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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORM

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Fire, 1066:the dense physical [1066] body and the etheric form, yet they had no perception of the nature ofFire, 1067:[1067] The atom of substance, The atom of a form whatsoever it be, The atom of a kingdom in nature,Fire, 1067:is achieved, and its absorption into a greater form, to be held in place for a specific cycle byFire, 1067:have the ability to release the essence from its form. He must know the formulae and words whichFire, 1068:truthfully be called the perpetuation of the form. Medical science today strains every effort toFire, 1068:work will be recognized as completed, and the form discarded. But this will not, however, beFire, 1073:energetic points. We are not referring to form energy. The atom becomes responsive to form energyFire, 1073:to form energy. The atom becomes responsive to form energy or to that which surrounds it. ItFire, 1074:we might say that the deva life of any atomic form proceeds with its evolution, and by a series ofFire, 1077:four planetary schemes which (in their totality) form the logoic quaternary. This applies also in aFire, 1077:also in a lesser degree to the four chains which form the planetary quaternary. All have to becomeFire, 1077:their principles have to be transmuted and the form for which they are responsible transcended.Fire, 1078:of groups. The Monad of any particular type, or form. The planetary Monad, the sum total of all theFire, 1078:activity. Thereby it becomes "aware" of form, and finally becomes radioactive. During this finalFire, 1078:During this final period it transcends the form, and escapes from out of it, becoming thusFire, 1085:gamut is given with the bhuta, (or manifested form) at one end and the eternal substanceFire, 1085:four dominated over by a higher triad, we get form, food, rain and yagna as the lower four andFire, 1085:of yagna in its way to produce the manifested form gives rise to the Parjanya or rain. The wordFire, 1086:can fly." A system formed of "three fires which form a fourth." A system in which the Bird hasFire, 1090:- the mental, the astral, and the physical - form the dense physical body of the planetary LogosFire, 1091:wheel; each is being [1091] swept into some form of activity upon the lesser revolution of thisFire, 1094:and which holds the responsive units in some form or another. From the occult standpoint, all thatFire, 1094:standpoint, all that manifests is spheroidal in form, and is appropriately called a wheel, yet (inFire, 1095:forms which are more closely allied to the "true form." The mineral monad has a problem slightly atFire, 1096:the human being, just as the etheric is the true form. But until [1097] the race is furtherFire, 1097:and then of man. This is the highest dense form into which they are built, and marks theFire, 1097:By their conjunction and interaction, they form what is called "the triple opening" or theFire, 1097:The final reason why the spheroidal true form of everything is apparently not seen on the planetFire, 1097:sphere is hidden in the destiny of the fourth form of substance. The eye looks downwards and,Fire, 1097:- Motion on the Plane of Mind V. Motion and the Form-Building Impulse 1. Motion and the MentalFire, 1098:place to the particular set of lunar pitris who form the vehicle. The mental body is composed ofFire, 1099:the life [1099] of the individual units who form the mental bodies of all human beings. It will beFire, 1099:human being becomes a fact and that particular form of activity which distinguishes his progress isFire, 1099:two main streams of energy responsible for the form of the mental sheaths, That emanating from theFire, 1099:emanating from the aggregate of those lives who form the fourth Creative Hierarchy. As we know, theFire, 1099:Creative Hierarchy, who, in their aggregate, form the force centers. The emanating influences ofFire, 1100:the buddhic plane, and the groups of lives who form the mental bodies of the human beings (who areFire, 1101:The energies of the intelligent lives who form the body egoic. These lives find their emanatingFire, 1102:of development, identifies himself with that form, and thus temporarily separates himself off fromFire, 1107:forces through the "separated lives" which form the real barrier between the next body and theFire, 1108:our planes, being the cosmic physical subplanes, form the logoic physical body. At His finalFire, 1109:influence of the mental unit. The four spirillae form four protecting streams of force. AFire, 1111:with the inherent life of the atomic lives which form the petals, produces eventually that intimateFire, 1111:through the arrangement of atomic lives which form the petals, and the circulation of the streamsFire, 1111:a curious fact that the streams of force which form the petals and [1112] which are in constantFire, 1112:It then becomes possible for a still higher form of energy to be felt, that which is the energy ofFire, 1113:"These Sons of mind clung to the old and dying form, and refused to leave their Mother. They choseFire, 1113:planetary schemes and streams of force which form the outer petals of that great center which isFire, 1114:groups of lives (lunar and solar). a. The lowest form of energy, reaching this circle, emanatesFire, 1114:the system of regenerative love. b. Another form of influencing energy originates in the innerFire, 1115:be pointed out that the streams of force which form the "petals of will" have a dynamic activityFire, 1115:and the sum total of the forces which form the sevenfold heart of the physical sun, and which areFire, 1117:Naught in time and space can hinder, for every form being simply an expression of energized life,Fire, 1117:of energized life, tends to serve every other form. Stimulation of some kind, the tendency toFire, 1117:(Bible. I. Peter, 5:1.) All these forces form the aggregate of what is called "fohatic life." AsFire, 1117:similar individual glorification. The many which form the All, and the units which constitute theFire, 1117:intensification which proceeds as constellations form the units in the Whole instead of planets orFire, 1121:Thus He gradually swings the entire lower form-substance into His control. Fire, 1122:The three permanent atoms glow and blaze and form, through their rapid revolution and interplay,Fire, 1122:the body are so stimulated that the atoms which form the physical sheath appear to radiate. This isFire, 1123:whose atoms, centers, sheaths, and causal body form a coherent unit in full and radiant activityFire, 1124:instrument, and where separation in any form exists, there is to be found ignorance, and thereforeFire, 1124:is expressing itself through the medium of a form. Therefore, the Brothers of the Shadow can, andFire, 1126:in two expressions: - the mental unit on the form levels and the manasic permanent atom on theFire, 1126:he cannot escape from substance and from form. There is no need to enlarge further on this subject.Fire, 1127:The destroyer aspect becomes dominated, and the form is "burnt upon the altar." These ideas canFire, 1128:causal body has been seen to consist of a triple form of energy, with a fourth and more dynamicFire, 1129:centers (the head, the heart and the throat) form an esoteric triangle, and can thus pass the fieryFire, 1133:all the atomic subplanes of the seven planes form the seven spirillae of the logoic permanent atom,Fire, 1135:Oversoul, of the cosmos that is to be. "Under Form we may first glance at the effects of theseFire, 1137:5. 6. 7. Three groups of elemental lives, who form the three involutionary elemental kingdoms.Fire, 1139:Logoi. The lunar Pitris who contribute the human form are (to the planetary entity) theFire, 1140:as it concerns primarily the initial stages of form building. It might be said that the appearanceFire, 1140:existence of a dragon fly; it deals with the form through which what we call a race is evolving andFire, 1141:of force if they bear in mind that every form in every kingdom on the downward, and the upward arc,Fire, 1141:evolved. They teach great truths in simple form. The bulk of humanity. They preserve truth intactFire, 1141:the approximate increase of vibration in any form of any kind can be found out at any time. ThisFire, 1141:and of sattva or rhythm to be found in any form. This, therefore, through correspondences, impartsFire, 1142:of any unit, "the radiating light" of any form, and the "magnetic force" of every life. It isFire, 1142:the medium of three representatives. These form a group around the solar Logos, and hold to Him aFire, 1152:a great cosmic impulse to provide the vibratory form which will make possible the appearing ofFire, 1155:which have their counterparts in the physical form, and with the usual aptitude of man to identifyFire, 1156:They relate to the perpetuation of the physical form and have a close connection with: The threeFire, 1156:highest, intermediate and lowest, and the three form but one expression. The past system,Fire, 1157:esoterically behind the outer physical solar form. From the seven Rishis of the Great Bear; thisFire, 1158:as the Ego, the Thinker, the One who uses the form. Finally, energy from the Monad begins to beFire, 1159:egg, the medial point, and the body or gross form, its lowest point. Another hint of interest liesFire, 1160:and corresponds interestingly to the triple form constructed by the ego in the three worlds. WhenFire, 1162:of the solar Logos are themselves [1162] in the form of vast lotuses 24 or wheels, at the center ofFire, 1163:at present. These three great streams of energy form the total manifestation of a logoic center.Fire, 1163:system, demonstrates through the dense physical form and in the material which is energized duringFire, 1163:as we have so oft repeated, that three of them form the three higher etheric energy centers of theFire, 1165:activities are increased by the appearance of a form of energy which, originating from the center,Fire, 1165:quality and in principle expressed, but not in form. [1166] 24 See Section VIII, Secret Doctrine,Fire, 1166:or all-knowledge is necessary desire, the primal form of which, as embodied in the Veda-text, is:Fire, 1168:It concerns itself with the due guarding of the form in this particular cycle and its perpetuation.Fire, 1177:three worlds and the consequent negation of the form, For the radioactivity of the fourth kingdomFire, 1180:the relation of all forms to that which uses the form, and of all lives to each other. Fire, 1180:Philosophy of Force) Fig. 135. The general Form of an Atom, including the spirals and 1stFire, 1182:the same, varying only according to the form which is the subject of the energic impulse. Thirdly,
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