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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORM

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Discipleship2, 368:be expressed only in words, or it can take the form of wordless recognition; it can be a goal or aDiscipleship2, 369:Let me express for you here - in their briefest form - the four points of Revelation alreadyDiscipleship2, 372:of tension) and a vortex of force which takes form before his eyes, revealing to him an inevitableDiscipleship2, 373:reservoirs of energy, with the original thought-form as the creative source at the center. TheseDiscipleship2, 376:and the triple process of impression, thought-form construction, and energy direction will beDiscipleship2, 377:an "advancing point of light"; it is, however, a form of light which can only be implemented by theDiscipleship2, 380:use of the Will of Christ, immanent in every form, and peculiarly active in the form of humanity,Discipleship2, 380:in every form, and peculiarly active in the form of humanity, and therefore capable of joyous andDiscipleship2, 386:about the redemption of substance, of matter and form, and thus proved the possibility of thatDiscipleship2, 386:truth; it is, however, distorted by them into a form of individual and racial possessiveness, owingDiscipleship2, 388:and I list them here, not in the question form as given earlier, but in their original wording. IDiscipleship2, 392:of modification is completed, the idea - in the form of an ideal - descends to the astral plane,Discipleship2, 397:the first time (though in the most elementary form) to employ the will aspect and - in theDiscipleship2, 404:as the redemption of the worlds of being and of form is carried forward by the second divineDiscipleship2, 410:in every land - will be found those who form part of the subjective groups which the Hierarchy isDiscipleship2, 415:be, for him, A summation or anchored thought-form of any wisdom which he may have attained, I didDiscipleship2, 420:affects both the consciousness and the form - each in a different manner; the difference is broughtDiscipleship2, 422:control over the habitual process of the form vehicles which are now used under the Law ofDiscipleship2, 424:that exists is essentially energy in some form or another. The enormous number of aspirants whoDiscipleship2, 434:These stages are presented in dramatic form during the process or the recognition of initiation. AsDiscipleship2, 435:his search seems ended and reward in the form of revelation is accorded him. This procedure andDiscipleship2, 435:and sequence of events has been the ordinary form for centuries and all the time the idea of GodDiscipleship2, 435:the sixth Initiation) to God Immanent, to God in form, to God in the human heart, and to thatDiscipleship2, 444:energy; develop divine indifference as to your form of service and ponder deeply on the thought ofDiscipleship2, 449:initiate. I am not, therefore, giving you a set form for meditation, but I am giving you a looseDiscipleship2, 450:moment of tension you relate life [450] and form, the fluid and the concrete; then an organism, andDiscipleship2, 450:the storms of wind and rain, holding its life in form intact and gaining added beauty as strengthDiscipleship2, 453:that the points of interlude are not related to form life at all, but to the life of Life itself.Discipleship2, 457:to it, utilize it and eventually give it due form. Know therefore clearly what it is you areDiscipleship2, 466:that you can also count. I am giving you no set form of meditation. Reflection and deep, consideredDiscipleship2, 468:to be a channel, pure and undefiled by any form of self identification, for a cosmic principle -Discipleship2, 474:contacts, here, there and everywhere, which will form the nucleus of that group of aspirants and ofDiscipleship2, 474:world and say: "I will gather a group which will form my future ashram." If he does this, he willDiscipleship2, 477:others. That is why sixth ray people can easily form a group around themselves. But they seldomDiscipleship2, 487:is well-nigh a habit and need not, therefore, form a drive), and also an intensified effort to workDiscipleship2, 489:or usefulness. The outline is not a rigid form, as are so many which I have given to the group. ItDiscipleship2, 490:upward towards the soul. These three directions form a triangle of projected sensitivity. ThenDiscipleship2, 494:is gained) in the harmonizing, of soul and its form on earth. I would like, therefore, to give someDiscipleship2, 496:and revitalize this fraction, dwelling in my form." Then sound the OM three times: Sound itDiscipleship2, 498:you as members of the Arcane School. They will form the nucleus of the spiritual work we seek to doDiscipleship2, 505:these three activities or three attitudes should form one aspect of your reflection upon theseDiscipleship2, 518:from glamor and the intricacies of the thought-form-making mind; simplicity is clarity of purposeDiscipleship2, 525:reached; [525] or again, he is absorbed in some form of service which he deems essential and whichDiscipleship2, 530:you and humanity as a whole, and the good of the form side of life looms unduly large in yourDiscipleship2, 530:the spirit of love in order to preserve the form of your ideal. Ponder on this for it is basic inDiscipleship2, 532:that the new ideals concern the life and not the form. My blessing rests ever on you for I haveDiscipleship2, 539:and a magnetic capacity which arranges in due form and beauty that which radiation has evoked.Discipleship2, 540:He can no more help creating in some form or another than he can help living. After all, my brotherDiscipleship2, 551:Your next incarnation holds for you a peculiar form of service, for which this life has beenDiscipleship2, 556:aspiration upon the normal personality in the form of changed behavior. This injunction is not theDiscipleship2, 559:you know much of what is said; build a thought-form of the book and see it going forth to the veryDiscipleship2, 560:Let me now give you six statements which can form, if you so desire, six seed thoughts upon thisDiscipleship2, 562:increasingly active in its outer service and form. You will remember however, my brother, thatDiscipleship2, 566:finding a third word, allied and descriptive, to form a sequential educational picture: Sight -Discipleship2, 569:- as he learns - the relative unimportance of form. These things have happened to you and theseDiscipleship2, 574:expressing adequately on the physical plane the form through which the soul - whose nature is loveDiscipleship2, 574:seventh. The line of descent, therefore, for the form building energy is direct. To this again youDiscipleship2, 575:identification is with the soul and not with the form aspect, of which the centers are a part. BeDiscipleship2, 577:the personality lays the foundation of the form nature in the next incarnation. In your case, forDiscipleship2, 577:this life might produce a powerfully dangerous form nature in your next incarnation - one whichDiscipleship2, 579:of Light... I would ask three of you... to form the inner central triangle, and together and inDiscipleship2, 580:is well upon its way. It might be said that the form (esoterically understood to be the vital body)Discipleship2, 580:regarded it as a seriously difficult matter to form Triangles. What a man feels subconsciouslyDiscipleship2, 582:establishment of relationship between soul and form strongly controlling you. This dominant energyDiscipleship2, 582:if you will remember that esoterically the form nature is the vital etheric body, and thisDiscipleship2, 582:relationship with the end in view of building a form. This is also the line of pure magic and - asDiscipleship2, 586:of your seventh ray ability to link the world of form with the world of spiritual reality. I haveDiscipleship2, 587:about by the construction of the needed thought-form. I would recall to you and to your groupDiscipleship2, 587:Ashram is in reality a dynamic spiritual thought-form, vitalized by the Master of the Ashram and byDiscipleship2, 590:it very brief, for long meditations (reduced to form) are not adapted to your nature. Sound the OMDiscipleship2, 592:successful that today it demonstrates in the form of a myriad plans for postwar helpfulness, in theDiscipleship2, 592:a myriad plans for postwar helpfulness, in the form of thousands of groups and of millions ofDiscipleship2, 593:been right because the subjective aspect of any form of expression must be living and expanding ifDiscipleship2, 593:must be living and expanding if the objective form is to take its place in world phenomena withDiscipleship2, 595:Morya. This few people understand. Any other form of meditation would be false to you. Though youDiscipleship2, 595:(the etheric subplanes - A.A.B.). The fourfold form must assume triangular relation. Ponder onDiscipleship2, 598:- the energy of Love in its dynamic or electric form. It is the Will aspect of Love which theDiscipleship2, 604:center. When this is done, you have a secondary form of integration made possible, i.e., theDiscipleship2, 608:become a better and more usable instrument. Form a steady and stable focal point of lovingDiscipleship2, 610:determination and your understanding you can form part of the group which stands in this "MiddleDiscipleship2, 611:coming year. Draw up your [611] own meditation form, embodying these concepts and preservingDiscipleship2, 611:of influence of the related Ashrams should form your 612] immediate objective and the goal of yourDiscipleship2, 616:of it all would escape you; the national thought-form of any nation is necessarily a powerfulDiscipleship2, 616:can observe an instance of this in the thought-form of the Jews which is the most powerful of allDiscipleship2, 618:has done for years. It is, as she has learnt, a form of false humility and a desire to have peopleDiscipleship2, 626:it as we ascend. We identify ourselves with the form as its sound reaches us during the process ofDiscipleship2, 626:the stage wherein we identify ourselves with form begins to die out, we then "see" it and enter theDiscipleship2, 626:the lesson of desirelessness, we find that the form and consciousness are one, the light is one,Discipleship2, 627:I am going to give you no set meditation form to follow. I am however going to give you somethingDiscipleship2, 630:but grasp it - constitutes a definitely advanced form of meditation. You will find this meditationDiscipleship2, 646:strengthen and preserve the three contacts which form the background of your spiritual [647] life:Discipleship2, 648:Way and on that Way I walk. Pain comes from form-attachment. It takes two forms: Attachment to theDiscipleship2, 650:words: Isolated Unity. When one is isolated from form attachments and when one is freed forDiscipleship2, 653:to come. I am not putting it in the ordinary form, for all of you in this group should now haveDiscipleship2, 662:between the dream, the vision and the plan. They form the world of meaning. To understand impelsDiscipleship2, 664:and with strength indicates to you those who may form the nucleus of your own group in a later lifeDiscipleship2, 671:are to undergo a special training to fit them to form the special group of the "friends of Christ"Discipleship2, 677:know, my work in the outer world has taken the form of three major activities... You have done muchDiscipleship2, 677:of humanity, and thus help create the thought-form of solution. This F.B. and A.A.B. have alreadyDiscipleship2, 691:piece of service - the service of thought-form building in the New Age. This you can do if you will
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