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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORM

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Fire, 484:the escape of this essence, later to take a new form. Radioactivity, pralayic solution, andFire, 484:The Manu's department concerns itself with the form or the ring-pass-not which encloses the burningFire, 484:to transfer the life of the Son from an old form into a new, from one kingdom of nature to anotherFire, 485:fourth blends the two fires within the atomic form. It will be seen from a close study of theseFire, 485:deal with the passage of the life of Spirit from form to form in those worlds, having in view theFire, 485:the passage of the life of Spirit from form to form in those worlds, having in view theFire, 488:black Magician centers his attention upon the form. Third. The white Magician develops the inherentFire, 488:or through the method of the reduction of the form, rather than through radiation, as does theFire, 488:that particular plane substance, is the material form or sheath of a great deva, who is the essenceFire, 489:the great Mother aspect, for they produce the form out of their own substance. Postulate III. TheFire, 489:III. The devas are the life which produces form-cohesion. They are the third and second aspectsFire, 489:practically with deva essence in its earliest form on the upward arc of evolution, and has toFire, 490:the inner fire which animates the atom, form or man is stimulated, fanned and strengthened till itFire, 490:of this. They center the attention upon the form, and seek to shatter and break that form, or theFire, 490:the form, and seek to shatter and break that form, or the combination of atoms, in order to permitFire, 490:to imprison the escaping volatile essence as the form disintegrates. This hinders the evolutionaryFire, 491:along this very line of the destruction of the form through outer agency, and not through theFire, 491:ends by manipulation of the matter of the form. The Hierarchy works with the soul within the formFire, 491:The Hierarchy works with the soul within the form and produces results that are intelligent,Fire, 491:permanent. Wherever attention is centered on the form and not on the Spirit, the tendency is toFire, 491:worship, deva contact and black magic, for the form is made of deva substance on all planes. ThisFire, 491:must be considered well in connection with every form for it holds the key to many mysteries. Fire, 491:question of the transference of the life from form to form, the work proceeds under rule and order,Fire, 491:of the transference of the life from form to form, the work proceeds under rule and order, and isFire, 491:application of external agents to the atom or form involved, and in the second place (involving theFire, 492:into action according to the nature of the form concerned, and the plane on which the transmutationFire, 493:The abstractions or entities who indwell the form are "electric fire." The material substance whichFire, 494:center of the atom is liberated and seeks a new form. This is the aim of the transmutative processFire, 494:which the escaping life may travel into its new form. Many have succeeded in breaking the form soFire, 494:new form. Many have succeeded in breaking the form so that the life has escaped but they have notFire, 495:with the transference of life from graded form to form will occupy his attention. The followingFire, 495:the transference of life from graded form to form will occupy his attention. The following factsFire, 496:concentrate his attention on this higher form of life transference and Through knowledge of theFire, 498:to the adaptation of the Dweller in the form to his [499] environment on the physical plane. FromFire, 500:of the body. The adaptability of the physical form to its environment and to its circumstances. TheFire, 500:the informing Life, as it affects the physical form and atoms. The transmutative power, inherent inFire, 500:In the selective power of man to choose the form through which to manifest. [501] His adaptabilityFire, 501:the entire lower threefold man into a new form, the causal body. This process of transmutation isFire, 511:to the key of the cosmic Ray of Love. The form through which this ray of cosmic Love (shown in theFire, 512:the subjective Life and Eves that underlie the form. If the student will ponder with care theseFire, 513:flows, and They in turn clothe Themselves with form, or as H. P. B. expresses it 'The primordialFire, 513:animates every atom of substance when built into form, and Their life is the sumtotal of LogoicFire, 513:into incarnation, or into mystic union with form. 68 The Divine Ray contains within itself sevenFire, 514:passes on to the astral permanent atom in the form of five rays of parti-colored light which blendFire, 515:great devas who are the Raja-Lords of a plane. Form Building Power. These devas sound forth twoFire, 516:agency which gathers [516] substance into form, and attracts matter for purposes of objectivity.Fire, 516:all planes, and the atomic matter of which they form a part. It is not easy to make thisFire, 517:has been appropriated by one of the lives that form the centers in the body of a solar Lord, whilstFire, 517:men, and produce results through the agency of form until they have exhausted the vibratoryFire, 520:much a coherent whole as the three higher planes form a unified triple expression of the threeFire, 525:be the subject of books, and of lectures, and form part of the ordinary thought of the masses. ThisFire, 527:it is found. It is that which is the basis of form-building, and it is literally a vibrant point ofFire, 527:to itself, and subsequently builds into form, the negative or third aspect. But it must here beFire, 527:force, and upon its septenary demonstration in form-building. Fire, 528:Logos the negative aspect of electricity. Every form 73 and aggregate of atoms, is simply a forceFire, 529:the Heavenly Man as it animates the cells of His form, and holds them as a coherent unity. Here itFire, 530:from the abstract to the concrete or visible form. The objective is an emanation of the subjective.Fire, 530:S. D., II, 28. Three things required before any form of energy can become objective - S. D., I, 89.Fire, 530:- Separation. Initial impulse. Energy. Will. Form - Quality or shape. Nature. Love. Matter -Fire, 530:activity. See S. D., III, 561. Life precedes form. - S. D. I, 242. The Thinker ever remains. - S.Fire, 530:- See S. D., III, 179. Spirit evolves through form and out of form. - S. D., I, 680. Spirit has toFire, 530:III, 179. Spirit evolves through form and out of form. - S. D., I, 680. Spirit has to acquire fullFire, 530:full self-consciousness. - S. D., I, 215. Form imprisons spirit. - S. D., II, 775. The principle ofFire, 530:- S. D., II, 775. The principle of limitation is form. - S. D., III, 561. Spirit informs allFire, 530:- S. D., I, 160. The devas are the origin of form. - S. D., I, 488. They exist in two great groups:Fire, 530:higher planes and of the three lower. There is a form which combines all forms. - S. D., I, 118.Fire, 530:forms. - S. D., I, 118. See S. D., I, 77. This Form is the sumtotal of all that is manifested, orFire, 531:atom has its spirillae arranged so as to form approximately a figure eight with a central streamFire, 532:of the permanent atoms of any particular kingdom form the streams of force or spirillae in theFire, 532:(the three triadal atoms, atma-buddhi-manas) form the spiral streams of force within certainFire, 533:Root Manus. The seventy-seven Embodiers of form - a group of solar Lords Who are concerned withFire, 533:- a group of solar Lords Who are concerned with form building, working primarily on the first ray.Fire, 533:and buddhic. Eight groups of solar Entities Who form the subjective life of the seven centers inFire, 534:I, 139, 144.) That Entity Who works through the FORM of a planetary occult Hierarchy, using it asFire, 534:remembered that all such groups on every planet form a vehicle for the life of a great IndividualFire, 534:radiators of solar magnetism, and the life of form. A peculiar group of Beings connected with aFire, 534:in the solar system. They take physical form, animated by purified desire, controlled by mind, andFire, 535:His particular band of disciples and initiates form a group or force center. These groups haveFire, 544:Logos, working through the SELF (who dwells in a form built by the life or energy of the secondFire, 550:with that which is most apparent, the exoteric form in mental matter, but with the inner life orFire, 550:but with the inner life or Idea within the form and with the Laws that govern the creative [552]Fire, 552:[552] aspect. This function of every thought form, is threefold: To respond to vibration To provideFire, 552:purpose. Let us first study the logoic thought form and then turn our attention to the thoughtFire, 552:magnetism, as we see it working out through the form. Hence we are very much handicapped. a.Fire, 552:contact. The most easily studied human thought-form is the one the Ego creates through which toFire, 552:The vibrations to which the systemic thought-form must respond are many in number, but for ourFire, 553:cosmic astral plane as they affect the physical form of divine manifestation. This involvesFire, 553:the seventh Ray has in the building of a thought-form, and the use of the fifth Ray in the work ofFire, 553:who work with matter and who are occupied with form-building (either consciously or unconsciously)Fire, 555:above, anent the primary function of a thought-form (the power to respond to vibration) I wouldFire, 555:in due turn is retransmitted to substance in the form of recognition or realization. An analogousFire, 556:forms will persist - as does the logoic thought form, the solar system - for just as long as theFire, 556:of the abstract, this inherent ability to "take form" has its fullest expression as yet in physicalFire, 558:What is here predicated anent the logoic thought form can be equally well stated about that of aFire, 558:eventually withdraw within Himself. His thought-form will show a gradual diminution of vitality;Fire, 559:the two other aspects are removed, and the form decays. As these fundamental facts are grasped, andFire, 559:will still continue, but the physical form will be spoken of in terms of concretion and of energy,Fire, 560:expressing purpose through them both. A thought form, as constructed by man, is the union of aFire, 560:aspect was somewhat elaborated, and the tangible form dealt with, thus bringing in the third logoicFire, 561:process: The period of construction, wherein the form is built. The period of utilization, wherein
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