature. People forget that some of the greatest of the worldHercules, 50:he entered into the married state. [50] They forget that Moses, David the Psalmist, and many of theHercules, 58:word of Service. "Remember this," she said, "forget it not." And lastly Hesperis came, the wonderHercules, 63:him to the altar of sacrifice and forced him to forget Nereus. The myth tells that HerculesHercules, 72:groups to which they gravitate, have learned to forget themselves in [73] service and to lose sightHercules, 81:nature of the doe, frequent must be the search. Forget this not, but ponder on the lesson learnt."Hercules, 121:We still make the mistake of Hercules, when we forget that the triangle of the Trinity is anHercules, 150:concerned with our own evolution that we forget the larger view. If ever we are going to climb theHercules, 179:deeper aspirations. And let him above all never forget that the divine spark is in him, in himHercules, 198:We are so occupied with our own problems that we forget the larger picture. It is to be noted againInitiation, 169:form his etheric body. Students are apt to forget that our seven planes are the seven subplanes ofInitiation, 193:let the disciple withdraw that application, and forget it has been made. Herein lies one of theIntellect, 219:posture that enables us, the most easily, to forget that we have a physical body. This is probablyIntellect, 253:to record what is seen and heard and then to forget about it until such time as we have begun toMagic, 102:in spiritual living. I would say to him, forget all past achievements, realize fervor, andMagic, 111:coloring for this life. It is his secondary hue. Forget not, the primary ray of the Monad continuesMagic, 114:[114] Reserve judgment. Their vision is greater. Forget not that one of the greatest qualitiesMagic, 129:that comes from an unselfish life motive and forget the selfish satisfaction that might well up inMagic, 133:world as if he accomplishes miracles but forget not that the vast amount of work accomplished byMagic, 242:lose sight of its symbolic significance and to forget that under the great law, periods of lightMagic, 316:and to love with greater intelligence. Forget not that in the last analysis, love and emotion areMagic, 342:all things to pass, even if more slowly. Do not forget this, but when discouragement from mentalMagic, 345:running riot, and your mind enforces the riot. Forget not that the fears of an emotional person areMagic, 355:Will he be overwhelmed by the surface evil and forget the heart of Love which beats behind allMagic, 420:art of being and the wonder of living as a soul. Forget not that when a man is living as a soul andMagic, 434:by the highest intelligence on the planet; for, forget not, that the adepts utilize primarily theMagic, 434:and certain conditions they are only too apt to forget, may however be briefly noted. For the sake
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