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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORM

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Discipleship1, 274:which I have chosen for you and which take the form of four dynamic injunctions. If you grant themDiscipleship1, 279:and at the same time use. The mind emphasizes form and the building of forms. The intuition isDiscipleship1, 279:ideas intuited must express themselves through form. From this concretizing faculty, owing to yourDiscipleship1, 279:must be the lesson of the equal divinity of form and of form building, with the creative work ofDiscipleship1, 279:the lesson of the equal divinity of form and of form building, with the creative work of organizedDiscipleship1, 279:of divinity as can be expressed through any one form. Remember that form and life are one. There isDiscipleship1, 279:be expressed through any one form. Remember that form and life are one. There is naught but life inDiscipleship1, 284:result. Should you so desire, put it into proper form and share with your fellow disciples. ThisDiscipleship1, 285:attempting to take some members of my Ashram and form a group which will aid in the dissipation ofDiscipleship1, 285:and discipline, it will be possible, later, to form a unit of occult potency and I may then set youDiscipleship1, 288:your attention. I can now alter your meditation form, as you have had the one you are now employingDiscipleship1, 303:once a day for the next few months as it will form the basis of the meditation which I can laterDiscipleship1, 304:member will be chosen from each of the groups to form another group whose work will be to preserveDiscipleship1, 305:the word for which they stand. This work will form part of your meditation. Achieve a sense ofDiscipleship1, 305:any word connected with the registered symbolic form which may emerge in your consciousness. Try toDiscipleship1, 312:by your soul and contained and embodied in the form of written help. I am seeking your help inDiscipleship1, 317:hearts is rest. They run not here and there, but form a point of peace and rest. That which uponDiscipleship1, 321:1931 MY BROTHER: I would say to you in cryptic form: Study the meaning of the flame and of the wickDiscipleship1, 326:express it, the capacity to bring through into form and to build the concrete shell which canDiscipleship1, 328:remembering that initial success will take the form of recognition of a hitherto unrecognizedDiscipleship1, 328:which is needed. Let your meditation take the form more and more of contemplation. In order,Discipleship1, 328:the clothing of the ideas in proper and true form will come more naturally. Discipleship1, 332:illusion of human failure - a gigantic thought-form - and also upon her racial sense ofDiscipleship1, 335:to the periphery and builds the little world of form - the world of I and my, of me and mine. ThisDiscipleship1, 339:can do this, then your intuition will take due form and the power which flows through you willDiscipleship1, 344:together the subjective reality and the outer form. Your feeling that there is in you indication ofDiscipleship1, 344:be physical in its objective. The highest form of healing at this time possible is psychological.Discipleship1, 351:my brother, and that can be stated to you in the form of the following question: Group meetingsDiscipleship1, 354:upon the matter that you can and put it in such form that it may be available for use in the group.Discipleship1, 357:- which must be watched with care lest they form a thickening cloud between you and the sun. IDiscipleship1, 378:about the final and needed destruction of the form nature. This is a right and good use of hisDiscipleship1, 382:in place by a wise head and does not assume the form of a glamor. That then makes it a definite andDiscipleship1, 384:idea of Life and Love as they exist apart from form. Keep the consciousness centered as high in theDiscipleship1, 385:foreboding, nor even with hope, which is but a form of optimistic speculation. Live today as yourDiscipleship1, 386:will see in terms of reality and not in terms of form - no matter how high or purified. You mayDiscipleship1, 387:towards a recognition of the life's thought-form (this being the sumtotal of all the formulatedDiscipleship1, 387:slipping under the dominance of that thought-form. This inhibits further progress. When the highDiscipleship1, 388:visualization work and exercise with color and form has done much in the work of inner adjustment.Discipleship1, 388:and at my apparent omission to give you a set form at which to work. That I will do after youDiscipleship1, 389:therefore, is to be along these lines. The form you can draw up yourself during the next fewDiscipleship1, 402:you) with the Masters M. and K. H. who together form a definite "unit of service" in the work ofDiscipleship1, 406:with whom you are associated. It works out in a form of benevolent dominance, and drives you beforeDiscipleship1, 412:to speak, slow to move, slow to decide, slow to form opinions. There is much to be done by thisDiscipleship1, 412:followed by you, but just the following simple form of soul recognition, yearning after theDiscipleship1, 416:the point of lack of interest. Just follow the form and look not for results. They will followDiscipleship1, 429:you no other theme for meditation and no set form. I would suggest that each morning, when youDiscipleship1, 439:is the key to much release for you. When that form of divine indifference is active in your lifeDiscipleship1, 454:month) I would have you reduce your ideas to form and on paper. Will you do this nine months' workDiscipleship1, 459:opportunity. I seek now to give you a meditation form which is based on a recognition of this factDiscipleship1, 460:Life, the life of Light. Into the chalice of the form I pour that light which life confers, thisDiscipleship1, 460:I see the blue of life divine pour through the form, healing and soothing. Thus is the taskDiscipleship1, 461:upon the subjective life which exists within the form. Such is the true course of symbolism toDiscipleship1, 462:the darkness of the soul, prisoned within the form, a point of light is seen. Then there arises,Discipleship1, 467:of the major reasons for their being chosen to form part of this group. The possession of a fourthDiscipleship1, 467:an over-interest and over emphasis upon the form side of manifestation and group expression. ThisDiscipleship1, 468:I do not say that you have undue interest in form as it affects your personality. You areDiscipleship1, 470:with each other in the closest relation. You can form a triangle of spiritual force which should beDiscipleship1, 470:the power to release yourself from the thought-form-making faculty of the mind. In your case thisDiscipleship1, 471:the soul on its own level whereon the form aspects of manifestation do not dominate. Ponder onDiscipleship1, 474:by the thought content of the disciples who form the group. See to it that what you put into theDiscipleship1, 475:I seek this year to give you some set meditation form to follow and I include in it a mantram whichDiscipleship1, 475:you at this time. The attached meditation form can be followed by you for the rest of the year,Discipleship1, 482:- are dammed up within you. This is in reality a form of static personality glamor. The personalDiscipleship1, 490:in the service of humanity. It seems a curious form of glamor, does it not, but if you will studyDiscipleship1, 491:inner walls of your being - those aspects of the form nature which we call in their aggregatedDiscipleship1, 506:you add your soul force to theirs (ignoring the form aspect) that you can galvanize those soulsDiscipleship1, 512:That which is voiced in words becomes a thought-form, attached to its invoking agent and then theDiscipleship1, 521:emotional reactions are not permitted to take form. Note how I have worded this injunction. StandDiscipleship1, 529:roses, beds branching out from the stream in the form of wings, going as far up as the narrow,Discipleship1, 530:more plentiful in the southwest corner, as they form the beginning of the woods. In the northwestDiscipleship1, 538:Think out and design a symbol - an esoteric form - which will embody the objectives of the group ofDiscipleship1, 542:man learns to use all acquired knowledge of the "form divine" in such a way that the inner life isDiscipleship1, 542:way that the inner life is served and the outer form becomes the magnetic expression of the divineDiscipleship1, 542:endeavoring to see them visually in symbol form. First month... The great Wheel turns - theDiscipleship1, 542:upon the inner side, appears the pattern of the form which is to be. What is that future form?Discipleship1, 542:of the form which is to be. What is that future form? Fourth month... A block of marble, deepDiscipleship1, 543:lies. Hidden within it lies [543] likewise a form of beauty rare. The sculptor works, patterningDiscipleship1, 543:brought within each other's reach. Build thou a form, a bridge. Sixth month... I saw all formsDiscipleship1, 543:month... I saw all forms gathered within the Form of God. Thus one great Form appeared. Sound theDiscipleship1, 543:gathered within the Form of God. Thus one great Form appeared. Sound the O. M. and vitalize theDiscipleship1, 543:which should govern your life is slowly taking form - even if you remain as yet somewhatDiscipleship1, 543:upon this statement and see to it that some form of life service takes shape in your consciousnessDiscipleship1, 543:inner reality through the medium of some outer form. What will you, therefore, do if these words ofDiscipleship1, 558:Should you, however, care to answer them in such form that they may be of service to your groupDiscipleship1, 559:I see the love of life divine pour through the form, my own and others. It heals and soothes. ThusDiscipleship1, 567:lately. Thirdly, that there is a potent thought-form of me upon the astral plane, built by theDiscipleship1, 568:and every time anyone sees this thought-form of me and responds to it, he increases its strengthDiscipleship1, 568:yet deceptive force, flowing from an illusory form. So, my brother and my friend, I would ask youDiscipleship1, 570:Freedom from self-pity These six phrases should form the theme of your personal meditation. YouDiscipleship1, 576:is never quiet for one moment from its thought-form-making activities, must learn to rest quietlyDiscipleship1, 589:the executive ability which would enable you to form your own group. It is easier to undermineDiscipleship1, 602:was - if I could use so inadequate a form of words - to smash what you yourself had constructed andDiscipleship1, 602:and used. You had to break your old thought-form of intrigue, of ambition and of power before youDiscipleship1, 602:service. Half a century has gone. The thought-form of ambition has been broken and crippled but aDiscipleship1, 602:of futility must not take its place. The thought-form of power is weakening. The thought-form ofDiscipleship1, 602:thought-form of power is weakening. The thought-form of intrigue received a bad blow during theDiscipleship1, 604:point must be used by you each evening as a form of review. You still need a period for the quietDiscipleship1, 606:of self-generated and self-motivated thought-form that the light only pierces through in places. AsDiscipleship1, 608:a fresh glamorous attitude and my words thus form the germ of a new field of glamor. I speak thisDiscipleship1, 610:world. They do not occupy themselves with the form side. That, too, is ever properly regarded and
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