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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORM

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Astrology, 323:subject and thus lead to the unfoldment of the form of life and of the emotional-astral body. TheAstrology, 323:you will intelligently realize that without the form and without the ability to bear in mind theAstrology, 323:play subjectively upon the dweller in the form and are not consciously registered as potencies byAstrology, 323:many aeons of time and not until the life of the form and the reaction to sensitive emotion-feelingAstrology, 324:predisposing the ego to such action is some form of unsatisfied desire. Both these statements areAstrology, 324:which goads the ego on to experience in form, for the ego is already perfect. The main incentive isAstrology, 326:a magical and magnetic interplay between the form side of life and life itself. This interplay isAstrology, 326:the dark and distant places within the worlds of form. "And thus a vortex is established and keptAstrology, 327:and I have indicated a most interesting new form of historical investigation and record. TheAstrology, 327:development of the lives which constitute the form through which divinity is seeking fullAstrology, 329:nature is light. This soul-light affects the form as evolution proceeds and produces sequentiallyAstrology, 329:and produces sequentially the revelation of that form, and of the nature of space-time as well asAstrology, 329:manifestation, the relationship of spirit and of form. It is the conscious light of thatAstrology, 329:that relationship. Cancer - The Light within the form. This is the diffused light of substanceAstrology, 329:are seen - bright and strong, the light of form; one faint and dim, the light of God. This light isAstrology, 330:the place where three lights meet - the light of form, the light of soul, and the light of life.Astrology, 336:reality; it is the story of the response of form - vast as in a solar system, microcosmic as in aAstrology, 337:draws the [337] soul steadily away from form life and experience and constitutes that "radiantAstrology, 337:is the sensitivity of the incarnated soul to form life, leading to incarnation through the door ofAstrology, 337:to put these for you in tabular and suggestive form for your later consideration and study. TheAstrology, 337:and study. The consummation on both the form side and the soul side might be expressed as follows,Astrology, 337:lower psychic nature and its expression through form. Embryonic desire for expression consummatesAstrology, 338:to the densest incarnation and immersion in form. The pull of form life and the processes ofAstrology, 338:incarnation and immersion in form. The pull of form life and the processes of concretizationAstrology, 338:Scorpio-Taurus The final victory of soul over form. Death and darkness demonstrate as life andAstrology, 339:initiation. There is the waning of the power of form and the waxing of the life of the soul.Astrology, 339:is superseded by the free choice of the soul. Form life becomes a conscious method of expressionAstrology, 339:are then reached in both signs. Pisces-Virgo The form reveals and releases the indwelling soul. TheAstrology, 339:the signs of the zodiac is in the direction of form expression that the result of the interplayAstrology, 339:When the life tendency is being withdrawn from form and the soul is in process of revelation thenAstrology, 340:the energies of the psychic nature and of form, plus the tendency to achieve through the medium ofAstrology, 340:both directly and indirectly. They control the form and the lower psychic nature and produce theAstrology, 340:stage is set for the appearance of the soul in form. You would find it an interesting study toAstrology, 340:upon: The unevolved man as he demonstrates form control. The evolved man, initiate and Savior as heAstrology, 340:which controlled the soul whilst dominated by form become the instruments of world service. [341]Astrology, 341:you have the revelation of the Christ within the form, the revelation of the serving individual andAstrology, 341:successful development and eventual use of the form aspect and the development of psychicAstrology, 341:of adequate forms and the use and control of form are essential if there is to be wise and rightAstrology, 341:to divinity and wisdom as relationship to form lie behind the soul's intent. In space and time, forAstrology, 341:intent. In space and time, for long aeons, form controls and hides the soul. This is equally trueAstrology, 341:regard to the fluid psychic nature. These (the form aspect and the psychic nature) reach anAstrology, 342:decanates. The mind, the uses of conflict and form life are the contributing factors, leading theAstrology, 344:to this sign, because all these four signs form together the Mutable Cross. A certain amount ofAstrology, 344:the subjective realities which incite the form-taking in Cancer - to consider predisposing causesAstrology, 344:lie behind manifestation. They lie behind the form-taking experience in Cancer and they also lieAstrology, 345:esoterically speaking - the three aspects of the form nature and the three aspects of the soul areAstrology, 346:appearance [346] of the Christ consciousness in form; it is also the energetic appearanceAstrology, 350:but the above will give you (even in this brief form) certain positive ideas of great importance,Astrology, 354:case, is the abstract mind - removed from all form contact as we understand it - and relates soulAstrology, 355:leading to a Great Approach between soul and form, so in the new world religion this fact will beAstrology, 356:its soul development, the unfoldment of form as an expression of that soul, and leading ourAstrology, 358:not-self and the esoteric self, between the form-consciousness (planetary, human and subhuman) andAstrology, 359:be remembered that there is the will-to-be in form and the will-to-be free from form, but all theseAstrology, 359:will-to-be in form and the will-to-be free from form, but all these aspects of will are achievedAstrology, 360:the kingdoms in nature or an individual soul in form. A conflict is thus initiated which leadsAstrology, 360:and Gemini is to condition the soul within the form and subject it to those influences which willAstrology, 360:which will place the soul within the form surely in the place of power, swinging the earlierAstrology, 363:to our Earth which produces the appearance in form of the dual energies of soul and the subjectiveAstrology, 363:work of releasing the soul from the influence of form. We have here considered the rays whichAstrology, 364:(if I may use such a term) the ray forces into form, producing concrete expression of theAstrology, 365:unconscious and under the direction of the form; and conscious, or under the direction of the soul.Astrology, 365:is the attaining of harmony between soul and form; this is arrived at by the struggle upon theAstrology, 365:is aided to attain the synthesis of soul and form; through the activity of Jupiter, the man whoseAstrology, 366:upon the relation of Gemini to the physical form, for it is so truly symbolic of the processes ofAstrology, 366:all the complex organisms within the corporate form. Where there is the free flow of the life forceAstrology, 367:two brothers, between the two poles - soul and form - and between the mortal self or personalityAstrology, 379:divine, directs the Bull of Life, the Bull of Form. These two must meet; and meeting, clash. ThusAstrology, 379:triplicity of Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus form a triangle of material expression which is ofAstrology, 379:far as the life is concerned; it is captivity in form. In Virgo, however, that life makes its innerAstrology, 379:life begins to pulsate within the concrete form, producing in Taurus that reaction to desire andAstrology, 379:life is to the pull, urge or suggestion of the form nature wherein it finds [380] itself. ThenAstrology, 380:Then later, when all the resources of the form nature (drawn out through desire), are exhausted andAstrology, 380:itself through the death of the Mother, the form, then and not till then is the progress of theAstrology, 380:at Capricorn where he finally subdues matter, form or concrete expression to divine uses andAstrology, 381:the initiate. Materiality - duality - divinity. Form - Soul - Spirit. Humanity - Hierarchy -Astrology, 382:- Consciousness - Hierarchy. The Mutable Cross - Form - Activity - Humanity. The initiate is oneAstrology, 384:was made. The mind was outward turned. The form appears to view and not the life. "Out of the dark,Astrology, 385:and from that time "the woman knew Him not." Form had no further hold upon him for He had overcomeAstrology, 385:at the entrance is rolled away. From life in the form to the death of the form - deep in the rockyAstrology, 385:away. From life in the form to the death of the form - deep in the rocky place, down in the cryptsAstrology, 387:concerned with the initial impact of energy upon form or of energies upon the soul. Man today isAstrology, 388:time, he has expressed first the life of the form and then the life of the soul within that form.Astrology, 388:form and then the life of the soul within that form. This experience is of so high a nature thatAstrology, 388:through the medium of the personality or form aspect. When, therefore, I speak of subjectiveAstrology, 388:pouring from the soul (on soul levels) into the form nature upon its own level of awareness. IAstrology, 388:the energy of will. Desire is the force of the form nature; will is the energy of the soulAstrology, 389:because he is so completely identified with form life upon the outer planes that the impulses andAstrology, 389:and mystical. Yet they are in reality but form radiations and reactions and are not truly andAstrology, 389:are the response of the soul to the pull of the form. Gradually, the disciple learns to distinguishAstrology, 389:which is an expression of force (coming from the form) and which are energy contacts (coming fromAstrology, 389:six types of energy are fused and blended and so form one unity, you will then find emerging theAstrology, 390:and evolution (the desire to incarnate) takes form at the second initiation in theAstrology, 390:a fixed attitude in Capricorn. The concrete form life is transcended and the inner man reorientsAstrology, 391:as a motivating agency. The soul is linked with form but its major link is with the spirit. It isAstrology, 391:in its lowest expression is linked with the form in Taurus. Aspirational idealism in its highestAstrology, 391:highest with spirit. Self-will relates man to form; the will of God relates the soul of the man toAstrology, 392:also destroys, bringing about the death of the form in order that the soul may be set free. VulcanAstrology, 399:of the effects of energy as it impinges upon the form-nature, meeting resistance or non-resistance,Astrology, 399:is exalted. Symbolically this means that the form side of life is a powerfully controlling factorAstrology, 399:must ever reckon. The Moon is the Mother of the form and in this case veils or hides Vulcan - which
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