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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORM

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Atom, 153:and the eventual recognition that within the form, and in the form only, lies separation andAtom, 153:recognition that within the form, and in the form only, lies separation and differentiation. TheAutobiography, 17:crescent moon is supposed to rule the lower or form nature. This is the A.B.C. of occult symbolismAutobiography, 91:the soul either remembers or cares what form it occupied or what it did two thousand, eightAutobiography, 91:what use would it be? It would be only another form of self-centeredness. It would also be a sorryAutobiography, 133:for God, we are told, works through numbers and form, but I have never been impressed byAutobiography, 172:to emerge from isolation and separateness and to form part of the great Theosophical Movement whichAutobiography, 175:and when to this must be added the thousands of form letters which I have signed plus the lettersAutobiography, 213:spiritual, vital principle found in every form. It establishes a unity both in time and space. ItAutobiography, 245:and having also a profound dislike of every form of psychic writing and of psychic work. Later sheAutobiography, 245:and statement but not in any sequential form. The [246] Theosophical Society had taught the fact ofAutobiography, 251:duties of agents of the Masters. Together they form a band, closely knit on the inner side byAutobiography, 255:(or rather devotees) to do thus and so, to form this or that organization nor do They indicate someAutobiography, 256:Master. The second point I would make is in the form of a question. What harm does it do if someAutobiography, 262:which condition life, consciousness and form. None of this is esoteric teaching. Devotion to theAutobiography, 270:formed because some Master orders a disciple to form one. The disciple who starts such a school ofAutobiography, 272:spiritual light and wisdom and will not take the form of concrete direction, commands and orders orAutobiography, 278:usually calling them life, consciousness and form, or life, quality and appearance, and thus gainsAutobiography, 286:they are free. Again, Arcane School students can form their own groups and give expression to theirAutobiography, 290:light and love. Let the soul control the outer form And life and all events, And bring to light theBethlehem, 4:of a living experience, but it can also be a form of self-hypnotism and a "way of escape" from theBethlehem, 5:This revelation passes through the phases of all form-manifestation, or appearance, then growth andBethlehem, 5:but steady emphasis of the letter and the form, till the death of that form becomes inevitable andBethlehem, 5:the letter and the form, till the death of that form becomes inevitable and wise. But the spiritBethlehem, 6:have been occupied with the details of the outer form of the faith, and have sadly forgotten theBethlehem, 8:been engrossed by the symbol and by the outer form, whilst the meaning has remained obscured andBethlehem, 8:their roots in God. "Therefore, no spiritual form can ever be an ultimate expression; everyBethlehem, 12:of Christianity and the revivifying of the form which is so rapidly crystallizing. Bethlehem, 21:step by step, the hidden life which every form and symbol veils and hides. It assigns to theBethlehem, 24:understands and interprets and synthesizes all form and all expressions, all causes and all races,Bethlehem, 25:that which was within could be put into symbolic form for the teaching of the "little ones," andBethlehem, 36:in the center shall come a new Word." Every form has its positive center of life. Every organism isBethlehem, 53:who were not initiate. Each time, a symbol or form was seen which was indicative of the revelation.Bethlehem, 56:and what is spirituality but the expression, in form, of divinity? - that He ventured on a greatBethlehem, 58:is no reference to it in the Epistles which form the earliest Christian documents; but, on theBethlehem, 67:In the last analysis, it is through form and matter that God stands revealed. That is the story ofBethlehem, 67:of the stage in human life at which matter and form are dominant and triumphant; when the innerBethlehem, 67:is to bring to the birth the Christ in every form. When the turning of the great wheel of life hasBethlehem, 67:is speaking of the cosmic Christ, hidden by the form of a solar system; of the mythic Christ,Bethlehem, 67:of the historical Christ, concealed within the form of Jesus; or of the individual Christ, hiddenBethlehem, 69:also far more than that. The ox stood for that form of worship which should have been passing offBethlehem, 79:Christ to demonstrate (through the outer form of our personalities) the life of love. The life ofBethlehem, 81:ahead of us in some dim future, or in some other form of existence and some eventual heaven whichBethlehem, 83:made manifest. He is hidden and veiled by the form. Mary is seen, not the Christ. As the wheel ofBethlehem, 83:Christ Child is still hidden in the womb of the form. In due time, the personality - physical,Bethlehem, 88:nature, and the mind. These three compose the form side of man, and veil or hide the soul. They areBethlehem, 88:nature are functioning smoothly, and together form a unit for the use of the inner man, anBethlehem, 92:is Love, and that love could manifest in human form, and, thus manifested, could constitute aBethlehem, 92:stupendous wonder and beauty that as yet we can form no faintest idea of their possible outline.Bethlehem, 106:the divine Nature in its purity. Thus, in the form of a dove, the peace of God descended uponBethlehem, 107:of its essential teachings, it symbolizes the form of the kingdom of God. But this is not theBethlehem, 110:and only after this capacity to react to form and to material benefit had been finally put asideBethlehem, 113:- good and evil, light and dark, life and form, spirit and matter, the self and the not-self, theBethlehem, 115:and showed forth through the medium of the human form, we in no way belittle Him or HisBethlehem, 115:all share, and with which we all wrestle in some form and in some measure. It matters not whetherBethlehem, 117:is great. Truth must also be given in a wider form, and with a more general connotation to thoseBethlehem, 117:that Word is remote, deep-hidden by the veiling form, only distorted sounds will issue forth, andBethlehem, 118:or invisible which is not energy, and that every form is simply an aggregate of energy units inBethlehem, 118:our being." (Acts, XVII, 28.) Such is the outer form of Deity, and we are part of it. Maya is vitalBethlehem, 122:and value than the things which concern the form, even if he himself does not realize it. ChristBethlehem, 127:materialism and over doubt. He knew that the form side of life could not attract Him, and He hadBethlehem, 132:been spoken by Thee, Mighty Lord; that divine form of Thine, O best of men! "If Thou thinkest itBethlehem, 136:is Spirit or Life, Soul or conscious love, and Form intelligently motivated. Life, quality, andBethlehem, 137:and freed from the self-imposed limitations of form. Bethlehem, 139:he cannot systematize under the good, he will form a secondary and negative self, a disinheritedBethlehem, 145:of Christ's existence) is the symbol of the form nature, of the material nature of God. SheBethlehem, 145:He revealed the purpose and objective of the form-life of man. [146] In this mountain experience weBethlehem, 146:Christ. Matter, the Virgin Mary, reveals God. Form, the result of active material processes, mustBethlehem, 147:whole world: "Nor is there any end of My divine form, O consumer of the foe; this I have told theeBethlehem, 148:(Deut., IV, 24.) The releasing activity of this form of God's spirit eventually produces thatBethlehem, 148:478.) It was these processes, carried on in the form nature, which led eventually to the revelationBethlehem, 149:that the divine stands revealed, while the outer form which has veiled and hidden it dissolves, orBethlehem, 149:the Lord God. The golden-gleaming am I, of form divine. Without hand and foot, rich in unthinkableBethlehem, 149:eyes, hearing without ears, Free from all form, I know. But me None knows. For I am Spirit, amBethlehem, 153:this name we have symbolized the tangible outer form of man, actuated by desire for materialBethlehem, 154:the most concrete aspect, the outer physical form, which, at the Transfiguration, is transformed byBethlehem, 157:divine nature through the medium of matter, of form, and "was transfigured before them." "The GreekBethlehem, 159:not, then the Fatherhood of God is but an empty form of words, and Christ and His Apostles were inBethlehem, 161:the real nature of perfection and how, in human form, divinity might be manifested. He came toBethlehem, 162:life of that universal Christ, animating every form of divine expression, can then consciously andBethlehem, 163:The recognition of the Christ life within the form of man makes every human being, at some time,Bethlehem, 164:Arjuna has had revealed to him the glorious form of the Lord. At the close of the revelation God,Bethlehem, 164:fear nor confusion overcome thee, beholding My form so terrible! Behold my former shape once more,Bethlehem, 164:at rest!" and then he goes on to tell him: "This form of Mine which thou hast seen is hard indeedBethlehem, 164:see! Even the Gods ever desire a sight of this form! Nor can I be seen thus through Vedas,Bethlehem, 164:Vedas, penances, gifts, sacrifices, in the form which thou hast seen. But I can be known thusBethlehem, 165:Jesus having returned [165] "to His proper form," the descent from the mountain had to follow. ThenBethlehem, 165:has a vision of a physical consummation in the form of the triumphal entry into Jerusalem. But thisBethlehem, 171:trembles with fear; show me, Lord, the former form; Lord of Gods, be gracious, upholder of worlds."Bethlehem, 181:sacrifice of God as He immerses Himself in the form aspect of nature and thus becomes God immanentBethlehem, 181:sacrifice of spirit upon the cross of matter, of form or substance, in order that all divine forms,Bethlehem, 184:for all time, and the kingdom of God began to form on Earth. In the long processes of time fourBethlehem, 185:spirit of God stretched upon a cross of material form, in order eventually to make possible theBethlehem, 185:This connotes the spiritualization of matter and form, the assumption of matter into heaven, andBethlehem, 186:the Man in space, with arms outspread in the form of a cross, through the sequence of crucifiedBethlehem, 187:Christ died upon the Cross. He rendered up the form aspect and identified Himself as Man with theBethlehem, 187:aspect of Deity. He thereby liberate us from the form side of life, of religion and of matter, andBethlehem, 188:new religion which will be as much divorced from form and the past as the kingdom of God isBethlehem, 188:Hibbert Journal, October 1936.) Its form must be sacrificed upon the Cross of Christ in order thatBethlehem, 190:Christ died to all that had its existence in form, leaving us an example that we should follow His
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