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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORM

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Fire, 1184:"lunar" force for lack of a better term. They form the body of the raja Lord of each of the planes,Fire, 1184:the Law of Economy. All these streams of energy form geometrical designs of great beauty to the eyeFire, 1184:bisecting lines, the seven lines of force which form the planes, and the seven spiraling lines,Fire, 1186:but on this there is no need to enlarge. 2. Form Building The second effect is form building. UponFire, 1186:enlarge. 2. Form Building The second effect is form building. Upon this we will not enlarge at anyFire, 1186:is ever responsible for the construction of a form around a central nucleus. Students would find itFire, 1186:2. Plane Devas. Centers. Prana. Solar Energy. Form building Fire. 3. Elementals. Elemental Essence.Fire, 1186:Deva. Positive. Electric. 2. Atomic Unit of Form. Sphere. Plane Devas. Balancing. Solar Fire. 3.Fire, 1186:fundamental accuracy of the method whereby every form can be divided into its three aspects, andFire, 1186:emanating from various points extraneous to the form under consideration. It can be considered alsoFire, 1186:and work with things and with men from the form aspect will be revolutionized. In the tabulationFire, 1186:tabulation much information is given anent the form building aspects of energy and the Law ofFire, 1188:and the forms are made." This tabulation should form the basis of a complete phase of study alongFire, 1188:F - The Law of Attraction 3. Adaptation of the Form to the Life This is the process of graduallyFire, 1188:It is the cause of that continuous cycle of form taking, of form utilization and of form rejectionFire, 1188:of that continuous cycle of form taking, of form utilization and of form rejection whichFire, 1188:cycle of form taking, of form utilization and of form rejection which characterizes theFire, 1188:therefore, the quality of the vehicles which form Their bodies will have the sevenfold variationFire, 1190:factors which have settled the lines the human form has taken upon this planet. There are humanFire, 1192:this question of the adaptation of the form to vibration, or the construction of a vehicle whichFire, 1192:of the indwelling life which decides the type of form. That these qualities are the sumtotal of theFire, 1192:through the major three aspects. They form but one principle showing forth in three ways. So it isFire, 1193:been and will be the case. The quality of the form occupied or used, and the nature of its workFire, 1194:of knowledge, love and will and all taking form. This may seem to be a great complexity, but it isFire, 1194:Dharmakaya. The first is that ethereal form which one would assume when leaving his physical heFire, 1194:the student bears in mind that the nature of the form is dependent upon the quality of theFire, 1195:who "carry in their Hearts" all the Seeds of Form. The Hierarchies are the manifold groups ofFire, 1195:These are the two primal distinctions, Life and Form, and these two are the "Son of God," theFire, 1195:of God," the second Person of the Trinity in His form-building aspect. They are the Builders andFire, 1196:already known and its gathering together in the form of brief enunciated facts. Each of these sevenFire, 1201:and express themselves through the medium of a form, or another hierarchy. These hierarchies areFire, 1201:carefully considered and has no reference to the form aspect but solely to the nature of the livesFire, 1202:The first fall has reference to the taking of a form of cosmic etheric matter, such as is the caseFire, 1204:are ever, therefore, pictured as taking the form of twelve-petalled lotuses - this symbologyFire, 1206:students have for too long regarded the form as being the dense physical body, whereas to theFire, 1206:to the occultist the physical body is not the form, but a gross maya, or illusion, and the trueFire, 1206:but a gross maya, or illusion, and the true form is the body of vitality. Therefore, theseFire, 1206:matter. The forms are built (from the form of all atoms to the [1207] body of the Ego, from theFire, 1207:atoms to the [1207] body of the Ego, from the form of a flower to the vast planetary or solarFire, 1207:attracts to itself in the building of the divine form. For purposes of clarification and ofFire, 1207:and out of their own substance they build the form desired. They draw life and the material fromFire, 1209:of his vital body, and its position as the true form, and basic unit of the dense physical body.Fire, 1210:corrected, and all will be expressed in terms of form-building energy, and the three modes ofFire, 1210:and are driven to take their place, and to form the concrete vehicles of all that is. They are theFire, 1211:whole has three relations: To those units which form its body of manifestation. To its own unitaryFire, 1212:and laws which - in a later solar system - can form a basic law for unified work. It is this factFire, 1216:about of a distinct individualism in every form of atomic life, whilst the object for theFire, 1219:physical plane is also found in a still larger form on the astral and the mental. Just as theFire, 1219:of the physical plane units to those units who form a part of the group, and yet are functioningFire, 1219:to the units devoid of a physical vehicle who form a component part of the mental body of theFire, 1220:The Law of Etheric Union. A Male and Female Form, placed back to back. Fiery energy 5th Ray.Fire, 1220:balanced on the head of a man, standing in the form of a cross. It is this law which brings in theFire, 1221:Libra, but in the course of the ages its true form was distorted. Not all the astrological signsFire, 1221:planetary Logos. Law 7. This symbol takes the form of a male and female figure standing back toFire, 1225:and the gains attained in System One, takes the form of a blazing altar of pure fire out of whichFire, 1226:fire. For the positive central life of every form is but an expression of cosmic buddhi, and theFire, 1229:of the esoteric student) to be devoid of form and therefore incognisable by the lower concreteFire, 1229:Spirit." Two ideas are conveyed in this thought-form, - those of an emanating sound and direction,Fire, 1231:and solve that which is presented to him in the form of lines and diagrams. All is symbol and theseFire, 1231:organized substance and of the non-existence of form. The goal of realization for man isFire, 1232:animates the Soul and which seeks to utilize the form through which the soul expresses itself. ThisFire, 1233:objective utility, and upon the nature of the form. That which is exoteric and substantial servesFire, 1233:is ever more potent, complete and full than the form or symbol through which it is seekingFire, 1234:and as stated above, an idea lies behind every form without exception and no matter which group ofFire, 1234:the Hall of Learning, just as the exoteric form of the symbol is all that is noted by the man whoFire, 1234:three things occur: He reaches out beyond the form and seeks to account for it. He arrives in timeFire, 1234:it. He arrives in time at the soul which every form veils, and this he does through a knowledge ofFire, 1235:by the appearance but knows it as the illusory form which veils and imprisons some thought. 3. TheFire, 1235:thought just as the idea itself is veiled by the form it assumes when in exoteric manifestation.Fire, 1235:of the physicist or chemist. It has itself a form which is the symbol of the energy which producesFire, 1235:the symbol of the energy which produces it. This form of the atom is its exoteric manifestation.Fire, 1236:is possessed of quality and attributes and a form through which it seeks expression. That soul inFire, 1240:known the [1240] soul, and its expression, form, search for THAT which the soul reveals." Here isFire, 1241:- seven streams which blend and merge to form one Path. It should also be noted that the Adept WhoFire, 1241:has arrived at the knowledge that back of all form is a subjective Life which is known by itsFire, 1241:of both the subjective life and its qualitative form is as yet - to him - the mystery of mysteriesFire, 1242:of the six constellations which (with ours) form the seven centers in the body of the ONE ABOUTFire, 1244:into one of the three major rays. These three form the synthetic ray of Love-Wisdom by the time theFire, 1244:energy, and not so specifically of the material form. This point of view can be gleaned most easilyFire, 1245:This identification does not concern the form nor the soul but only the spiritual point of positiveFire, 1246:Path I have eventually to fight their way. The form through which the adept must work in order toFire, 1248:(in the three worlds) the magical work of form construction through the manipulation of magneticFire, 1248:Logos, and with those two other Logoi Who form with his own Logos a systemic triangle within theFire, 1252:other two produced results in the objective or form side and the subjective or consciousness aspectFire, 1252:elementary of the exoteric symbols. It takes the form of a funeral pyre in full conflagration, andFire, 1253:of the sons of men. It involves a peculiar form of development and the faculty of continuedFire, 1253:of human endeavor except in so far as they form a part of a whole. The attributes which predisposeFire, 1254:to do with the objectivity of the dense physical form, and with it this particular group of adeptsFire, 1255:the body of consciousness, or through the soul-form. They thus repeat on a higher level the work ofFire, 1256:that which veils the Spirit aspect, as dense form veils the soul. With sound, that which SpiritFire, 1257:developed being within the seven systems which form (along with our solar system) the seven centersFire, 1257:a condition of complete negation where the form side of manifestation is concerned and an entireFire, 1257:this is being undergone the adept functions in a form or vehicle which is a correspondence upon theFire, 1259:are the attributes of the fourth path. It is a form of identification which is divorced fromFire, 1262:which is the outgrowth of sensation. It is a form of realization which is the cosmic correspondenceFire, 1267:path which dimly can be seen behind the dragon's form. This path is entered by a fourfold door. TheFire, 1268:when aroused, reveals the Life that is, the form that shall be, and the work united of the two andFire, 1269:of the fiery light opens more widely yet. A form is seen. Unto the Master of the Fiery Heart, thisFire, 1269:seen. Unto the Master of the Fiery Heart, this form presents three precious jewels. Their names areFire, 1270:lesser dragon. [1270] NOTE: These seven stanzas form only one true stanza out of the oldest book in
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