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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORM

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Fire, 153:they are formed. The spheres or atoms of any form whatsoever, from the form logoic, which we haveFire, 153:or atoms of any form whatsoever, from the form logoic, which we have somewhat dealt with, down toFire, 154:by the Law of Attraction. It is a destruction of form and not of matter itself, for matter isFire, 154:life, and is the cause of the disintegration of form, which holds itself as a separated unit by theFire, 155:to function. Heat supplied to the composite form of which it may form a fragmentary part, whetherFire, 155:supplied to the composite form of which it may form a fragmentary part, whether it is the heatFire, 155:supplied by the rotation of a planet within the form macrocosmic, or the rotation of a cell in theFire, 155:of a cell in the physical body within the form microcosmic. Final combustion or disintegration,Fire, 157:of a chain, of a globe, or of any spheroidal form whatsoever without exception. This statement,Fire, 157:that comes from the aggregation of atoms into form, and the consequent interplay of the forms uponFire, 157:interplay of the forms upon each other. Where form exists and the Laws of Repulsion and AttractionFire, 158:atom. Eventually this produces coherence of form; bodies, or aggregates of atoms come into being orFire, 158:These effects are: The disintegration of form, The liberation of the essence which the formFire, 158:of form, The liberation of the essence which the form confines, The separations of Spirit andFire, 159:in the physical body, then the occupier of the form is loosed from prison; he can withdraw to hisFire, 159:between the pairs of opposites. The sheath or form of whatever kind then automaticallyFire, 161:Heavenly Men veil Themselves, the planes which form the bodies of certain solar entities, theFire, 161:fourth dimensional action or the wheel or rotary form turning upon itself. The swastika, or theFire, 165:that solidified, and that continues to hold in form coherent, is the force of some cosmic Being.Fire, 166:plane, where the Masters and their disciples form the forty-nine centers in the bodies of the sevenFire, 166:centers, therefore, when functioning properly, form the "body of fire" which eventually is all thatFire, 166:of the three fires, which ultimately destroy the form. When the form is [167] destroyed there isFire, 166:which ultimately destroy the form. When the form is [167] destroyed there is left this intangibleFire, 180:followers are the exponents. These three groups form the three centers in one great triangle - aFire, 181:of our chain - Earth, Mercury and Mars 77 - form a triangle of rare importance, so it may be hereFire, 181:of the logoic centers, Venus, Earth and Saturn form one triangle of great interest. It is aFire, 182:Pleiades and one of the stars of the Great Bear, form a cosmic triangle, or an aggregation of threeFire, 184:increasing action it purifies that etheric form and cleanses it from "dross," as the ChristianFire, 186:as organs (for after all, an organ is a material form, existent for a purpose) but as media wherebyFire, 188:to group vibration Spiritual telepathy 7th (form) 6th (form) 5th (form) 4th (form) 3rd (formless)Fire, 188:vibration Spiritual telepathy 7th (form) 6th (form) 5th (form) 4th (form) 3rd (formless) 2ndFire, 188:Spiritual telepathy 7th (form) 6th (form) 5th (form) 4th (form) 3rd (formless) 2nd (formless) 1stFire, 188:telepathy 7th (form) 6th (form) 5th (form) 4th (form) 3rd (formless) 2nd (formless) 1st (formless)Fire, 190:note, finding it in spite of the density of the form. On the physical plane he finds his own note.Fire, 192:planes is the hearing that has to do with the form, that concerns the vibration of matter, and thatFire, 192:from mind to mind, but with the sound of the form or that power whereby one separated unit ofFire, 196:Logos. Touch - The recognition of the sevenfold Form Builder, the gathering together of forms,Fire, 199:of these three, becomes actively aware of every form, of every vibration, and of every pulsation ofFire, 199:with the One, and the ultimate rejection of form. The senses then are synthesized into acquiredFire, 201:[201] He touches or feels the vibration of the form or not-self in all its various grades,Fire, 201:of the Ego, and its identification with the form - a necessary identification at this particularFire, 201:distinctions till one is finally led through the form, right to the heart of one's nature. Fire, 202:on Cosmic Fire because they concern the material form. Strictly speaking the five senses, as weFire, 202:body) and find their expression in the physical form in those nerve centers, brain cells, gangliaFire, 205:fire of mind, while the fire of matter holds the form together in ordered sequence. So theFire, 207:The Planetary Chains: The seven Heavenly Men - Form, the sun and the seven sacred planets. - S. D.,Fire, 209:realizes the meaning of the Law of Attraction in form building, and in the synthesis of the threeFire, 210:either side of him. The three of them together form a triangle which makes the work possible. TheFire, 211:brought by the Lord of the World when He took form and came to our planet eighteen million yearsFire, 214:Each of the great cosmic Entities who take form as the three Logoi, is distinguished by differentFire, 215:Spirit itself. It shows itself in: , Form building, Adaptation of form to vibration,Fire, 215:in: , Form building, Adaptation of form to vibration, Relative homogeneity of groupFire, 215:this aspect. The attractive power of Spirit in form-building, and in the adaptation of the form toFire, 215:in form-building, and in the adaptation of the form to the need, is the secret of the pain andFire, 216:Spiritual liberation, Destruction of form through the withdrawal of Spirit (the Destroyer aspect),Fire, 216:several syllables. The syllables all together form a solar [217] phrase; separated they formFire, 217:form a solar [217] phrase; separated they form certain words of power, producing different effects.Fire, 218:the Vishnu aspect, the second aspect logoic, the form-building aspect. By its correct or partialFire, 218:the manipulation of matter and its welding into form f or the use of Spirit. Then a third Word orFire, 218:and the dissociation of the spirit from the form. We have a correspondence in the nine Initiations,Fire, 227:a tendency to confound such terms as "life and form," "consciousness and the vehicle ofFire, 227:between two systems, then the terms, life and form, consciousness and its vehicles, are moreFire, 227:the period of abstraction consciousness is not, form is not, and life, demonstrating as an actualFire, 227:and utilize. Then and only then, can we have form animated by life, and consciousness demonstratedFire, 230:enterprise, His vehicle of expression; it is the form which His life animates for the specificFire, 231:Self takes full possession of the prepared form. This stage varies with every individual. From thatFire, 231:normally) expresses himself through the form ever more adequately. Each life of lesser cycle in theFire, 231:sees that expression more complete, brings the form more under control and develops a consciousFire, 231:rapidly dominates, and takes full authority. The form becomes wholly adequate; the fusion of theFire, 231:is seen and felt systemically. Then the form is either consciously utilized for specific ends or isFire, 232:express Spirit. Merge the essence within the form, which is occultly [233] qualified duringFire, 235:He manifests on the physical [235] plane through form, and has also seven principles; in each lifeFire, 235:of love-wisdom, through the utilization of form by the means of active intelligence. FullFire, 235:A perfected solar system, or the form, adequate to the needs of the indwelling spirit. Here aFire, 237:might compare the following references and then form their own conclusions. - S. D., I, 711 note,Fire, 237:by the mathematician, who, dealing with the form side of manifestation in all the grades ofFire, 238:from the lips of those who, by means of the form side, seek the Dweller within the form, and cannotFire, 238:of the form side, seek the Dweller within the form, and cannot find Him as yet. This failure toFire, 239:achieves its desire, whereby it fabricates the form through which expression is sought, and wherebyFire, 241:or light. Hence, when the cosmic Entity takes form, there is added to the active intelligence whichFire, 241:not-self, and ultimately to use with wisdom the form. Pure will is as yet an abstraction, and willFire, 242:and for freedom and liberation from the form, and from the not-self. So man on this planet battlesFire, 244:The Knower Knowledge The Known. Life Realization Form. One could go on piling up terms, but theFire, 244:which are composed of deva and human monads form, in their totality, the Grand Heavenly Man. WhenFire, 246:An Atom 1 An atom consists of a spheroidal form containing within itself a nucleus of life. An atomFire, 246:molecules, which in their totality form the atom itself. For instance, we are told that theFire, 247:it is the aggregation of atoms that produces form. Its responsiveness to outer stimulation:Fire, 247:Electrical stimulation, affecting its objective form. Magnetic stimulation, acting upon itsFire, 247:Questions A Man A man is spheroidal in form, he can be seen as a circular ring-pass-not, a sphereFire, 248:which in their totality make up the objective form of the man on the planes of his manifestation.Fire, 249:law of his inner Self, of the life within the form. Man finds his place within the group form.Fire, 249:the form. Man finds his place within the group form. Egoic groups and the Heavenly Men are formedFire, 249:Electrical stimulation, affecting the outer form, or pranic response. Magnetic stimulation, actingFire, 251:Men, and the life animating the atoms or men who form the units in groups is both mysterious andFire, 254:of Attraction governs the material process of form building. The Law of Synthesis is the law of HisFire, 257:of this faculty He seeks - by means of animated form - to build into His cosmic causal body, aFire, 257:governed by the Law of Attraction; His material form is governed by the Law of Economy. He isFire, 260:triad demonstrating through a gradually evolving form, the egoic or causal body, and utilizing theFire, 262:and the seven sacred planets. But the exoteric form is paralleled by a psychic development which weFire, 264:are here dealing with subjectivity and not with form. We have, therefore, considered: Sevenfold
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