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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORM

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Fire, 362:to the vitalization of the life within the form, and the breaking of the limiting form unable toFire, 362:the form, and the breaking of the limiting form unable to bear the cosmic action. Again within theFire, 367:life of the human unit, imprisoned in physical form. Psychically the link is of a different nature,Fire, 370:closely connected with the Earth, and form eventually an esoteric triangle. b. Saturn is theFire, 371:the Logos of the Venus scheme, and of our Earth, form a temporary triangle of force. We have hereFire, 375:of this center, and will drop His present form, will turn His attention to another and higherFire, 379:those, particularly in the human Hierarchy, who form a particular center in the body of theFire, 380:time, and will only become a science (reduced to form and textbook if I might so express it) duringFire, 383:of a man. The planetary Logos takes physical form in His planet and is its life and works out HisFire, 386:Chain - a series of seven globes or worlds which form the field of evolution during the planetaryFire, 386:these globes - generally known as A., B. and C. form a descending arc, the densest physical matterFire, 388:of these Entities (again the ten and the five) form a center in the body of the planetary Logos,Fire, 388:is, that when viewed in Their seven groups, They form: Focal points for the force or influenceFire, 390:achievement, and with Mars and the Earth, will form a systemic triangle. We are speaking here ofFire, 392:terrific, and forces the destruction of the form. The struggle in the fifth round, being on mentalFire, 393:brought about the individualization, in physical form, of the Avatar, needs to be pondered on. TheFire, 393:Divine Manasaputra, the Lord of the World, took form Himself through the driving impulse of manas,Fire, 394:and led the planetary Logos of our scheme to form a lesser triangle within His sphere of activity,Fire, 397:star. The subjective life and the objective form, over-shadowed by Spirit. The six are the sixFire, 397:- The Self. The sixth order - The objective form - Matter - The Not-Self. The fifth order -Fire, 397:course of evolution crystallize into concrete form by means of the concrete mind. What we call theFire, 397:which eventually force him into an objective form, thus paralleling logoic manifestation. First theFire, 397:then the medium provided for manifestation in form, and, finally, that form itself. Such is theFire, 397:for manifestation in form, and, finally, that form itself. Such is the process for Gods and forFire, 398:is that by means of this principle of manas form is built. Therefore, the whole subject of theFire, 398:Mind, who are the animating lives within the form, and who are the Divine Manasaputras in theirFire, 399:that if all manifestation is the embodiment in form of a cosmic conception, and the working out ofFire, 400:microcosm attains BEING without the necessity of form-taking. A hint here in connection with theFire, 401:this sentence, we might express it in the form of an enquiry as to the point attained in the activeFire, 405:process. They build incessantly the confining form. 43 Pitris. "What I called spirituo-idealFire, 405:will be as follows: The four schemes which form the logoic Quaternary [406] will merge into theirFire, 406:and eventually bring about the shattering of the form, and the subsequent escape of the Spirit intoFire, 406:and the subsequent escape of the Spirit into a form composed of matter which responds to theFire, 409:ability of the ensouling life within the form to progress intelligently from lower to higher formsFire, 409:to the Law of Attraction and Repulsion, and thus form a conscious, intelligent part of a greaterFire, 410:manas into wisdom. Though all that IS exists in form yet little is as yet brought under theFire, 410:the intelligent control of the entity within the form. Only the Heavenly Men and Their superiorFire, 410:intelligently working through and dominating the form, for only They, as yet, are perfected manas.Fire, 410:of the congery or subdivision of which they form part. Thus can be seen, in general outline, theFire, 411:a cosmos, a system, a scheme, a chain, or any form of limiting sphere down through them all to theFire, 420:with his divine essence, and is freed from form. The first occult assertion marks his emancipationFire, 421:kingdoms, and his complete freeing from lower form domination at the fifth initiation. At the finalFire, 421:own identity and the soul, as well as matter in form, but he can discriminate between the three -Fire, 421:ever higher spirals leads a man Into matter and form, Through all forms of matter on all planes andFire, 424:of matter to Spirit (through the building into form), is studied, much of profound significanceFire, 425:of its presence caused the death of the animal form, thus producing the immediate possibility ofFire, 426:marked by obscuration and the destruction of the form. Suffering will be practically nil, as theFire, 433:this ray concerns itself with the building of form, with the utilization of matter, with theFire, 433:leads to the scientific adaptation of matter to form, [434] and His is the life that unifies everFire, 434:took place in the third root-race and produced a form wherein dwelt Spirit on the third subplane ofFire, 434:bring about fresh discoveries anent matter and form, and fresh revelations concerning energy inFire, 436:of fire, and thus the integrity of the thought-form of this book be preserved. Whenever the wordsFire, 436:brilliancy; it builds and moulds the form to the need of the indwelling Entity; it brings aboutFire, 438:or color is increased. The effect on the form side is equally noticeable, and the warmth or qualityFire, 439:Egos who are on that particular Ray will take form elsewhere on other globes, and in other chains,Fire, 439:pour its force to the same extent into the form He built, and it will necessarily slowly but surelyFire, 440:the same force will be felt returning, and a new form will be found slowly coming into being, butFire, 441:He guides and directs the production of the form by means of certain occult words. He works,Fire, 445:and this holds hid the mystery of the particular form of service of its planetary Logos. He governsFire, 445:forces of certain solar and lunar entities from form to form, and is the link between the soulFire, 445:of certain solar and lunar entities from form to form, and is the link between the soul awaitingFire, 447:else, that of adaptation, or the molding of the form and the rendering of it suitable to the needsFire, 447:Entity. In all the constructive work of form-building, certain factors enter in which must here beFire, 447:latent in their consciousness. They evolve the form of the Grand Heavenly Man, of the Heavenly Men,Fire, 449:Word, in the three utterances that name and form the three worlds, and in the three parts of theFire, 450:into any particular kingdom, or the blending of form and consciousness. Third. The transference ofFire, 450:of the conscious, sentient life from form to form, from group to group, from kingdom to kingdomFire, 450:of the conscious, sentient life from form to form, from group to group, from kingdom to kingdomFire, 450:produce self-consciousness within the conscious form. It will consequently be seen that theFire, 450:to effect certain results in connection with the form side of manifestation, and can drive the lifeFire, 450:them from interference and misuse. Power over form and over force lies always ready in the hand ofFire, 451:the ring-pass-not of three planetary Logoi who form a systemic triangle. He cannot exhibit thisFire, 451:and which drive it into, or out of, form. [452] There is a sixth group intimately connected withFire, 452:the manipulation of matter and its bending into form along the line of evolution. Until the innerFire, 454:ray itself: the dangers of crystallization into form so that the true spiritual devotee may becomeFire, 457:be available but enough has been suggested to form the basis of useful speculation. 52 The MasterFire, 458:the fifth, each receiving Germ protection, Form, Gradual development, Nourishment, until in eachFire, 461:them, permitting of their incarnating in animal form on earth, and their gradual evolution. TheFire, 461:quiescent, and will not manifest in physical form until the next round. In the fifth round, aFire, 462:units brought into closest connection with man - form the heart center in the body of that greatFire, 465:brother benefiting, - this benefiting taking the form of: The increase of the total consciousnessFire, 467:the Heavenly Man will lead to the destruction of form, preparatory to the building work. TheFire, 468:they are, for instance, the only unit in form [469] permitted to pass beyond the planeFire, 472:when closely packed and twisted together form a rope, so heavy and strong that it can be used toFire, 472:of accretion, combine themselves closely and form a formidable Pasa (rope) to pull the man with,Fire, 472:the mother aspect, the great builders of form, and the nourishers of that which is as yet unable toFire, 472:benefit. The devas are the mother of the form, but the self-conscious unit, MAN, should realize hisFire, 472:MAN, should realize his independence of the form, and should follow the path of Self-expression.Fire, 475:and the slaughter, ill-treatment, and that form of cruelty called "sport," will be done away with.Fire, 477:the exudation; thus mutation; thus change of form. Finally liberation, escape of the volatileFire, 478:the [478] atomic forms which in their aggregate form the recognized solar system. All forms areFire, 478:and positive: positive as regards its own form, but negative as regards its greater sphere. EveryFire, 479:tabulated as follows: The life takes primitive form. The form is subjected to outer heat. Heat,Fire, 479:as follows: The life takes primitive form. The form is subjected to outer heat. Heat, playing onFire, 479:is subjected to outer heat. Heat, playing on the form, produces exudation and the factor ofFire, 480:give out some of the Wisdom fundamentals in book form, and this is bravely dealt [481] with by H.Fire, 482:matter of transmutation concerns the material form, and deva substance. Man, being not yet masterFire, 483:whole through the agency of the few centers in a form. 58 The difficulty of giving one the WisdomFire, 484:all atoms pass during the disintegration of form. The solvent stage, in which the form isFire, 484:of form. The solvent stage, in which the form is dissipated and substance is held in solution, the
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