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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORM

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Fire, 1018:form which hides the center. The analogy in all form building holds good for gods, men and atoms.Fire, 1018:is the same basic concept which governs thought form building, and which enables a magician ofFire, 1019:primarily the will aspect, as far as the thought form to be produced is concerned, for the magicianFire, 1019:which sweeps into activity (and thus produces a form), those Agnisuryans who are energized by anyFire, 1019:the two forces are brought into contact, the form is produced, or the third energy center appearsFire, 1019:aspect. The energy of the consequent thought form. There is no contradiction here to the occultFire, 1020:the waters becomes paramount, and desire for the form and the fulfilment of its objectiveFire, 1020:strong motive), increases the vitality of the form until it is so powerful and intense in its ownFire, 1020:devas who have been impelled to construct the form out of the myriads of elemental lives available,Fire, 1020:him from their work. The embodied idea has now form and shape upon the astral plane; but all is asFire, 1021:the place of the vitalizing elements within the form, and give them an impetus that will result inFire, 1021:agent of Karma, and sends forth the dual thought form (clothed in mental and astral matter), toFire, 1021:which might eventuate in his holding the thought form so closely within the radius of his ownFire, 1021:attractive force that he would draw the form so closely to himself that he would be forced toFire, 1021:for the Physical Plane In the magical work of form creation, we have carried the thought form downFire, 1021:of form creation, we have carried the thought form down from the mental plane where the solar AngelFire, 1022:the influences in due time, and to have the form so constituted that it can respond at the neededFire, 1023:use his own vital forces in the work of thought form creation, but this is only possible andFire, 1023:own body, and then transmit it to the thought form which he is in process of constructing. Much ofFire, 1023:this idea to the planetary Logos and His work of form creating. With these few preliminary remarks,Fire, 1024:the planet" are those myriads of deva lives who form the planetary pranic body, and are swept in onFire, 1024:types of forces meet and coalesce, a dim shadowy form clothes itself upon the vibrating astral andFire, 1026:of the greatest danger, as far as the thought form itself is concerned. Earlier dangers haveFire, 1026:dangers have menaced the magician. Now the form he is creating must be protected. The nature of theFire, 1029:the central energy from out of the responsive form and produces obscuration. Third, that activityFire, 1030:and to be transmuted into the energy of the form-building impulse. We will consider what we have toFire, 1031:therefore extraneous to it. 4. Motion, or the form-building impulse latent in: The mental sheathFire, 1032:which builds and holds the forms in coherent form, and which is the basis of the phenomenon we callFire, 1032:we call time (literally, the awareness of the form), a different type of force or motion becomesFire, 1032:influence of its own activity, so that in every form which is in manifestation, the two types areFire, 1033:student; in the threefold Ego (the lives who form the central bud, the lives of the petals, and theFire, 1033:of the petals, and the triple group of lives who form the three permanent atoms) is seen aFire, 1033:atom, in the periodical emergence of form, and in the [1034] steady, though slow, progress towardsFire, 1034:in the third solar system, and is the Shiva form of motion, and the unified consciousness of allFire, 1036:around the interlaced serpents, typifying the form-building nature of the Vishnu activity.Fire, 1037:nature of steam, the discovery by man of that form of electrical phenomena which he has harnessed,Fire, 1038:energy demonstrates constructively, through the form-building agencies, and destructively throughFire, 1040:offset by the strong progressive impulse of the form activity. Students can work this out inFire, 1040:expansion of the consciousness indwelling every form is the cause of the spheroidal form of everyFire, 1040:every form is the cause of the spheroidal form of every life in the entire solar system. It is aFire, 1041:Logos and the solar Logos, this sphere being the form matter takes when its own internal activity,Fire, 1041:own internal activity, and the activity of the form are working in unison. It requires the twoFire, 1041:to the solar sphere is responsible for its form in conjunction with its own rotary motion in space.Fire, 1042:through which the informing God manifests. The form of the sheath is a sphere. The quality of theFire, 1045:of its group activity, or the motion of the form modifying its own inherent action. The atomicFire, 1045:modifying its own inherent action. The atomic form, likewise an atomic unit, rotating on its ownFire, 1046:we can study him as demonstrating in the form of: Three focal points of energy or force. ThreeFire, 1048:and its vehicle. (The Dragons of Wisdom taking form on the fourth cosmic ether, our buddhic plane).Fire, 1049:to the self-engendered energy of the lower form, the two rhythms contacted, individualizationFire, 1049:or the interplay between the rotary lower atomic form, and the influence of the Monad, isFire, 1049:the Monad, is lethargic, slow and heavy, and the form retards the action of the Monad, and itsFire, 1049:is so dominant that the influence of the form is negated, and leads to its eventual discarding.Fire, 1050:sheath. The unified activity of every sheath or form which the divine Pilgrim uses. The unitedFire, 1051:wisely thrown over all planetary lore. Another form of energy which must ever be considered is thatFire, 1052:involve those monads and devas which form Their bodies and centers. We must not ignore the threeFire, 1054:life; man can control the sets of lives who form his three bodies; the initiate and the adept areFire, 1058:to refrain from attempting (in years to come) to form cyclic computations of any kind, for as yetFire, 1059:solar system forming one of the seven) which form the seven centers of the cosmic Logos. ThisFire, 1060:activity that the confining walls of the form no longer form a prison, but permit of the escape ofFire, 1060:that the confining walls of the form no longer form a prison, but permit of the escape of theFire, 1061:of vision, it might be regarded as the "true form" (which is to be understood occultly as theFire, 1061:is to be understood occultly as the etheric form of energy) making its presence felt in such a wayFire, 1061:dealt with and the subjective life back of the form which is recognized as being of supremeFire, 1061:receptive, and occultly unorganized, is without form and usefulness apart from the inner energy.Fire, 1061:from the inner energy. Second, that the "true form" or the force-vehicle energizes and produces theFire, 1061:itself in some one point within the "true form." 10 [1062] In studying the subject of radiatoryFire, 1062:as it makes its presence felt through the form, when the form has been brought to a stage of suchFire, 1062:its presence felt through the form, when the form has been brought to a stage of such refinementFire, 1062:the eucalyptus tree being one such form. There are forms of animal life equally at an analogousFire, 1063:take up the topic of the cause of radiation. 10 Form: "The model according to which nature does itsFire, 1063:from the abstract to the concrete or visible form. The objective is an emanation of the subjective.Fire, 1063:S. D., II, 28. Three things required before any form of energy can become objective: - S. D., I,Fire, 1063:- Separation. Initial impulse. Energy. Will. Form - Quality or shape. Nature. Love. Matter -Fire, 1063:activity. See S. D., III, 561. Life precedes form. - S. D., I, 242. The Thinker ever remains. - S.Fire, 1063:- See S. D., III, 179. Spirit evolves through form and out of form. - S. D., I, 680. Spirit has toFire, 1063:III, 179. Spirit evolves through form and out of form. - S. D., I, 680. Spirit has to acquire fullFire, 1063:full self-consciousness. - S. D., I, 215. Form imprisons Spirit. - S. D., II, 775. The principle ofFire, 1063:- S. D., II, 775. The principle of limitation is form. - S. D., III, 561. Spirit informs allFire, 1063:- S. D., I, 160. The devas are the origin of form - S. D., I, 488. They exist in two great groups:Fire, 1063:higher planes and of the three lower. There is a form which combines all forms. - S. D., I, 77,Fire, 1063:It might be very briefly stated that when any form becomes radioactive, certain conditions haveFire, 1063:might be summed up as follows: The radioactive form is one which has run through its appointedFire, 1063:life-essence is ready to escape from that form and merge itself in the greater form of which theFire, 1063:from that form and merge itself in the greater form of which the lesser is but a part. It must beFire, 1063:that radiation occurs when the etheric or true form becomes responsive to certain types of force.Fire, 1063:with the escape from the physical or dense form, but with that period in the life of any livingFire, 1063:greater existence of whose body it may form a part. This is nevertheless only true when it isFire, 1064:[1064] life by the essential life of the greater form; it is not due to the attractive power of theFire, 1064:it is not due to the attractive power of the form aspect of that greater life. A very definiteFire, 1064:pull of the more powerful and comprehensive form with the true esoteric attraction which aloneFire, 1064:- that of the central essential life of the form in which the element under consideration may haveFire, 1064:consider it in the following way. The atom in a form revolves upon its own axis, follows its ownFire, 1064:it on all sides, and becomes conscious of the form which surrounds it. This is its secondaryFire, 1064:interplay with other atoms. Later, the atom in a form becomes aware that it not only revolves uponFire, 1064:a greater center of force within a greater form. This is tertiary awareness, and is caused by theFire, 1064:concerns itself with substance or with the true form within the objective form. Finally, theFire, 1064:or with the true form within the objective form. Finally, the attractive pull of the greater centerFire, 1065:the atomic cycle is completed, the dense form is dispelled, the true form is dissipated, and theFire, 1065:completed, the dense form is dispelled, the true form is dissipated, and the central life escapesFire, 1065:radiating principle in substance, or in the true form, and had managed to pierce through (or to
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