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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORM

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Fire, 1270:forth unto those spheres within the radiant form of that Attractive Life, to Whom the sons of beingFire, 1272:within its range of vision awaken to another form of sleep. They sleep, but yet they see and hear;Fire, 1272:sleep." They dream, and as Their dreams take form, the worlds speed on. The great and cruel maya ofFire, 1279:for us the wisdom of the spheres, seeketh a form wherein to veil the Essence, and through theFire, 1281:cosmic note and sense beneath the sound of every form, That is the One Who chants the heavenly layGlamour, 4:withdraw from one's agelong identification with form life. I would like to point out that thisGlamour, 5:of loving outgo will, necessarily, in their pure form, be demonstrated, but that which producesGlamour, 6:in discovering the reality behind any specific form has been gained, that very fact will indicateGlamour, 6:It trains in the power to penetrate behind the form and to arrive at the subjective reality. [7] ItGlamour, 7:ways: Exoterically. This involves study of its form as a whole, of its lines, and therefore of itsGlamour, 8:lies behind that aggregate of line, color and form of which the symbol is composed. To some typesGlamour, 9:a line or a series of lines composing a symbolic form may stand is not all that has to be done. AGlamour, 9:the nature of that reality which the symbolic form veils. It is this aspect of symbolic readingGlamour, 9:ascertain, therefore, after due study of the form aspect, what the symbol is doing to them, whatGlamour, 9:"synthetic recognition." Having studied the form and become aware of its emotional significance,Glamour, 10:a year. First, approach the symbol from its form aspect and seek to familiarize yourself with itsGlamour, 10:of a symbol: Its exoteric consideration: line, form and color. A comprehension in the astral orGlamour, 11:that the intuited qualified idea may find proper form on the physical plane. Deal, therefore, withGlamour, 12:and the memory. You endeavor to study line and form, number and general external aspects, knowingGlamour, 12:it stands. You grasp the purpose for which the form has been brought into manifestation. Your studyGlamour, 12:intricate mind which loves design and line and form and numerical relationships, but which missesGlamour, 12:of meaning. The balancing in the mind of form and concept, of expression and quality, of sign andGlamour, 13:the method of familiarizing yourself with the form aspect of the symbol, and you know well itsGlamour, 14:no subsistence of itself, but gives figure and form unto shapeless matter and becomes the cause ofGlamour, 14:the cause of the manifestation." The figure and form you have registered with your brain andGlamour, 14:along with its innate capacity to build the form and express through that form a concept or idea.Glamour, 14:to build the form and express through that form a concept or idea. As you work inwards, you areGlamour, 14:of the motivating idea through the study of its form and its demonstrated activity, and you areGlamour, 14:of ideas and concepts as they lie behind every form; you begin to think clearly about them and toGlamour, 16:of the group members simply increased the form aspect, and the remainder needed not this method ofGlamour, 20:is simply an error of mortal mind, and a form of autosuggestion or self-hypnotism. Through thisGlamour, 21:and as being in the nature of a gigantic thought-form or factor which has to be dissipated, priorGlamour, 21:to taking initiation. Just what this thought-form is, few people know, but their definitionGlamour, 21:definition includes the idea of a huge elemental form which bars the way to the sacred portal, orGlamour, 21:the sacred portal, or the idea of a fabricated form, constructed sometimes by the disciple's MasterGlamour, 22:must be overcome. It is the bewildering thought-form with which the disciple is confronted, when heGlamour, 22:and to convey to your minds a definite thought-form of what we shall later discuss in detail. Glamour, 25:you will arrive. [25] Then write it down in the form of an interpretation or article and we mayGlamour, 27:is applied. It is in reality a vitalized thought-form - embodying mental force, astral force andGlamour, 29:is being definitely controlled by: A thought-form of such potency that it does two things: ControlsGlamour, 32:and merge with the world glamor and fog and form part of the miasmas and unhealthy emanations forGlamour, 34:and maya. See whether you can discover the form which your individual Dweller upon the Threshold isGlamour, 35:Dweller on the Threshold, and can I state what form it takes? That you may indeed as individualsGlamour, 38:It is not the function of every server to form part of the massed attack upon the world glamorGlamour, 39:Glamor, Maya and that synthetic thought-form, found on the Path of Discipleship, which is called byGlamour, 42:to his perception in waking consciousness, they form in time part of his quality equipment. He isGlamour, 45:of power" and the "glamor of authority." This form of words will show you that one is to beGlamour, 50:New Age, pp. 583-594) in ancient and symbolic form, translating them as well as I can from theGlamour, 52:succumbed to the illusion of sensed power. This form of illusion is becoming increasingly prevalentGlamour, 56:to be desired and materialized. The thought-form-making faculty of the mind then comes into play;Glamour, 56:of the idea. It colors the emerging thought-form. Symbolically speaking, the pure light is changedGlamour, 57:of outline and consequently of the final form. Therefore we have: Imperfect integration of theGlamour, 57:Indefiniteness of the proposed thought-form. The wrong material consequently attracted for theGlamour, 57:attracted for the building of the thought-form. A shifting focus of attention, owing to the dimnessGlamour, 57:the second steps towards materialization. The form of the embodiment is qualified. Thus illusion isGlamour, 57:idea and an ideal, between an idea and a thought-form, or between an intuitive and a mentalGlamour, 62:is entirely useless; he begins to clothe it in form from an utterly wrong angle, embodying it inGlamour, 64:responsibility it is to embody them in some form, automatically and spontaneously, through aGlamour, 64:for instance, integrated into a group thought-form of a coloring, keynote and substance which isGlamour, 64:which are the methods of the mental plane. This form of error seldom applies to the averageGlamour, 64:wrong Application of Ideas. How often does this form of illusion descend upon a disciple! HeGlamour, 65:are the third steps towards expression. The form of the expression is also qualified. Thus theGlamour, 65:to which the disciple is prone. In its pure form, this illusion has to be met and some dayGlamour, 67:disciple has succeeded in quieting the thought-form-making propensities of the mind, so that lightGlamour, 72:that "thoughts are things" and that they have a form life and a purpose of their own. But they haveGlamour, 73:it is equally difficult. [73] Astral glamor is a form of energy and an energy of great potency,Glamour, 74:of the relationship existing between soul and form, between spirit and matter. That which will meetGlamour, 76:desire; they contribute to the world glamor and form part of a great and powerful miasmic world,Glamour, 80:soul [80] and body; of life, consciousness and form, the three aspects of divinity - all of themGlamour, 81:and lies beyond the world of the ego and of form. Only when a man is an initiate can the exerciseGlamour, 83:body, and not in the soul nature or the egoic form. Then, through analysis, discrimination andGlamour, 86:- the force, latent in the dense physical form, the energy of the atomic substance, thus producingGlamour, 91:upon as the potency of the threefold material form, prior to its consecration and dedication to theGlamour, 100:stage of Arjuna's release." They see the Form of God and the indwelling Reality within that FormGlamour, 100:of God and the indwelling Reality within that Form and are arriving at the decision to let theGlamour, 115:of opposites? How can I see God? or else the Form of God? [116] Many such questions arise in theGlamour, 122:V The glamor of materiality, or over-emphasis of form. The glamor of the intellect. The glamor ofGlamour, 122:on a narrow point of view. The glamor of the form which hides reality. The glamor of organization.Glamour, 126:a great deal of information in a very condensed form, but that is all that is possible at thisGlamour, 128:will note that [128] I say "substance" and not "form" for it is in reality substance which controlsGlamour, 128:in nature and, therefore, as substance, not form. Remember this at all times for it holds the clueGlamour, 128:Illusion is the power of some mental thought-form, of some ideal, and some concept - sensed,Glamour, 129:sensed, grasped and interpreted [129] in mental form - to dominate the mental processes of theGlamour, 130:be described as an idea, embodied in an ideal form, which permits no room or scope for any otherGlamour, 130:which permits no room or scope for any other form of ideal. It precludes an ability, therefore, toGlamour, 132:humanly and mentally interpreted ideas in the form of limited ideologies has had a sorry effectGlamour, 133:to these ideals the emphasis of their thought-form-making faculty and their directed attention,Glamour, 134:of Brotherhood, the same idea is seeking mental form and the establishment of a renewed spiritualGlamour, 134:brotherly activity lies behind every outer form. I have used the current situation as anGlamour, 134:situation as an illustration of the idea taking form as the ideal and, alas, brother of mine, oftGlamour, 135:when sufficiently developed and understood, a form of control and guidance and a species ofGlamour, 139:particular utilization of soul light takes the form of a focused concentration of the lightGlamour, 140:vision the kingdom of the soul, but with that form of illumination which is thrown down by the soulGlamour, 145:can be formulated and expressed in concrete form and terms. Where the light of truth is called in,Glamour, 149:The man is under the influence of the densest form of maya, and the forces of his nature areGlamour, 149:the sacral center. Others are motivated by some form of aspiration or ambition - aspiration towardsGlamour, 149:gratification. All this is maya in its emotional form, and it is not the same thing as glamor. InGlamour, 153:- radiant yet magnetic - this ancient form of life dissolves though keeping still its form; itGlamour, 153:form of life dissolves though keeping still its form; it rests and works but is not now itself."Glamour, 154:sumtotal of the lower nature. The Dweller takes form when a reorientation of man's life has taken
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