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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORM

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Atom, 59:origin of its activity, and that which holds the form together as a unity. This thought can well beAtom, 59:who works through a material manifestation or form, this form being built up of myriads of lesserAtom, 59:through a material manifestation or form, this form being built up of myriads of lesser lives. InAtom, 61:life, and the consequent disintegration of the form, and the scattering of the myriad lesser lives.Atom, 61: The Consciousness of the Atom - The Evolution of Form It may therefore seem to some of us aAtom, 61:as the atom of chemistry is a tiny sphere, or form, with a positive nucleus, which holds rotatingAtom, 61:informing Life or Entity manifesting through a form, or a multiplicity of forms, and demonstratingAtom, 62:expression; evolution, or the utilization of the form by the subjective life, its gradualAtom, 62:and, through the use of that particular form attains self-knowledge and self-control. All isAtom, 62:carried forward under this basic law. In every form you have a central life, or idea, coming intoAtom, 62:more and more in substance, clothing itself in a form and shape adequate to its need andAtom, 62:to its need and requirement, utilizing that form as a means of expression, and then - in due courseAtom, 62:of time - liberating itself from the environing form in order to acquire one more suited to itsAtom, 62:suited to its need. Thus through every grade of form, spirit or life progresses, until the path ofAtom, 62:incarnation. Eventually spirit frees itself from form, and attains liberation plus [63] developedAtom, 63:in which the limiting of the life within the form or sheath proceeds, and it is a long slowAtom, 63:by one of adaptation, in which the life and the form become intimately interrelated, and subsequentAtom, 63:that inner relation becomes perfected. The form is then adequate to the needs of the life, and canAtom, 63:it is paralleled by the crystallization of the form, which no longer suffices as a means ofAtom, 64:can be seen in the taking of a physical form, and in those early rebellious days, when a man isAtom, 64:his mental bodies. He energizes his threefold form, forcing it to carry out his behests and fulfilAtom, 64:succeeded by the stage in which he utilizes the form as far as in him lies, and comes to what weAtom, 64:of life, we have the crystallization of the form, and the man's realization of its inadequacy. ThenAtom, 64:escapes from the confining walls of its physical form. Our ideas about death [65] have beenAtom, 65:from the crystallized vehicle and an inadequate form. Atom, 65: The Consciousness of the Atom - The Evolution of Form Thoughts similar to these can be worked outAtom, 65:adequate. Take, for instance, the old religious form of the Christian faith. Here I must warn youAtom, 65:I am only trying to point out that the form through which that spirit seeks to express itself hasAtom, 66:truths of Christianity and the crystallized form of theology. The living impulse was given by theAtom, 66:and eternal truths, and sent them forth to take form and meet the need of a suffering world. TheyAtom, 66:of a suffering world. They were limited by the form, and there came a long period wherein that formAtom, 66:form, and there came a long period wherein that form (religious dogmas and doctrines) graduallyAtom, 66:and took shape. Centuries ensued wherein the form and the life seemed adapted to each other, andAtom, 66:expressed themselves through the medium of that form. Now the period of crystallization has set in,Atom, 67:some idea by means of a particular [67] form, or set of forms, and it is very necessary for us toAtom, 67:is the purpose back of this endless process of form building, and this combining of the lesserAtom, 68: The Consciousness of the Atom - The Evolution of Form We have seen that the atom of chemistry, forAtom, 68:capacity. Thus the tiny life within the atomic form is demonstrating psychic quality. The atom isAtom, 68:force and life of the entity who ensouls that form, and preserves its homogeneity. Take, forAtom, 68:the atom that goes to the building of a form in the mineral kingdom; it shows not onlyAtom, 68:acquired something during the transition from form to form and from kingdom to kingdom. ItsAtom, 68:something during the transition from form to form and from kingdom to kingdom. Its responsivenessAtom, 70:expansion and a gradual evolution from one form of intelligent manifestation to another, and alwaysAtom, 70:to another, and always the life within the form gains in quality by means of the experience. Atom, 70: The Consciousness of the Atom - The Evolution of Form When we have built this idea into ourAtom, 71:on in the moon, which is now a disintegrating form, to what is going on in the solar system, and toAtom, 72:because we have been too much engrossed with the form, and too much occupied with our prison, andAtom, 79:of a life manifesting through a spheroidal form and working out an intelligent purpose. Then weAtom, 80:working intelligently through the medium of a form. Then it can perhaps be proven that man isAtom, 81:in their turn [81] electrons. Thus, every form is but an aggregate of smaller lives. Very brieflyAtom, 81:demonstrating through the atom; and through the form we have the love, or attractive qualityAtom, 82:two aspects of divinity in the atom and in the form, we shall find the triplicity perfected in man.Atom, 83:Surely its purpose is to adapt the material form to the need and requirements of the indwellingAtom, 84:aspect. We are all of us entities, ensouling a form, and through the intelligence endeavoring toAtom, 84:the intelligence endeavoring to utilize that form for a specific purpose which exists within theAtom, 84:forming the elemental combination; then the form, the aggregate of these atoms, up to the dwellerAtom, 84:of these atoms, up to the dweller within the form, who is not only active intelligence, not onlyAtom, 84:This "dweller within" took possession of the form when it had reached a certain stage ofAtom, 86:equally has to find his place within a greater form. Let us, therefore, consider for a little whatAtom, 87:that has been gained through the utilization of form. By experimenting with matter, by dwellingAtom, 87:with matter, by dwelling within the form, by the energizing of substance, by the going out of theAtom, 87:where man makes the discovery that he is not the form, but that he is the one who utilizes it. HeAtom, 91:when the spirit aspect withdraws itself, the form disintegrates, and is dissolved, and these littleAtom, 92:substance, and expanding through the medium of form, until it finds one point of culmination inAtom, 97:or atomic matter prior to its building up into a form, or the tiny atom before it was incorporatedAtom, 97:and vibrate in unison, and thus producing a form, or an aggregation of atoms. We came to theAtom, 97:aspect of intelligence, and we saw that in the form aspect of nature another quality of the DeityAtom, 98:the cohesive force which holds [98] the form unified. Then we studied the human being, or man, andAtom, 98:man as a central will manifesting through a form composed of atoms, and demonstrating the threeAtom, 98:consideration of the consciousness within the form. We have seen that the atom may be regarded asAtom, 98:central life, manifesting through a spheroidal form, and showing the quality of mind; but the humanAtom, 98:as a central positive life, utilizing a form and demonstrating the different qualities we haveAtom, 98:there is a great Life, manifesting through a form, and showing specific qualities whilst workingAtom, 99:with the reaction of the life within the form. If I can thus give you a few general ideas in lineAtom, 101:sweeps into the line of its will the form and the atom within the form, and all that concerns them.Atom, 101:of its will the form and the atom within the form, and all that concerns them. This idea has onlyAtom, 103:the power to instigate begins within any animal form it is a sign that an embryo mentality isAtom, 104:us now take the two stages, the atomic and the form stage, and see how the consciousness of theAtom, 108:real and the unreal, between the life within the form, and the form which it uses, between theAtom, 108:between the life within the form, and the form which it uses, between the knower and that which isAtom, 108:lives, wherein we identify ourselves with the form, and are so one with the not-self that weAtom, 109:atom of substance has to find its way into some form, and add its quota of vitality to a greaterAtom, 109:The indication is therefore to be found that the form stage is rapidly approaching, and that menAtom, 111:center his attention upon the life within the form, upon God, upon Christ, or upon that whichAtom, 112:they are occupying themselves with the form, which is limitation, and not with the spirit, which isAtom, 115:When an atom of substance was built into the form, it was for that atom an initiation. It becameAtom, 119:put them all together, and from their aggregate form an hypothesis as to what may be the possibleAtom, 121:life which goes to the constitution of the human form, we had a correspondence to theAtom, 125:- the indwelling life or spirit, the material form or substantial vehicle, and the factor ofAtom, 125:effect of the subjective life upon the material form; the utilization of the form for certainAtom, 125:upon the material form; the utilization of the form for certain specific ends, and the attainmentAtom, 130:that which is concerned with the life within the form, which deals with the return of spirit to itsAtom, 130:plus all that has been gained by the use of the form; it has reference to the subjective side ofAtom, 130:by the indwelling life, in order that the form may be adequately adapted to its need. Let usAtom, 144:system, and found that, working out through the form of the solar system, we had a greatAtom, 144:or Mind; that the object of His utilization of form was the demonstration of another quality: loveAtom, 145:[145] of the conscious life within the atomic form, finding that a higher type of consciousness isAtom, 146:you have the period analogous to that of the form-building stage, in which these atoms of substanceAtom, 146:them to itself, and builds out of them a form; these atoms of substance, in turn, become thenAtom, 153:between them may be one; but in the physical form lies diversity. Perhaps in the evolution of the
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