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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORM

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Discipleship2, 143:these aspects of yourself in action which will form the basis of the suggested meditation to beDiscipleship2, 144:months. Words are living things, possessing form, soul and spirit or life; this you should everDiscipleship2, 146:out the idea as a formulated, living thought-form into the great stream of mental substance whichDiscipleship2, 146:light and love. Let the soul control the outer form, and life and all events And bring to light theDiscipleship2, 147:what it is you will be doing. A shortened form of the meditation follows at the close of thisDiscipleship2, 148:in the Ashrams and with the Master. [148] SHORT FORM I. Preliminary stage of recognition,Discipleship2, 148:create a seed thought or a clear-cut thought-form [149] which will make the launching of thisDiscipleship2, 149:else was possible. But even in this longer form, they will be potent in their invocative appeal, ifDiscipleship2, 153:must succeed a planned determination to form a constructive part of the ashramic life to whichDiscipleship2, 156:of the planetary Logos. It is the most abstract form of meditation with which you have yet beenDiscipleship2, 158:that great transmitting agency of love to every form in the divine manifestation. Upon theDiscipleship2, 161:precipitation, but to humanity that will form a "raincloud of unknowable things" and necessitatesDiscipleship2, 162:and to take those steps which will create the form of that ideal upon the physical plane. By theDiscipleship2, 164:of mankind is to be averted. They must form the theme of all the propaganda work to be done duringDiscipleship2, 164:interdependence (which is the basis of love) to form a potent nucleus, provided again that theDiscipleship2, 167:aspiration is expressed in these words in such a form that its use offers no barrier to theDiscipleship2, 169:ideal of the masses and will be rapidly taking form in all national, public and community affairs.Discipleship2, 171:experiments he made as he prepared for this form of activity was in connection with Krishnamurti.Discipleship2, 186:Such ideas are contacted usually at first in the form of vague perceptions or remote prophecies;Discipleship2, 187:meaning and significance was not intended to form a part of your thinking. As you later reviewDiscipleship2, 190:therefore, provides a complete and rounded-out form for the disciple to follow; it will suffice himDiscipleship2, 193:and [193] producing spiritual steadfastness in form; the Intelligence aspect, governing hisDiscipleship2, 197:Plan; this will enable the Hierarchy to form a great serving group. No matter how high you may goDiscipleship2, 197:inflow. It is through meditation in some form or another that contact is made; this again isDiscipleship2, 197:thinking of the scientist or artist is another form of meditation and higher in purpose and inDiscipleship2, 197:- have formed Shamballa, is the highest form of meditation possible upon our planet. It might alsoDiscipleship2, 199:do master. Meditation, in its most rudimentary form, is the instinct which leads to recognition ofDiscipleship2, 199:its dominant source of life. In its intermediate form, it is that which reveals to the aspirant andDiscipleship2, 199:the Heart of the Sun, and - in its highest form - it is the mode of contact which relates theDiscipleship2, 203:who are not tied or handicapped by the form; the spirit of light is in them and they intelligentlyDiscipleship2, 205:in business, political and family ties, cannot form a part of the New Group of World Servers,Discipleship2, 206:the Old Commentary) "put it into the musical form which will please the ear of the One who dwellsDiscipleship2, 208:and in the higher spheres is the result of some form of meditative activity. These seven sourcesDiscipleship2, 213:thought. Prolonged concentration upon some form or another eventually becomes meditation upon thatDiscipleship2, 213:upon that which is not of the nature of form; from thence it passes into that contemplation whichDiscipleship2, 216:testimony. 6. Invocation and Evocation. This form of spiritual, dynamic meditation is largely inDiscipleship2, 218:creatively, the glory which is hidden in every form is evoked and slowly brought to exotericDiscipleship2, 220:all fields of human interest; in their hands the form of the new civilization is being constructed.Discipleship2, 228:by the sequence and the synthesis of the form. Discipleship2, 232:ideology or be reduced to a uniform general form of government. Nations differ; they have differentDiscipleship2, 233:of the immense world period. The major thought-form of the spiritual Hierarchy, created by jointDiscipleship2, 236:third divine aspect and the creation of thought-form therein (as usually carried forward by theDiscipleship2, 236:forward by the concrete mind) is related to form, to the acquisition of that which is desired andDiscipleship2, 236:Spiritual Triad can be developed and a higher form of creative meditation can be employed. It is aDiscipleship2, 236:of creative meditation can be employed. It is a form which each person has to find and discover forDiscipleship2, 246:these initiations is undergone. They are in the form sometimes of symbols and sometimes of words,Discipleship2, 248:preparatory work of the Arcane School. That form of alignment is the production of effective andDiscipleship2, 250:the group, and these, together, constitute and form the astral body of the group. When thisDiscipleship2, 250:to the central point of life in all forms. Of form and of consciousness, the circle and the pointDiscipleship2, 259:enacted in relation to the accustomed aspects of form-life, and of conscious sensitivity andDiscipleship2, 267:for initiation, and they are sometimes in the form of words and sometimes in the form of symbols.Discipleship2, 267:in the form of words and sometimes in the form of symbols. These serve to develop the "initiateDiscipleship2, 272:personality. I would call your attention to the form of words just used. These formulas do notDiscipleship2, 272:of the Monad - is flooded with this higher form of energy - an aspect of the energy of will andDiscipleship2, 273:meaning of this very simple but most potent form. Four words, or rather phrases, are found written,Discipleship2, 275:Way. Then the symbol takes on the following form: "All paths meet at the center. The many becomeDiscipleship2, 281:thinking where (expressing it symbolically) they form the blueprints, prior to the institution ofDiscipleship2, 281:The Abstract World - in which they are given form and substance and which is to the thought-formDiscipleship2, 281:form and substance and which is to the thought-form eventually created what the etheric body is toDiscipleship2, 281:- producing the concretizing of the thought-form and thus making the idea available to mankind.Discipleship2, 283:ancient symbols or symbolic writings into such form that they can convey meaning through language.Discipleship2, 284:use this formula when faced with death in some form or another (and these words must be usedDiscipleship2, 285:to manifest. Creation is. [285] Time then and form agree. Being and time do not agree. Unity IS.Discipleship2, 285:God IS. Time, space, the middle One (with form and process) go, and yet for aye remain. Pure reasonDiscipleship2, 285:with souls in deep incarnation, identified with form in the three worlds; they concern worldDiscipleship2, 286:when he decided to incarnate or enter into the form of this planet. This was from pure choice,Discipleship2, 287:of life, striving within the substance of the form, and seeking added life and light," as the OldDiscipleship2, 288:of "saving Lives" of which he may eventually form a part; he begins to sense that behind theseDiscipleship2, 300:a definite technique for producing this peculiar form of cooperation, but it will not be possibleDiscipleship2, 301:your problem, for you are helping me to form something new. Up to the present time, I have givenDiscipleship2, 303:and absorbed. The transmission of ideas in some form or another to the brain after they have beenDiscipleship2, 303:they have been registered by the mind in the form of seed thoughts, hints or presented themes andDiscipleship2, 304:the second aspect, and that a subtle geometrical form lies behind the exoteric manifestation. TheseDiscipleship2, 305:to Beauty. This formula is presented in the form of a symbol - one which is in such constantDiscipleship2, 305:studied for a number of years, will become a key form by means of which aspects of the creativeDiscipleship2, 306:for initiation. All life is intended to take the form of a progressive series of awakenings.Discipleship2, 306:of the divine intention as it assumes form? This intention is a fully comprehended scheme in theDiscipleship2, 308:or initiate. The germ, seed thought, key form and invocative potency of that which has beenDiscipleship2, 308:the disciple has to find, within the form of the revelation, that which he must use in order toDiscipleship2, 308:I have here given you, in a very brief form, one of the new techniques for disciples in the New AgeDiscipleship2, 310:- these emerging Points of Revelation - will form themes for prolonged meditation and doors ofDiscipleship2, 313:putting into his power the processes of thought-form creation; he has learnt through meditation toDiscipleship2, 315:of more rapid initiation, and that in group form. [316] The possession of a much closer and a moreDiscipleship2, 316:abstraction," which persisted in its crudest form until 1425 A.D., and since then has sensiblyDiscipleship2, 318:hints which could be safely given in a more open form. They have no intention at any time to beDiscipleship2, 318:it will, however, prove to be the ordinary form of occult teaching during the next developingDiscipleship2, 320:major lesson: the Unity of the One Life. This form of presentation will be more easily recognizedDiscipleship2, 325:Again: Initiation can now be taken in group form; this is something entirely new in the work of theDiscipleship2, 337:the Initiator and take initiation in group form; they will pass through the door of initiationDiscipleship2, 340:in matter - must control and must condition form. The Master, however, stands free, endowed withDiscipleship2, 341:it - free as he now is from the control of form or of material substance. It is time as itDiscipleship2, 342:six hints which can be summed up for you in the form of questions, addressed personally to you andDiscipleship2, 350:objectives to the race, this being their major form of service. Today, owing to the pronouncedDiscipleship2, 352:which is based on initiate-relationship in group form, and which is present between Humanity, theDiscipleship2, 352:I refer not here to the evolution of the form. Three things will thereby be brought about: A closerDiscipleship2, 353:and of the new technique will appear in some form or other in human affairs and constitute a greatDiscipleship2, 354:the questions were drafted in that particular form; you would then have proceeded to consider theirDiscipleship2, 367:Revelation is both formless and also within form, and the closer to realization, the more subtleDiscipleship2, 367:to realization, the more subtle and devoid of form will be the revelation. This is, of course, aDiscipleship2, 368:This revelation can be - as I said - either in form or formless; it can be a pictorial symbol or a
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