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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORGETTING

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Astrology, 326:be approached from the angle of the group, forgetting, as this is done, the glamor of theAutobiography, 84:of hell and, glowing with information and forgetting that nobody had ever come back from hell toAutobiography, 89:by lifting some of humanity's burdens and by forgetting ourselves. The Master did not comfort meAutobiography, 252:unwillingness to take sides with brotherly love, forgetting the words of the Christ that "he who isBethlehem, 74:of by Christ Jesus... But this one thing I do - forgetting everything which is past and stretchingBethlehem, 108:story from the angle of Christ's humanity, never forgetting that He had learned obedience to theBethlehem, 283:with their enforcement, but to love and service, forgetting self, giving the uttermost that isDiscipleship1, 97:told you several times) of great assistance in forgetting the little self; this frequently looms soDiscipleship1, 104:be forgotten. For you should come the forgetting of the form side in meditation, for your intuitionDiscipleship1, 124:under the influence of an ancient thought-form, forgetting that one of the tasks of a disciple isDiscipleship1, 241:you in the words of the initiate, Paul; [241] "Forgetting the things which are behind, pressDiscipleship1, 570:service, to distribution, to outgoing, to self-forgetting, to the life of full surrender, ofDiscipleship1, 599:provided you again turn your eyes to the soul. Forgetting the things that lie behind let the lightDiscipleship1, 654:and off your own stage, and be simply a self-forgetting channel of love and light. This, however,Discipleship1, 661:[661] But be as far as possible a self-forgetting person, bringing joy and inspiration to othersDiscipleship1, 690:and to forget your personalities. This forgetting involves not only your own personalities but alsoDiscipleship1, 733:they dismiss it as undesirable lower psychism, forgetting that so-called lower psychism is only soDiscipleship1, 784:unwillingness to take sides with brotherly love, forgetting the words of the Christ that "he who isDiscipleship2, 226:the light of the soul, then say with emphasis: "Forgetting the things which lie behind, I willDiscipleship2, 622:can do in the work if you will face yourself by forgetting yourself; if you will be strong byDiscipleship2, 679:situation should anything happen to A.A.B., forgetting that the work of that group is mainly toDiscipleship2, 679:with the workers at Headquarters; you are forgetting, are you not, that unless such a plan as theDiscipleship2, 732:based on the words of the initiate, Paul: "Forgetting the things which are behind, press forward."Education, 129:of forgiveness is not a form of magnanimous forgetting or overlooking, neither is it a gesture ofExternalisation, 172:to work anew with fresh ardor in joyful service, forgetting past weaknesses and failures in theExternalisation, 233:peoples' lives and the downfall of nations, forgetting that fear and false pride will make thisExternalisation, 473:[473] as different radically from humanity, forgetting that the Hierarchy is a community ofFire, 934:and a fuller light. One hint may here be given, forgetting not that the work is twofold: TheGlamour, 47:that which he calls the "rule of his own soul," forgetting that his contact with his soul is stillGlamour, 47:he now seeks to tread that Path to the goal, forgetting however that he treads the Path in unisonHealing, 264:an innate consciousness of that high destiny, forgetting their symbolic role and that it isHealing, 446:the unevolved, death is literally a sleep and a forgetting, for the mind is not sufficientlyHercules, 146:The prisoner of comfort sinks back in apathy, forgetting the struggles and trials that temper theHercules, 170:somber visitor from earth affrighted Charon, and forgetting the fee, he ferried the strangerHercules, 186:the handling of one's own affairs with complete forgetting of one's own self and affairs in theInitiation, 213:upon my slain self; I kill desire, and I strive, forgetting all reward. I forego peace; I forfeitIntellect, 51:of the Oriental technique of meditation, never forgetting, however, the proverb of the ChineseIntellect, 246:as souls, and only when we are busy with self-forgetting service - a service that isIntellect, 255:as possible, and at the height of his effort, forgetting that he is learning to concentrate, andMagic, 300:the unevolved, death is literally a sleep and a forgetting, for the mind is not sufficientlyPatanjali, 360:stage of the path, the injunction sounds forth: "Forgetting the things which are behind, pressPsychology1, 315:always searching for the novel and the unusual, forgetting that every new truth and every newPsychology1, 363:on having attained that so-called "liberation", forgetting that it is only the sense ofPsychology2, 135:upon my slain self; I kill desire, and I strive, forgetting all reward. I forego peace; I forfeitPsychology2, 360:of waste energy. He weaves for the future, forgetting that his tiny bit of weaving is an intrinsicPsychology2, 372:it; they love the vision and the dream, forgetting that the truth is limited by mind - narrow andPsychology2, 372:- narrow and set, one-pointed, not inclusive; forgetting that the vision touches but the outerPsychology2, 647:participation in a Day of Forgiveness and of Forgetting. This may be possible in a few years' time,Psychology2, 649:the sense in which St. Paul wrote when he said "Forgetting the things which are behind, pressRays, 73:attempted to express this idea when he said: "Forgetting the things which are behind, press forwardReappearance, 117:time equation and the interval between lives, forgetting that time is a faculty of theSoul, 43:Childhood." "Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting; The soul that rises with us, our life'sTelepathy, 76:high vibration which accompanies them, forgetting that the vibration of the soul is that of aTelepathy, 150:and as constituted solely of etheric substance, forgetting that the etheric body is the medium for
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