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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORGET

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Rays, 406:of all developing aspects of Deity function. Forget not that 'relating our planet to the planetRays, 411:rules of entrance more difficult and more rigid. Forget not, brother of mine, that this is not thisRays, 419:to humanity - a fact which men are apt to forget. It is, however, with these ray intentions thatRays, 436:higher planes and states of consciousness. Forget not that all our planes are subplanes of theRays, 440:as is the Ashram which we call the Hierarchy. Forget not, there are many Hierarchies and the HumanRays, 450:the soul also is consciously connected (do not forget that it is always unconsciously linked), anRays, 455:or the Great Renunciation, takes place. Forget not that it is the soul that is crucified. It isRays, 459:the one Way, which in itself combines all Ways. Forget not a statement which I have several timesRays, 536:for human beings to enter the Hierarchy. Forget not that the Hierarchy is the expression of theRays, 547:the life and relationships within the Ashram. Forget not that the Ashram has its own objectives,Rays, 551:through which our planetary Logos is passing (forget not my words, "initiatory process") producesRays, 560:must ever precede conscious human initiation. Forget not my earlier statement that all the Rays ofRays, 566:they actively condition the Path of Initiation. Forget not, we are dealing here with the Path ofRays, 623:or that which conditions their soul expression. Forget not that nations are like individuals,Rays, 628:harmony is still far away but it will come. Forget not what I wrote much earlier in one of my booksRays, 635:their unique relation to humanity; they forget that millions in the world today have suffered asRays, 644:in its second aspect at the fifth initiation. Forget not that all rays have three aspects, and thatRays, 681:This the rulers of the communistic regime forget. The leaders of the Zionist movement of aggressionRays, 683:these are the keynotes of the second initiation. Forget not that nationalism is the result ofRays, 696:the kingdom of God, called by us the Hierarchy. Forget not that the three worlds of ordinaryRays, 712:the true nature of the cosmic astral plane. Forget not, the buddhic plane is closely allied withRays, 744:the others as false and wrong. They are apt to forget that according to the locale of birth, theRays, 755:by preparing for the reappearance of the Christ. Forget not also, the Christ is a Member of theReappearance, 34:esotericists and the Members of the Hierarchy. Forget not, They also use this great Invocation andReappearance, 53:thinking and aspiration. Christians are apt to forget that the crisis in the final hours of theReappearance, 54:Christ - Chapter III - World Expectancy Let us forget distance, remoteness and vagueness andReappearance, 66:of His work and coming. People are apt to forget that the coming of the Christ necessitates aTelepathy, 26:an idea or form to be transmitted and received. Forget not that light is subtle substance. Upon aTelepathy, 29:broadcaster for a minute or two. Then let them forget the personality. A thread of energy, linkingTelepathy, 29:has been established and exists. Then forget it. Fourthly, let the receivers work with detachment.Telepathy, 30:sensitive receivers is great. Train yourselves. Forget yourselves and your own petty little affairsTelepathy, 40:of a truth or else a meaningless phrase. [40] Forget not that the method of work of the HierarchyTelepathy, 69:Hierarchy to carry out the imminent Plan. Never forget that in considering Shamballa and the Plan,Telepathy, 100:the disciple sees to it that they are related. Forget this not, brother of mine. The capacity toTelepathy, 111:all progressively developed from each other. Forget not the inevitable continuity which is theTelepathy, 116:to be found in the glamors created by humanity. Forget not, nevertheless, that true aspiration isTelepathy, 144:this is a point which students are apt to forget. It is here that knowledge of the egoic and of theTelepathy, 150:for the transfer of many types of energy. They forget the following facts: [151] That the ethericTelepathy, 176:- hitherto rampant - of objective matter. Forget not that the etheric body is a material andTelepathy, 176:an integral part of the physical plane; forget not that it is intended, first of all, to carry the
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