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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORM

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Externalisation, 512:hands to leaven the whole lump, and being in a form comprehended by the people, it can touch theExternalisation, 513:Path or the Path of Discipleship will form the nucleus of the coming world religion. It exists onExternalisation, 518:It is the fact that in the destruction of the form lies hid the secret of all evolutionary growth.Externalisation, 518:in constant expression. The Masters utilize the form (a form of Church Organization, a MasonicExternalisation, 518:expression. The Masters utilize the form (a form of Church Organization, a Masonic Fraternity, anExternalisation, 518:served and the race is instructed through that form. Then comes the time when the form may noExternalisation, 518:through that form. Then comes the time when the form may no longer serve the intent, when theExternalisation, 518:and easily destroyed. So it goes, and a new form takes its place. Watch and see it this is not everExternalisation, 518:more slowly. But now on this upward trend the form has but short duration. It lives vitally for butExternalisation, 522:of clarity into the following points which will form the basis of the instruction. We shall attemptExternalisation, 523:organization of the implicated Ashrams into due form on earth. The externalization of the Ashrams.Externalisation, 530:because it entails the development of that form of "resistance to the pull of the lower vibration"Externalisation, 532:therefore serve an ultimate purpose. Those Who form the Council Chamber of the Great Lord are underExternalisation, 533:remains as yet only a vague promise, lacking form and shape. But he wrote for initiates to whomExternalisation, 544:- given [544] in a negative and not a positive form. The Christ endeavored to offset and bring toExternalisation, 547:see how far an ashram could function in external form on earth. It has proved only a partialExternalisation, 551:upon humanity. Let me enumerate them in concise form, because it is essential that there be clearExternalisation, 556:is a goal and evokes effort in no matter what form, the energy of the will-to-good will make itselfExternalisation, 560:and soul-consciousness and progressive life in form are no longer goals but are left far behind. InExternalisation, 560:nothing is ever lost; that which life in form has conferred is still in the possession of theExternalisation, 563:in relation to humanity. This will take the form of a new Approach and a reappearance exoterically.Externalisation, 566:in all departments. These two groups unitedly form a transmitting agency through which theExternalisation, 566:and blended with Humanity that the hierarchical form will no longer be required. The three [567]Externalisation, 567:the personality (a fusion of soul and form) are left. This event of final dissolution will takeExternalisation, 570:are authorities in basic English; this is the form of the English language which will eventuallyExternalisation, 579:there is nothing in existence but energy in some form or other, and that all we see, all with whichExternalisation, 579:is already under way and taking definite form, though as yet the efforts are embryonic and theExternalisation, 590:practical truth of God in every man and in every form in every kingdom in nature; much evil hasExternalisation, 591:and Its reappearance on earth in physical form, and the consequent materialization of the kingdomExternalisation, 598:staff of the Christ is already active in the form of the New Group of World Servers; they are asExternalisation, 598:spiritual and organizing effect of sound in the form of expressed and voiced invocation has beenExternalisation, 599:the Christ and the Buddha are then present. To form a rallying-point and a meeting-place for thoseExternalisation, 604:wherein Christ Immanent was in the physical form, wherein humanity was represented by the threeExternalisation, 621:of spiritual light. This is essentially a form of spiritual cowardice, but it is so widespread thatExternalisation, 624:Into the myriad homes of the world in the form of wages, salaries or inherited wealth. All this isExternalisation, 631:the highest type of prayer there is, and a new form of divine appeal which a knowledge ofExternalisation, 631:possible. To this end I will give you a short form of spiritual demand which I would ask you all toExternalisation, 632:the reappearance of [632] the Christ have taken form and should go forward with gathering momentumExternalisation, 633:other than the American. As a result, I began to form my own Ashram and to find people in allExternalisation, 633:in every nation, men and women who (in some form or another) recognized the spiritual Hierarchy ofExternalisation, 633:practically and openly creating a new form of human relationship. This new relation resulted inExternalisation, 636:of totalitarian greed and aggressiveness in any form (subtle and undeclared or openly demonstrated)Externalisation, 637:of the principle of non-freedom, no matter what form it takes, but is ever on the side of humanity.Externalisation, 652:the Externalization Organizing the Ashrams into Form on Earth June 1949 I would ask you, at theExternalisation, 655:to the quality of the substance or material form upon which it makes its impact. This impact andExternalisation, 655:the animal magnetism with which every physical form is equipped; when combined with the energy ofExternalisation, 657:of the solar energy of love-wisdom. It is a form of peculiar, magnetic energy of which mankindExternalisation, 661:among men; it is not a case of His taking infant form and growing into His work with advancingExternalisation, 663:there is no being on Earth, from the very lowest form of life to the very highest, who is notExternalisation, 672:ever present, which definitely took objective form when Christ was with us two thousand years ago,Externalisation, 674:brought the universe of energies into organized form upon the highest of the seven planes, or uponExternalisation, 675:London, Geneva, Darjeeling and Tokyo. These five form a five-pointed star of interlocking energies,Externalisation, 676:attempting to grasp the nature of the manifested form of the planetary Logos in the Person of SanatExternalisation, 677:of the Hierarchy upon earth in tangible form is no exception to this rule. Externalisation, 678:to breathe and move is existent, then the living form can appear. Objectively, therefore, theExternalisation, 679:of disciples upon many rays; the attempt to form coherent and integrated ashrams is based upon theExternalisation, 683:according to their destiny, immediate karma or form of service. St. Paul, for instance, was in theExternalisation, 684:and also be of so potent a nature that it can form a protective screen around the human family.Externalisation, 686:to release the majority to a new and more potent form of immediate Earth service. In other words: aExternalisation, 687:also with all that breathes and that inhabits form. I advise all disciples who seek to cooperateExternalisation, 687:readily and easily with Shamballa; They can thus form a dynamic and galvanic storehouse of energyExternalisation, 689:and therefore towards separateness. This form of evil is being combated today by the New Group ofExternalisation, 692:purified and the life to be found within every form. It is wise to remember that, for instance, asExternalisation, 692:their soul into potency from latency, every form and every atom within their various bodies isExternalisation, 692:followed by a period of stabilizing the purified form and starting the life and soul within it on aExternalisation, 696:that information comes to the aspirant in some form or another anent the hierarchical Plan,Externalisation, 697:would not be able to identify themselves. This form of appearance is therefore postponed for someExternalisation, 698:spiritual centers will begin to take definite form, and will call also for recognition; the groupsExternalisation, 699:also show how all life is one life, that the form nature is ever a sacrificial unity in the vastFire, xii:everything which exists evolves (from the lowest form of life at the densest point of concretion upFire, xii:and produces the manifestation which we call a form, starting it upon its [xiii] evolutionary cycleFire, xiii:evolutionary cycle in time and space. Thus is form brought to the point where it is an adequateFire, xiii:is the true substance underlying every tangible form is understood, certain great revolutions willFire, xiii:and work of those myriads of sentient lives who form the essence of objectivity; to indicate theFire, xiii:nature of those Hierarchies of Existences who form out of their own substance all that is seen andFire, xiv:view, and it is hoped that this treatise may form part of the process through which equilibrium isFire, xiv:of the world problem must perforce take a dual form and will demonstrate through a life of activeFire, 4:solar system. This solar system is the body, or form, of this cosmic Life, and is itself triple.Fire, 4:(Body or Matter) 3rd Person - Holy Spirit, Form, Active Intelligence, Negative energy. Each ofFire, 4:three aspects of the Whole are present in every form. The solar system is triple, manifestingFire, 5:of the other two. The three aspects of every form are interrelated and susceptible of intercourse,Fire, 5:and circulates. All forms in the solar system form part of the Whole, and are not isolated units.Fire, 5:Force are themselves so constituted that they form corporate Entities. They are known as The sevenFire, 6:of a human being through the medium of a form. This law controls likewise in all the kingdoms ofFire, 7:Man is the Microcosm. Soul is an aspect of every form of life from a Logos to an atom. ThisFire, 13:second on the upward way stood forth in fourfold form. The inner five was somewhat seen by thoseFire, 14:mixed with fire, the inner spark within the form were blended all together. The Mighty One lookedFire, 15:rose up. The quality of matter densified, but form was not. The Sons of God arose, scanned theFire, 15:again arose, and sought within the flame. "The form sufficeth not," they said, "remove from withoutFire, 15:third wheel rendered back the Stone. Triple the form, rosy the light, and sevenfold the eternalFire, 25:Word of Love succeedeth. The Past controlled the form. The Now evolves the life. The Day that is toFire, 25:is to be sounds forth the Word of Power. The form perfected and the life evolved hold the thirdFire, 29:belched forth fire. Part rose. Part fell. The form was changed. Millions took other forms orFire, 29:descended into hell. Then came the Conqueror of form. He drew on the Sacred Fire, and purified theFire, 31:wheel of life turns within the wheel of outer form. The matter of Fohat circulateth, and its fireFire, 31:the slower outer case, till it weareth out the form. The forty-nine fires burn at the inner center.Fire, 31:threes. The wheel of life still moves within the form. The devas of the fourth connect theFire, 38:in blue and yellow, endless and imperishable in form, attributeless yet ensouling and underlyingFire, 39:attributeful, implies possession of name and form. The World-process (as embodied in ourFire, 40:rotary motion, and therefore of the spheroidal form of all that exists. The Ray of intelligent
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