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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORM

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Discipleship2, 692:this astral concentration upon a group thought-form. I have earlier told you that you are beingDiscipleship2, 692:that you are being trained to work with thought-form creating processes. Hence, another reason forDiscipleship2, 693:prior to mastering the science of thought-form building. The disciple has to stand free from mentalDiscipleship2, 694:prior to being immersed in any ashramic thought-form. These specific abstractions are being rapidlyDiscipleship2, 695:plane of the soul, and remember that you three form an inner triangle which has certain spiritualDiscipleship2, 725:which have already been presented in better form to the public. What end, therefore, did theyDiscipleship2, 728:of life it is thrown into confusion; its thought-form-making proclivities become violent, and theDiscipleship2, 735:of psychic harmony between the soul of form and the soul itself. It is through the conflict betweenDiscipleship2, 737:at the same time reduce your ideas to written form for your own clarification and the helping ofDiscipleship2, 738:down but up; be not so conscious of the outer form. For two years study, read and serve within theDiscipleship2, 739:up, not down. Be not so conscious of the outer form. In these words I sought to have you turn yourDiscipleship2, 739:sought to have you turn your eyes away from the form aspect of the present world catastrophe,Discipleship2, 739:attention to my recommendation that this concept form the background of your daily thinking. AsDiscipleship2, 740:of a loving heart is what you need. L.F.U. has a form of pride also and makes a fetish of hisDiscipleship2, 742:and movement. Disciples are passing out of it to form their own Ashrams or to take up a specificDiscipleship2, 744:energy, converging towards you. See it take form as a stream of down-flowing energy - the energy ofDiscipleship2, 749:every problem is in reality a vital thought-form, effective for good or evil. The line ofDiscipleship2, 763:for your meditation, leaving you to work out the form [764] or procedure to suit yourself, or to doDiscipleship2, 764:procedure to suit yourself, or to do without any form if it seems better to you. Themes ForEducation, vi:Each of these civilizations, in its extreme form, is over-balanced in its own direction. InEducation, xii:drives the human being forward towards some form of development - physical, emotional, mental,Education, 10:or other of the arts, a reaction to color and form, or a response to music and rhythm? Is theEducation, 15:has to do with the clothing of ideas with form and is related to the first step in the creativeEducation, 15:these visioned ideas in his own particular form. Arithmetic has a definite relation to subsequentEducation, 15:the emergence of the idea into some correlated form upon the [16] physical plane. The visioning ofEducation, 16:physical plane. The visioning of the thought-form is a process which must be succeeded by theEducation, 16:the idea of his soul to due and proper form, so that each life adds, subtracts and multiplies,Education, 18:things, is located (temporarily as far as the form nature of a particular human unit is concerned)Education, 20:body, its phenomenal appearance, its outer form. The soul creates, in time and space, in line withEducation, 20:activity of the soul's desire nature, limited by form. Ponder on this. The soul creates through theEducation, 24:producing "the myriad forms which make up the form of God" (Bhagavad Gita, XI), and that each childEducation, 25:this changed attitude to you in the simplest form? Perhaps by pointing out that, whereas todayEducation, 26:the response of the consciousness within the form to a steadily expanding range of contacts withinEducation, 27:woven as a result of the appearance of life in form upon the physical plane. Speaking againEducation, 28:ceases to be identified with the animal outer form and learns to identify himself with the innerEducation, 28:the heart center. The objective of evolution in form is now relatively complete. When this stageEducation, 31:distinctions and unifications are matters of form, [32] symbols in speech, and are used to expressEducation, 39:civilization. For it is the production of some form of culture - material or spiritual, or materialEducation, 40:in their consciousness; it is with them a form of recapitulation, analogous to the prenatal stage;Education, 45:others. Geography is largely history in another form but presented in a similar manner - a historyEducation, 51:upon certain specific tests, and upon the new form of astrology. I would here make a simple requestEducation, 61:into expression in the three worlds. They form a combination of active forces; he must learn toEducation, 64:focus of his attention away from the substance-form side of existence and to become aware of thatEducation, 64:aware of that which has been the source of form production on any specific level. It is his task toEducation, 64:to the quality of the life dominating any form until he arrives eventually at the quality of theEducation, 65:of the "unprincipled" substance of which his form and all forms are made, and the qualifiedEducation, 67:not occupied with any aspect of the mechanical form; it is occupied entirely with the soul aspect -Education, 68:If esotericists would accept, in its simplest form, the pronouncement of modern science thatEducation, 72:majority of the previous attempts to impose a form of the new age education upon the modern childEducation, 72:there has been no compromise between the present form of education and the desired ideal; there hasEducation, 75:- a certain superficial [75] attitude and form of manners which should govern his relations to theEducation, 75:indeed) of history and geography and good form in speech and writing. By that time however theEducation, 75:that time however the mischief is done and the form which his later educational processes may take,Education, 75:therefore inhibiting) has been established, a form of behavior has been enforced or imposed whichEducation, 76:of love is not an emotional, sentimental form of love but is based upon a realization of theEducation, 77:(which is always concerned with some form of group relation) is a potent factor in determining aEducation, 78:have been imposed upon him by others and did not form a part of his innate equipment when he cameEducation, 86:Education will, therefore, be given in the form of human interest, human achievement and humanEducation, 87:bias or prejudice. World democracy will take form when men everywhere are regarded in reality asEducation, 94:or the bridge between: Various aspects of the form nature. The personality and the soul. The manEducation, 94:various aspects of the inner man with the outer form, will have made [95] so much progress that theEducation, 105:complex which necessarily breaks out into some form of revolt in the individual, in racialEducation, 107:interested enough to be making the attempt to form his own opinions and come to his ownEducation, 107:control which is found in all countries in some form or another, for there can never be anyEducation, 111:Who are working out the new developments, the form side of life, the outer tangible expression, isEducation, 111:distorted by the pain and suffering to which the form is subjected (either your own or that ofEducation, 111:purpose and the urgency of the life within the form. To many of you, for instance, the World WarEducation, 111:opportunity and save life, not to save the form. This operation was largely successful. The germ,Education, 112:that is of importance; and also that when a form proves inadequate, or too diseased, or tooEducation, 112:of view of the Hierarchy - no disaster when that form has to go. Death is not a disaster to beEducation, 112:is ripe enough in experience to relinquish the form because of the sensed benefits to be gained.Education, 117:force or by the coercion of humanity in any form. This is an important point to be grasped. ItEducation, 117:to integrate into the greater Whole. From the form side of manifestation, mind, emotion and brainEducation, 118:clearly be seen. So glamored are we by the form side that many claims are made today that the newEducation, 119:more a state of consciousness than a physical form; it is a state of mind more than a peculiarlyEducation, 119:love of their nation and thus by some definite form of idealism - hence the great emergingEducation, 120:desire and plans shall no longer be oriented to form living, the Guides of the race have emphasizedEducation, 120:some reward (in a desirable and usually material form, such as the heaven of the various worldEducation, 121:type of culture and civilization, indicate the form of government and produce an effect uponEducation, 123:world religion. This new religion will take the form of a conscious unified group approach to theEducation, 123:men into various idealistic groups. These will form in every realm of human thought and they inEducation, 124:he joins a political party, or upholds some form of welfare work, or joins some of the many groupsEducation, 126:we unfailingly create, and which eventually form the antahkarana, have to be woven between each andEducation, 129:is developed, which is the working out of one form of the love aspect in the universe. TheEducation, 129:it. This faculty of forgiveness is not a form of magnanimous forgetting or overlooking, neither isEducation, 130:They will thus govern and develop the new form of family unit which must inevitably come intoEducation, 135:inevitably cease. It is, in the last analysis, a form of legalized prostitution, and the fact thatEducation, 136:attributes and physical perfection. The right form of scientific sex control, leading to thoseEducation, 138:close fusion and scientific interrelation, that form of divine manifestation to which the name "theEducation, 139:dealing with that which concerns substance and form, for it must not be forgotten that light andEducation, 139:and diffused and simply hovers over the physical form of the child, waiting [140] for anEducation, 143:to all forces pouring into the individual form from whatever direction and source. To these majorEducation, 144:angle of the spirit is a sublimation or higher form of material matter. Light is also the qualityEducation, 144:etheric body, which is a substantial, tangible form, and is being so considered (though not as yetExternalisation, 6:at this time is the sudden inflow of a new form of astral energy through the rent veil which has,Externalisation, 8:of the divine soul in man, which takes the form of what we call "the animal soul," which reallyExternalisation, 11:that on the astral plane there is a thought-form of myself, your Tibetan brother. All who haveExternalisation, 12:aided in the construction of this astral thought-form. It is not me, nor is it linked to me, nor doExternalisation, 12:effectiveness of my work. This astral thought-form is a distortion of me and my work, needless toExternalisation, 12:and galvanized shell. Because there is in this form much emotional substance and also a certain
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