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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORM

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Externalisation, 222:that it had. They forget that when a thought-form has been constructed of sufficient potency andExternalisation, 223:and final stage becomes ever possible. The form can be rendered so magnetic that it can attract anExternalisation, 223:therefore the expression of a Life. This thought-form, duly informed, becomes a mediating factor,Externalisation, 223:in this connection. A great and vital thought-form is in process of construction upon our planetExternalisation, 223:the weakness of the structure of this thought-form becomes apparent. It is already potentExternalisation, 223:helpers. This spiritual life relates the thought-form to the waiting extra-planetary Forces and canExternalisation, 228:of the Hierarchy, Humanity and Shamballa, will form part of the coming new world religion and thatExternalisation, 232:aspirants as a band of pacifists, cherishing the form side of life, afraid of death and remainingExternalisation, 232:has no place in its ranks. The destruction of form in battle (which causes so much fear to many ofExternalisation, 232:the life of humanity; the death of the physical form is a negligible factor in relation to these,Externalisation, 242:national interrelation which is rapidly taking form, first in the minds of men, and then inExternalisation, 248:the issues at stake, or participating in some form of national effort to bring aid and strength toExternalisation, 248:again inspired to work in order that they may form the nucleus of the Forces of Reconstruction whenExternalisation, 251:to those who see only the needs of the form aspect of humanity. That strength and enlightenment mayExternalisation, 252:just these terms. This does not mean that some form of intervention may not be possible but it mustExternalisation, 257:activity (the major need at this time), what form is it possible for the hoped-for divineExternalisation, 259:Divine intervention could also take the form of a cataclysmic happening which would bringExternalisation, 263:of the recipient aspects and the nature of the form quality upon which they make their impact. InExternalisation, 263:into the realm of mental invention. A thought-form is then organized, whether it is theExternalisation, 263:is then organized, whether it is the thought-form of a sewing machine, of a political party, of anExternalisation, 264:are then coordinated and gradually the thought-form becomes an expressed reality, recognizable byExternalisation, 264:in the history of the race, the vision has taken form and the dream has materialized upon the wingsExternalisation, 264:be forthcoming, though it may not take the same form as of old, because man is today - in spite ofExternalisation, 264:interpretation or the theological idealism, some form of this belief lies behind the cry of theExternalisation, 265:dependent for its effect upon the type of form which it contacts and upon which it makes an impact.Externalisation, 278:does this refer? Not to the death of the body or form, for that is relatively unimportant; but toExternalisation, 279:parallel its voiced expression with some form of definite [280] physical plane service, and so aidExternalisation, 288:and recognized as the new world religion takes form on Earth and conditions human thought andExternalisation, 292:or anchors a dynamic truth, a potent thought-form or a vortex of attractive energy in the threeExternalisation, 292:human thinking; the established thought-form acts increasingly as a transmitter of divine energy asExternalisation, 297:and religious necessity. They have taken the form of those men and women who have championedExternalisation, 300:divine Agencies decide that intervention in the form of a widespread cataclysm (engulfing allExternalisation, 301:man in his group. But it is not with this form of leadership as expressive of the avataricExternalisation, 301:open minds, plus of course, essential purity of form. These Avatars express the Will of God, theExternalisation, 303:by the greatly strengthened life within the form. Only the next one hundred years will reveal theExternalisation, 306:of thought energy, the presentation of a thought-form and the evocation of the focused will of theExternalisation, 318:respect the right of all peoples to choose the form of government under which they will live; andExternalisation, 322:be the theme of world education in some modified form. The books which have been published can beExternalisation, 327:In this manner the desired conditions will take form upon the physical levels of daily existence.Externalisation, 330:on the subject. By doing this, a thought-form of great potency can be built which will influenceExternalisation, 335:and for the materialization of the vision in due form on earth. This will require spiritual energy,Externalisation, 344:works out as kindness, but it is kindness to the form side of life, to the personalities of thoseExternalisation, 344:to the livingness (through consciousness and form) of humanity; we need not consider its relationExternalisation, 344:Desire works from and through the material form upwards; Will works downwards into form, bendingExternalisation, 344:material form upwards; Will works downwards into form, bending form consciously to divine purpose.Externalisation, 344:upwards; Will works downwards into form, bending form consciously to divine purpose. The one isExternalisation, 347:certain cosmic Principles and give them form. The Buddha embodied the Principle of Light, andExternalisation, 350:urgency of the opportunity? The two Full Moons form one complete cycle of work and should beExternalisation, 356:is manifesting the force of maya - the crudest form of material force. Italy, individualistic andExternalisation, 356:and thus the three forms of glamor and the final form of the conflict between the spiritual idealExternalisation, 357:distinctions and religious differences will form no barrier to international understanding, and theExternalisation, 364:existing among those nations which today form the United Nations. There was also a lack ofExternalisation, 371:Nations - a love which will work out in the form of food for the hungry, nursing for the sick, theExternalisation, 375:will spare any of their citizens eventually to form a nation. The demand for national recognitionExternalisation, 375:grave peril to the world; if perpetuated in any form, except as contributory to the good ofExternalisation, 384:two other people of like mind with you to form a goodwill triangle of light and spiritualExternalisation, 385:can be amalgamated, if deemed desirable, and form a vast mailing list of people in every countryExternalisation, 385:who could be reached simultaneously. They will form a body of synchronized public opinion,Externalisation, 397:march of evil. It does, however, preserve the form which can and will evoke eventually the SpiritExternalisation, 397:used as His vehicle of expression on earth, the form of the Master Jesus, so this greatExternalisation, 397:spiral, to use as His vehicle of expression, the form of the Christ, the Prince of Peace; thus HisExternalisation, 401:with the spiritual sources of all life. This new form of the one religion will be in fact theExternalisation, 402:Christ, Chapter VI) I had much to say about the form into which the great world religions in theExternalisation, 402:and appreciate the fundamental truths which that form has preserved, even whilst hiding them. ItExternalisation, 406:and fresh revelation, the institution of some form of a new religion and the sounding of a noteExternalisation, 409:can become more frequent and are taking on a new form. Man's inner realization of his own innateExternalisation, 414:disciple and initiate - by all, in fact, who form the New Group of World Servers. The science ofExternalisation, 415:cease perpetuating the outer and visible form, and begin to deal with the reality underlying allExternalisation, 416:"worship" is the group effort to establish some form of united approach to the spiritual Hierarchy,Externalisation, 420:stepped down into thought energy, and in that form will make its due impact upon the minds of men,Externalisation, 439:of civilization and culture. The first phase or form of destruction was directed by the disciples,Externalisation, 439:handicapping all progress. The second phase or form of destruction was directed by evil, and wasExternalisation, 443:Powers at this unique and critical moment. The form or forms of their tyranny must be broken andExternalisation, 463:the superstructure of the brotherhood of man to form an expression of the Love of God. Today, as itExternalisation, 465:and of materialistic desires which today form the pattern of men's lives. This has to be done byExternalisation, 477:(made in time and space and as it concerns the form aspect and not the spirit in man) is frequentlyExternalisation, 481:which will create the nucleus of the thought-form and present the blueprint around which and uponExternalisation, 481:will affect. Christ will bring this into proper form for the creative activity of the New Group ofExternalisation, 483:demonstrate a gained wisdom in the creation of a form which will house the spirit of resurrectionExternalisation, 487:The fact of His Presence upon earth in physical form is known today by many hundreds of thousands,Externalisation, 488:create a seed thought or a clear-cut thought-form which will make the launching of this InvocationExternalisation, 489:else was possible, but even in this longer form, they will be potent in their invocative appeal, ifExternalisation, 492:evolution and to the release of the soul in form, and the other to the retardation of theExternalisation, 493:evil forces possess potencies which can destroy form in the three worlds on such a wide scale thatExternalisation, 494:of the power to know and to discover (a definite form of energy) was deflected away from theExternalisation, 494:to destroy the world of men, leading to a form of mental paralysis. Those seeking to emphasize theExternalisation, 495:the momentous happening of the release of this form of atomic energy, through the medium of what isExternalisation, 495:they are all suffering from some form of physical deterioration, and this has been a real factor inExternalisation, 496:of their war potential and the death of the form aspect. This destruction... and the consequentExternalisation, 502:and having in view the need of the public for a form, seek at this time to hold just as much as mayExternalisation, 502:time to hold just as much as may be of the old form and lineaments, as much, that is, as isExternalisation, 502:what the Great Ones seek to break is not the form of Christianity but the grip of the Churches onExternalisation, 502:and more beautiful, yet recognizable as the old form on a higher turn of the spiral. It is not theExternalisation, 504:event, and [504] the construction of the thought-form of the advent or second Coming, has now beenExternalisation, 504:in the work. These consecrated Workers form a nucleus around the Christ and direct much of theExternalisation, 505:entrance into the great international thought-form. All who work with far vision and all who holdExternalisation, 505:He is attempting to transmute the thought-form of religious dogma, to permeate the churches withExternalisation, 510:organisms. In the process of transmuting the old form and so releasing the imprisoned life, thereExternalisation, 510:and is unable to grasp abstractions. It is the form which matters to them the most, for they areExternalisation, 510:esotericists of the world, for they heed not the form to the same extent, having contacted somewhat
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