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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORM

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Fire, 267:This tabulation deals entirely with the form side, and with the vehicles indwelt by the Logos, theFire, 268:through the seven groups of human entities who form Their psychic centers. These groups are onFire, 268:process. Just as objectivity is dual, life-form, so subjectivity is dual, mind-love, and theFire, 268:and brought about when the dual evolution of the form and the psyche is consummated. Then SpiritFire, 269:will. 2. The akasha 2. The Light of God - Form aspect. 3. The aether 3. The heat of matter -Fire, 269:now to make certain facts clear which must form the basis of any thought upon this subject. [270]Fire, 272:as the physical plane is to a human being. They form His etheric and dense bodies. It might beFire, 272:the fourth cosmic ether. The Heavenly Men form the seven centers in the body of the Logos.Fire, 272:animate His body, and each of Them expresses one form of His force manifestation, according toFire, 272:centered within their groups on causal levels, form one or other of the seven centers in the bodyFire, 273:that go to the composition of any particular form. This grouping of atoms will tend to the makeupFire, 274:be called forth by the Self as it indwells the form, but the key will ascend by gradual degrees. ItFire, 274:circumstance, of environment, and of vehicle - Form Repetition. When we carry these ideas on toFire, 275:of active matter and molding Spirit. Every form holds hid a Life. Every life constantly reaches outFire, 275:will cease. When the note sounded by the form is stronger than that of Spirit, we have attractionFire, 275:by Spirit is stronger than that of matter and form, we have Spirit repelling form. Here we have theFire, 275:of matter and form, we have Spirit repelling form. Here we have the basis for the battlefield ofFire, 275:as follows: The period of the domination of the form note is that of involution. The period of theFire, 275:of involution. The period of the repulsion of form by Spirit is that of the battlefield of theFire, 275:and Spirit, and the consequent withdrawal from form is that of the Path. The period of dominationFire, 276:that it is the note of the life that holds the form together. The note of the Sun, for instance,Fire, 276:Spirit, whilst the Law of Repulsion governs the form. Spirit attracts Spirit throughout the greaterFire, 276:of Spirit is to merge and blend with Spirit. Form repulses form, and thus brings about separation.Fire, 276:is to merge and blend with Spirit. Form repulses form, and thus brings about separation. But -Fire, 276:display of the interaction between Spirit and form is seen, and the result is the ordered cycles ofFire, 280:is preserved. [280] A Heavenly Man, through the form of a planetary chain, similarly revolves uponFire, 280:are under law, and their cause exists in form itself. The emotion of like or of dislike is nothingFire, 280:swinging into his magnetic radius of an atomic form which he is led, by the very law of his ownFire, 280:to either attract or repulse. Only when the form is transcended, and Spirit seeks out Spirit, willFire, 281:process necessitated by the utilization of the form, this we call Time, whether in connection withFire, 281:matter. Space, for the Logos, is literally the form wherein His conscious activities and purposesFire, 281:physical body of man) will be the radius of the form in which is found the greater center ofFire, 281:and repulsed - attracted and built into the form of the greater Life, yet repulsed and therebyFire, 281:from moving from a certain point within that form. We have here dealt a little with time and spaceFire, 282:and with the withdrawal of [282] Spirit from form, then only will the transmutative process beFire, 283:up of: [283] Three main types of forms: A mental form, one aspect of manifestation; an astral form,Fire, 283:form, one aspect of manifestation; an astral form, a second aspect; and a physical form, the thirdFire, 283:an astral form, a second aspect; and a physical form, the third aspect. The mental vibration setsFire, 283:ground of consciousness with the material form. This last is the result produced by the union ofFire, 283:force. Thus we have produced the objective form of a crystal, a vegetable, an animal, a man, aFire, 283:of matter to Spirit and the building of a form for the use of Spirit is the result of electricalFire, 284:has not so much to do with the transition of the form through a certain location in space but asFire, 286:with physical and etheric matter, with energy, form and experience on the physical plane, will beFire, 290:of the solar Logos, within Whose body They form the centers. It entails the attainment by aFire, 290:relationship with the other Heavenly Men Who form the other centers. It carries with it theFire, 294:the subjective life, and not with the objective form, and that we are considering, for instance,Fire, 294:qualitating energies and not the synthesis of form. Evolution in the Universe (Tabulation II)Fire, 294:quality and not primarily the perfection of the form. The response of the energized form to theFire, 294:of the form. The response of the energized form to the qualitative life is naturally - under theFire, 295:or congery of groups" relate entirely to the form of vehicle, and thus to the matter aspect. ThatFire, 295:of the realization of the Indweller in the form, the apprehension by the Self of the relation ofFire, 295:apprehension by the Self of the relation of the form to Itself, and of its slow utilization andFire, 301:or devas down to the other kingdoms of nature) form His body corporeal, and are divisible into twoFire, 302:the involutionary lives, as earlier pointed out, form the vehicles for the spirit of the planet, orFire, 302:the devas from the lesser Builders) form the SOUL of a Heavenly Man. Other lives form his BODY, andFire, 302:form the SOUL of a Heavenly Man. Other lives form his BODY, and it is with body and soul that weFire, 310:to dissipate, causes it to take spheroidal form, and builds it literally into a body which is heldFire, 311:plane demonstrates as the first manifestation of form, as that which causes forms to cohere. MatterFire, 311:the electric fire of spirit meet and blend, and form appears. Form is the result of the desire forFire, 311:fire of spirit meet and blend, and form appears. Form is the result of the desire for existence,Fire, 312:Heat or flaming radiation is first seen. Form is taken, and the spheroidal shape of all existenceFire, 313:are composed. In relation to the units which form his group. Third, that ACTIVITY on the physicalFire, 316:matter. Magnetism - electrical manifestation of form. Vitality - electrical manifestation ofFire, 316:solar system, and resulting in: The spheroidal form of all manifestation. The innate heat of allFire, 316:interaction of these groups. The synthesis of form. Electric fire is electricity demonstrating asFire, 316:second its activity resulted in the archetypal form of all manifestation from a God to man, and anFire, 316:in intelligent purpose. The will-to-be, and the form desired, are correlated by intelligent purposeFire, 318:principle, intelligently reduces matter to form, and utilizes that form for the fulfilment of theFire, 318:reduces matter to form, and utilizes that form for the fulfilment of the will, desire and purposeFire, 319:from the cosmic mental plane and taking form (with intelligent purpose in view) on the cosmicFire, 322:- will demonstrate as electrical phenomena of a form inconceivable to man at his present stage ofFire, 324:Further, when the relationship of the negative form to the positive Spirit is grasped, and theirFire, 325:which are the four cosmic ethers, and therefore form the body of objectivity of a Heavenly Man inFire, 325:as the four physical ethers of the solar system form the etheric body of a man. I have hereFire, 328:of both hierarchies blend and merge so as to form the body of the divine Hermaphrodite. 24, 25Fire, 329:and quality, and not in literal identity of form. As time elapses the work of the Heavenly Men inFire, 329:of the higher planes, and bend it to the desired form, causing the vibrations thus set up to beFire, 329:or initial activity, light, or activity taking form and animating form, sound the basis ofFire, 329:light, or activity taking form and animating form, sound the basis of differentiation and theFire, 332:Logos, Heavenly Man, or man) to work: Through form, and thus exist. [333] By means of progressiveFire, 333:three, and recognizes himself as the utilizer of form, of emotion, and of mentality, holding themFire, 338:Man, and a human being to: Use intelligently a form or vehicle. Build faculty into the causal body.Fire, 338:in which his activity shall trend. Perfect the form as well as use it. Obtain control of activeFire, 338:soul of an individual, or to the soul of every form. The Spirit employs will or atma in all thatFire, 339:view, working it out through love in substantial form. Fire, 346:working through the instinct, drove the material form or substance, into such activity that it wasFire, 351:of an existence which ever necessitates a form. His is the life that causes matter to vibrate andFire, 351:Spirit which wills to be, and which utilizes form, and is therefore electrical impulse on theFire, 352:Vortices of force on the cosmic etheric plane form the etheric framework of seven solar systems inFire, 352:discriminative faculty of the tiny spheres which form his body of manifestation; and finally, onlyFire, 352:in the center of the many spheres which form his bodies, manipulates electrical force in threeFire, 353:be seen when it is realized that all our planes form the cosmic physical plane, whereon an Entity,Fire, 355:Entity which brings about existence, utilizes form, and works out effects from causes throughFire, 355:discrimination in matter, separation into form, and the driving of all units within His sphere ofFire, 355:attains initiation, and eventually escapes from form. Fire, 356:physical body, and by means of this objective form He works His purposes out on the physical plane,Fire, 358:Men will differ, and so will the evolutions that form the cells in Their Bodies differ likewise.Fire, 359:to be found. Conditions of life, environment and form may differ, but the human Hierarchy works inFire, 359:of their scheme is allied; Which two schemes form, with their own, a triangle for logoic force at aFire, 361:five Kumaras Who obeyed the Law, and took human form, as H. P. B. hints in several passages in the
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