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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORM

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Initiation, 209:as separated from another part? Do not all form but one completed ladder of clearly markedInitiation, 210:how that Cross becomes the Way. The arms that form the Cross become the great dividing line, placedInitiation, 216:has been given to the causal body owing to its form. Initiation, 221:or rendered objective through divine magic. A form of words or syllables rhythmically arranged, soInitiation, 221:Maya Sanskrit, "Illusion." Of the principle of form or limitation. The result of manifestation.Initiation, 221:by the mind. Mayavi Rupa Sanskrit, "Illusive Form." It is the body of manifestation created by theInitiation, 222:appropriates for purposes of manifestation. They form a stable center and are relatively permanent.Initiation, 222:statement: "Life we look upon as the one form of existence, manifesting in what is called matter,Intellect, 5:West, with its emphasis upon the nature of the form, has also led us into the realm of theIntellect, 16:energies and potencies which lie back of every form in nature and which give to each of them theirIntellect, 26:of reality directly as it is, and not under the form of a perception or a conception, nor as anIntellect, 33:If that desire can take a clear and rational form in his mind and can be appreciated as a perfectlyIntellect, 37:and to carry their search within the outer form of nature to that which is its cause. We areIntellect, 37:of investigation and of passing inwards from form to form, the mystic arrives eventually at theIntellect, 37:and of passing inwards from form to form, the mystic arrives eventually at the glory of theIntellect, 38:a new 'heart,' capable of a higher and richer form of joy." - Morgan, C. Lloyd, Life, Mind andIntellect, 40:will. This soul is always latent in the human form, but is drawn into demonstrated activity throughIntellect, 41:it is assumed that [41] within every human form dwells an entity, a being, called the self or soul.Intellect, 41:the self or soul. Second: This self utilizes the form of the human being as its instrument or meansIntellect, 41:Eventually it gains complete liberation from form, from the thralldom of the desire nature, and theIntellect, 51:are: First: There is a soul in every human form, and that soul uses the lower aspects of man simplyIntellect, 57:"Behind the objective body lies a subjective form constituted of etheric matter, and acting as aIntellect, 57:medium of the etheric body the soul animates the form, gives it its peculiar qualities andIntellect, 68:the one term Mystic in both relations. His words form a most fascinating prelude to our theme. [69]Intellect, 73:these two parts are the spiritual soul and the form nature, but they are joined eternally (and hereIntellect, 75:of the unveiled self by the process of rejecting form after form. Education is not only purveyed inIntellect, 75:self by the process of rejecting form after form. Education is not only purveyed in our schools andIntellect, 77:and the glory which is hidden behind every form can stand revealed. The secret is to know when thatIntellect, 79:unveiling the Self through the negation of the form-side of life and the eventual inability of theIntellect, 79:enhance the body life, strengthen the form or material nature and so serve increasingly to hide theIntellect, 84:has them in their purest and most sublimated form. The physical eye, for instance, is the organ ofIntellect, 87:is made possible through meditation, a higher form of the educational process. [91] Intellect, 94:tragedy was the releasing in their midst of the form of a fourth Identity, whose appearance wasIntellect, 96:or seeing the life aspect which the outer form veils and hides. This will be found to apply equallyIntellect, 96:This will be found to apply equally to a human form as to any other form in nature; all forms veilIntellect, 96:to apply equally to a human form as to any other form in nature; all forms veil a divine thought,Intellect, 96:and so contact the idea which gave birth to the form. Gradually, as he gains practice in doingIntellect, 96:longer taken in by the illusory aspects of the form. This, in its most practical application, willIntellect, 96:will lead a man for instance, to negate the form aspect which his fellowman may assume, and dealIntellect, 97:factors - obedience, a search for truth in every form, and a fiery longing for liberation - are theIntellect, 98:of the soul from the thralldom of the [98] form life, and the subordination of the personality toIntellect, 101:to its own disorders." Some look upon it as a form of the self, with a life of its own; as aIntellect, 112:but reacting in a unified manner the physical or form nature has been studied, the qualityIntellect, 112:the motive or cause of the manifestation of the form has been considered. At the same time thereIntellect, 113:seed:" Meditation on the nature of a particular form. Meditation upon the quality of a particularIntellect, 113:Meditation upon the quality of a particular form. Meditation upon the purpose of a particular form.Intellect, 113:Meditation upon the purpose of a particular form. Meditation upon the life animating a particularIntellect, 113:Meditation upon the life animating a particular form. All forms are symbols of an indwelling life,Intellect, 113:objective utility, and upon the nature of the form. That which is exoteric and substantial servesIntellect, 114:idea is ever more potent and complete than the form or symbol through which it seeks expression.Intellect, 114:entered into Meditation, just as the exoteric form of the symbol is all that is seen by the man whoIntellect, 114:three things occur: He reaches out beyond the form and seeks to account for it. He arrives in timeIntellect, 115:He arrives in time at the soul which the [115] form veils, and this he does through theIntellect, 115:by the appearance but knows it as the illusory form which is veiling, imprisoning and confiningIntellect, 115:or thought just as the idea is veiled by the form it assumes when in exoteric manifestation. ThisIntellect, 116:of arriving at the reality behind each and every form which is the result of meditation with seed.Intellect, 116:to train them in their power to get behind the form of the words and so to arrive at the trueIntellect, 123:reveals His purpose through the activity of the form. He does the same through the activity of theIntellect, 123:is that the mind should cease to register any form activity whatsoever, no matter of how high anIntellect, 131:and no longer engross the attention, nor is any form of sensation the aim. All manner of feelingIntellect, 136:is the Reality (or the idea embodied in the form) and is unaware of separateness or of the personalIntellect, 142:in the eternal and freed from the limitations of form. This interlude is necessarily brief at firstIntellect, 148:through the stages we have earlier outlined, and form the theme of this chapter. Illumination is aIntellect, 152:it, the mystic forces himself behind the outer form and finds the good and the wonderful. - Hall,Intellect, 153:focusing of the mind upon a problem and upon the form aspect in order to arrive at the cause of itsIntellect, 160:Buddha. Intuition and telepathy in its purest form are, therefore, two results of illumination uponIntellect, 163:of reality directly as it is and not under the form of a perception or conception, (nor as an ideaIntellect, 164:mind receives illumination from the soul, in the form of ideas thrown into it, or of intuitionsIntellect, 170:same moment... I cannot recognize any sort of form in this light, although I sometimes see in itIntellect, 178:which is responsible for the coherence of the form nature, and which constitutes the actingIntellect, 181:world religion posits a Life that is immanent in form, and a Cause that has brought all things intoIntellect, 181:being, and which is working out through every form in nature (including the human form), His ownIntellect, 181:every form in nature (including the human form), His own inclusive and [182] synthetic Plan. TheIntellect, 182:state wherein the man slips out of the form consciousness into that of the spiritual reality, theIntellect, 183:was also in Christ Jesus, Who, being in the form of God thought it not robbery to be equal withIntellect, 190:exterior things; the fruits it gains under this form are either visible - the cessation ofIntellect, 219:potential knowers. We become engrossed with the form side of meditation and not with the OriginatorIntellect, 219:of meditation and not with the Originator of the form; we are occupied with the Not-self instead ofIntellect, 223:ancient days, the teachers picked a man for this form of tuition, and it was added to a trainingIntellect, 225:the three bodies (the three aspects of the form nature) as being linked with a radiant body ofIntellect, 227:condition of empowering reached? By following a form or outline in our meditation work whichIntellect, 227:set the limits of our mental activity in such a form that we are forced to recognize when we strayIntellect, 227:have defined for ourselves. This following of a form in meditation is necessary usually for severalIntellect, 227:test themselves out quite often by the use of a form in order to make sure that they are notIntellect, 228:Nine - The Practice of Meditation Meditation Form To Develop Concentration Stages The attainment ofIntellect, 228:to keep the mind unmoving upon a certain form of words, so that their meaning is clear in ourIntellect, 229:a book as this. A safe and general meditation form is all that is possible. In all of them,Intellect, 229:the effort is made to meditate definitely upon a form of words, veiling a truth, there should beIntellect, 229:arouse. The words taken in this particular form can illustrate [230] this, and the process depictsIntellect, 237:attention, which leads "inward" from the outer form to the energy or life aspect of that form andIntellect, 237:outer form to the energy or life aspect of that form and which enables the thinker to be identifiedIntellect, 238:the name of a thing and, [238] therefore, of a form, will serve as a seed thought in meditation.Intellect, 238:will serve as a seed thought in meditation. The form will be studied as to its quality and purpose,Intellect, 238:is gained, the consideration of the outer form, and of its quality and aspect can be omitted, andIntellect, 238:with the underlying idea which brought the outer form into being. This entire concept has beenIntellect, 238:no subsistence of itself, but gives figure and form unto shapeless matter and becomes the cause ofIntellect, 239:and the manifestation (through matter) of the form that they take. Through meditation, we contact aIntellect, 240:bad and indifferent) is well known, and is a form of energy, producing big results. The devastatingIntellect, 241:produce objectivity. These ideas assume a mental form, first of all, and some mind grasps them andIntellect, 241:thoughts which the ideas have evoked, and the form is gradually built. Thus the work goes on and
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