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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORM

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Fire, 41:Yuga 4,320,000 Seventy-one of such Maha Yugas form the period of the reign of one Manu 306,720,000Fire, 41:of the average human being is the spheroidal form of his mental body which extends considerablyFire, 41:universe; second, the subjective worlds or form; and thirdly, the spiritual aspect which is to beFire, 44:that concerns itself with the adaptation of the form to the needs of the inner flame of life. 9Fire, 44:provides the relation between the life and the form, between spirit and matter, and is the basis ofFire, 45:and the correct adaptation of the material form to the indwelling spirit, of matter to life, and ofFire, 45:all, and is the driving force of the evolving form. It shows itself in the four ethers and in theFire, 46:can build the matter of the mental plane into a form which can be truly said to be an expression ofFire, 46:be said to be aggregations of matter, built into form with the aid of kama-manas (or of desireFire, 47:or system of control, of the Monad. These form an esoteric quaternary which with the fifth factor,Fire, 47:fire, liberation from matter, or from material form is achieved. Matter has been correctly adjustedFire, 48:Son Mother Spirit Soul Body Life Consciousness Form Monad Ego Personality Divine Self Higher SelfFire, 48:expression of the soul as it shows forth in the form of that elusive something which brings aboutFire, 49:the suitability of the sheath, the body or form, can the point of [50] spiritual developmentFire, 50:aspect. It concerns the Entities who indwell the form, who demonstrate as animating factors throughFire, 51:into contact through the medium of substance or form. When evolution ends, the fire of matter isFire, 52:brings about eventually the destruction of the form and its dissolution, and the termination ofFire, 58:up by our sun and passed out in a manifested form to the utmost boundaries of our solar system, soFire, 62:(likewise cosmic Beings) Who in Their totality form the Body of the threefold Logos. We have,Fire, 63:life and nature evolve through every existent form. The Lord of Cosmic Will holds hid the futureFire, 66:of matter. In Their totality these seven Lords form the essence of the cosmic Lord, called in theFire, 66:24 with Their affiliated groups of pupils, form the essence or centers in the body of one of theFire, 66:planetary Logoi. These seven again in Their turn form the essence of the Logos. Each of the sevenFire, 67:Agnichaitans, a higher grade of fire spirit, who form a vortex of fire when viewed on a largeFire, 67:to a still more important group of devas, who form the fiery envelope of the sun. The pranicFire, 69:subject of the permanent atoms. 26 Each body or form wherein Spirit functions has, for its focalFire, 71:within that, flowing in the opposite direction - form a caduceus with the first three. Each of theFire, 72:system so that eventually it could be built into form through the power of the second aspect. ThusFire, 75:with the subject of the building of matter into form by the interaction of the two rays, the DivineFire, 75:which tends to life and fusing. The karma of form is likewise a vast subject, too [76] involved forFire, 78:activity) and the uniform evolution of the form of which that particular atom of matter forms aFire, 79:prana does little in connection with [79] form building; that is not its province, but it conservesFire, 79:that is not its province, but it conserves the form through the preservation of the health of itsFire, 80:by the action of the lesser Builders into the form or mould upon which later the dense physicalFire, 80:plane is made to cohere to this vitalized form, and is gradually built up around it, and within it,Fire, 81:the special relation of the Atma with a certain form of matter which by the relation of Atma,Fire, 82:the archetype upon which [82] the dense physical form is built, whether it is the form of a solarFire, 82:dense physical form is built, whether it is the form of a solar system, or of a human body in anyFire, 82:of the four ethers, and built into a specific form. It forms, a focal point for certain radiatoryFire, 85:etheric radiation (felt within the physical form). Fire, 85:The framework goes and the dense physical form falls apart; the pranic life is abstracted bodilyFire, 85:of the atom remains; it is inherent, but the form is made by the action of the two fires of matterFire, 85:second Logos, and when they are separated the form falls apart. This is a picture in miniature ofFire, 86:when a man is born into a new world of a subtler form of life, that interlaced cord of ethericFire, 87:it formed the foundation of the dense physical form, and in itself constituted a most importantFire, 89:do here is to give simply, and in a condensed form, a few facts which may hasten the day ofFire, 91:enough of this prana is absorbed to keep the form organized. This is the whole object of theFire, 91:emphasized. The remainder is cast off in the form of animal radiation, or physical magnetism - allFire, 92:which is not essential to its well-being in the form of planetary radiation. Planetary prana,Fire, 92:planet, and has been cast off thence in the form of a radiation of the same essential character asFire, 93:and human forms. There is also the still simpler form embodied in the substance of which all theFire, 96:[96] In dealing with the second group, the human form transmits the emanative radiations to a muchFire, 99:of health. These three centers are in the form that all centers take, of saucer-like depressions,Fire, 103:vehicles. The more refined and rarefied the form, the better a receiver of prana will it be, andFire, 103:thing to bring about the finish of an inadequate form. The latent fire of matter (as seen inFire, 105:bodies are planets, the etheric web does not form a barrier, but (like the Karmic Lords on a higherFire, 106:centers. This is seen in an exaggerated form in the children of the congested quarters of any greatFire, 110:or the over-vitalization of the organic form. Now we can look at the subject from a third angle andFire, 114:four rays of mind are the four minor rays which form the logoic Quaternary and which areFire, 115:liberation, and permit a later and more adequate form to be employed. A further chain of ideas mayFire, 116:true correspondences couched in a more modern form The lowest cosmic plane is the cosmic physical,Fire, 118:terms and that this ether is found in some form or other on all the planes, and is but a gradationFire, 119:atmic. All three groups of Monads work in triple form on the mental plane under the Mahachohan, theFire, 121:the coordination of the dense threefold physical form in which all life is found, dense matter,Fire, 126:his Ray and therefore of the proper geometrical form of triangle that is [127] the correct methodFire, 130:First. The life that had animated the physical form (both dense and etheric) and which had itsFire, 131:disintegration is the ensuing condition of the form. The Ego ceases to be attracted by its form onFire, 131:the form. The Ego ceases to be attracted by its form on the physical plane, and, proceeding toFire, 131:thinking entity, loses interest therefore in the form, and turns his attention inward. HisFire, 131:the synthesis of will and love taking active form, is withdrawn. The partnership is dissolved. TheFire, 131:is withdrawn. The partnership is dissolved. The form then breaks up; the magnetism that has held itFire, 131:is complete. Matter persists, but the form no longer persists. The work of the second Logos ends,Fire, 132:matter (though distributed again into its primal form) is active intelligent matter plus the gainFire, 132:by an earlier incarnation. Now this matter is in form, the solar system is not in pralaya but inFire, 132:suffices. e. By the withdrawal of the life, the form should gradually dissipate. The reflex actionFire, 133:agents during manifestation, and who hold the form in coherent shape, transmuting, applying andFire, 133:lose their attraction to the matter of the form, and turn their attention elsewhere. On the path ofFire, 133:or logoic) they are no longer attracted, and the form begins to dissipate. They withdraw theirFire, 133:carry on their necessary work of breaking up the form; they scatter it - as it is occultlyFire, 133:purpose is the development of a more adequate form for the use of the spirit; and when this purposeFire, 133:the Indweller turns his attention away, and the form disintegrates, having served his need. This isFire, 136:- H. P. Blavatsky. 61 "Kundalini is the static form of the creative energy in bodies which are theFire, 136:is to say that it is at rest - that is, in the form of static potential energy... "Kundalini shaktiFire, 136:at rest, or the static center round which every form of existence, as moving power, revolves." -Fire, 136:this area of the body. These higher centers then form a field of attraction for the downflow of theFire, 137:center, Pineal gland, Pituitary body. [137] They form a manasic triangle, after their juncture withFire, 139:of communication, and its remains survive in form as the Kama-rupa - the shell." - Voice of theFire, 139:at the base of the spine can be aroused, the form its progression should take (dependent upon theFire, 140:the God within shine and blaze forth till the form is lost from sight, and "The path of the justFire, 143:motion of all atoms, He adds to that His own form of motion or of spiraling periodical movement,Fire, 144:on as Spirit seeks ever to liberate itself from form. The matter aspect always follows the line ofFire, 145:utilized. [145] Eventually the Indweller of the form feels the urge, or attractive pull, of its OwnFire, 147:through His solar system in its threefold form of which the present is the second, so man seeksFire, 149:brings about pralaya or the disintegration of form, - the form from which the Spirit has beenFire, 149:pralaya or the disintegration of form, - the form from which the Spirit has been abstracted. If weFire, 150:and the relative adequacy of the matter, or the form, to the life within. The objective solarFire, 150:upon the adequacy of the matter, and of the form to the life within. The first Logos is electricFire, 152:all the spheres became differentiated, and form, as we know, the following atomic units: The solarFire, 152:These two sets of spheres (planes and rays) form the totality of the solar system, and produce itsFire, 152:totality of the solar system, and produce its form spheroidal. Let us withdraw our thought at this
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