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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORM

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Magic, 75:God speaks. A quivering and a shaking in the form responds. The new stands forth, a man remade; theMagic, 75:The new stands forth, a man remade; the form rebuilt; the house prepared. The fires unite, and [76]Magic, 84:of concrete materialism, of concentration upon form, and a desire for the things of the presentMagic, 84:any strain such as occultism imposes, and which form a barrier to the clear shining forth of theMagic, 84:water, nuts and grains, cooked and uncooked, form the sole diet of the evolving sons of men, thenMagic, 85:duty and [85] adherence to the highest known form of truth lies the path of further revelation. AMagic, 86:positive factor and the other two aspects of the form nature will respond receptively. They will beMagic, 87:perfected quaternary from the standpoint of the form, so in the relation between the solar plexusMagic, 90:two things, energy and its manifestation in form of some kind, for light and matter are synonymousMagic, 90:a point of rapport, and the germ of a thought form has come into being. This thought form, whenMagic, 90:a thought form has come into being. This thought form, when completed, will embody as much of theMagic, 94:to the vision, and has fashioned its lighted form on the mental plane. Later, the thought ofMagic, 94:will be found inadequate, and a more suitable form of expression will be found, but this sufficesMagic, 94:Three - Soul Light and Body Light This thought form, created by the aspirant, is brought into beingMagic, 94:The already materialized plans, taking group form on the physical plane, with which he mayMagic, 96:are emotionally colored, and lack the organized form which pure mind can give. Those which come viaMagic, 96:mental matter for the building of his thought form. It is the man on the physical plane who nowMagic, 97:of a steady visualization of the thought form through which he hopes to express that aspect of theMagic, 97:faculty for the wise adaptation of time and of form to the true expression of that which has beenMagic, 98:Solar Orb) the mind, and the light in the head form one unit, the creative power of the solar AngelMagic, 98:itself in the three worlds, and can construct a form through which its energy can actively expressMagic, 99:itself as the soul in all forms, such as the form of a mineral, a flower, or an animal. TheMagic, 100:only to discover that that too is also but a form of life which, [101] having served its purpose,Magic, 101:of A Treatise on Cosmic Fire belong - in their form aspect - to this line. Magic, 104:may be demonstrated through the medium of the form. Thus the power of the three Rays of divineMagic, 106:be enumerated as follows: The physical material form with its center at the base of the spine. TheMagic, 107:he himself in meditation is detached from the form aspect, and can look serenely at it. When thisMagic, 109:The light of the vital body and the physical form is synchronized with that of the head. TheMagic, 109:and which could be approached in the form of a question. The student might well enquire into theMagic, 111:personality under the peculiar racial thought form. The subray on which a man is found, that minorMagic, 114:is their ability to view the destruction of form as unimportant. Their concern is with the evolvingMagic, 116:the activity aspect of logic manifestation and form the basis of later progress. They control theMagic, 121:Sound RULE FOUR Sound, light, vibration, and the form blend and merge, and thus the work is one. ItMagic, 121:concentrates his forces, and drives the thought-form from him. The Creative Work of Sound BeforeMagic, 128:stage wherein you can: Eliminate the meditation form as you now have it. Enter with relativeMagic, 130:have simply the inflow of the intuition, taking form through the medium of the mind stuff. WeMagic, 141:the Master. To embody the ideas received in such form as will be suitable for those he is engagedMagic, 141:sound, light and vibration to make his thought form active (embodying as much of the universalMagic, 143:Speech reveals, and right speech can create a form of beneficent purpose, just as wrong speech canMagic, 143:purpose, just as wrong speech can produce a form which has a malignant objective. Without realizingMagic, 143:we multiply sounds; and surround ourselves with form worlds of our own creation. Is it notMagic, 143:Then will our spoken word create a thought form which will embody the idea we have in our minds.Magic, 144:of light, causing the revelation of the thought form. Light is known by what is revealed. TheMagic, 144:of the phenomenal world. The thought form created by the Sound is intended to be a source ofMagic, 144:Hence the second quality of the thought form in its highest use is that it brings light to thoseMagic, 144:forth work, through the truth revealed in form, will he carry light and illumination into the darkMagic, 144:of the earth. Then he finally makes his thought form live through the power of his own assurance,Magic, 146:dissociated from the next word in the sequence form. Vibration, the effect of divine activity, isMagic, 146:cells, organisms and finally the integrated form can be built. This effected, the aspect ofMagic, 146:of vibration is to be noted as a duality. The form, through the medium of the five senses, becomesMagic, 146:Later, in time and space, that functioning form becomes increasingly aware of its own interiorMagic, 146:synthesizes this knowledge, the dweller in the form passes through the following stages: VibrationMagic, 146:and the environment has its effect upon the form. This effect is noted, but not understood. TheMagic, 147:language of modern psychology, within the outer form, which is the response apparatus for theMagic, 147:from vibratory contact with the outer worlds of form, and an atrophying of desire in thatMagic, 148:and symbolic writings: The integration of the form, as the result of the activity of the soul,Magic, 150:withdraw) he is held by nothing in the world of form. As he is but wrestling toward perfection andMagic, 151:We read in Rule IV "he drives the thought-form from him." This is ever the result of the finalMagic, 151:final stage of the science of the breath. The form, vitalized by the one who breathes in correctMagic, 151:of the Breath In the experience of the soul, the form for manifestation in the three worlds isMagic, 151:or retention of the breath, the created form is sent forth into the phenomenal world, to serve as aMagic, 151:life into the world of experience. The thought form that he has constructed as to the part he hasMagic, 152:factor of, and through, the medium of the form. In the training of the occidental student, blindMagic, 157:In every case, as we have seen, the objective form has been the result of meditation on the part ofMagic, 157:meditation, thus producing the building of the form, and its utilization through sound. This isMagic, 157:This is succeeded by the stage wherein the form is seen objectively and becomes a vibrant livingMagic, 157:of the creating agent before the physical form emerges into view on the exterior plane. These threeMagic, 158:ego, as that ego occupies and employs a physical form. These teachings are intended to beMagic, 158:to take incarnation through the medium of form. Two collateral thoughts are here of value. One isMagic, 159:by the profoundly engrossing work of thought-form building. A secondary and less important thoughtMagic, 159:and creative activity built the thought-form which he is ensouling with his own vitality andMagic, 159:his will. The time has come for that thought-form to be sent upon its mission and to carry out theMagic, 159:of its being. As we saw in the earlier rule, the form is "driven" from its creator by the power ofMagic, 159:and the breath, as the purpose of the created form is mentally defined, and finally, the vitalizingMagic, 159:and finally, the vitalizing of the thought-form, by its creator, and its consequent energizing intoMagic, 160:the emotional substance into which this mental form must go and so gather to itself the matter ofMagic, 160:do this, it becomes simply and eventually a dead form on the plane of mind, for it will lack thatMagic, 160:It is interesting to remember this: If a thought-form is sent forth into the emotional world toMagic, 160:fail to materialize because, as the thought-form passes downward on to the plane of desire andMagic, 160:desire. These being more potent than the little form, drown it, and it passes out of sight and outMagic, 161:which must feed and nurture the baby thought-form (with its mental nucleus) is necessarily part ofMagic, 161:is necessarily part of the planetary emotional form and hence vibrates in unison with that form.Magic, 161:form and hence vibrates in unison with that form. This should also be carefully considered, for theMagic, 161:three qualities predominating in the planetary form - fear, expectancy and a climaxing desire (inMagic, 162:"which will ensure the survival of every thought form, rightly engendered in meditation by the man,Magic, 163:with safety, and only thus can the thought-form pass downward into objectivity, and be aMagic, 164:use of thought and the mental building of the form so that it can be completed and rounded out andMagic, 164:and rounded out and in line with the thought-form of the disciple's group of co-disciples, andMagic, 164:mental matter. He simply pours his life into the form and sends it forth to carry out his will.Magic, 164:on the ideal for which he created his thought-form and can link the form and the ideal together inMagic, 164:he created his thought-form and can link the form and the ideal together in one steady vision, justMagic, 164:they have a peculiar significance. These three form the apparatus to be employed by all disciplesMagic, 165:a sevenfold structure, which is symbolic in form, and potent when employed. He cannot as yetMagic, 166:for the developing work of, and within, the form. May I say therefore to students that their mainMagic, 173:A symbolic teaching. A using of a thought form of the Master. A contact in meditation. A definite,Magic, 176:are headed towards the revelation, and that the form matters not. They must seek pre-eminently toMagic, 178:brain) of the transmitter. In these cases, the form of words and the sentences are largely left toMagic, 179:Rule Five - The Soul and its Thought-Forms This form of work might be divided into three methods:Magic, 179:to mind. This is not exactly telepathy but a form of direct hearing. The teacher will speak to theMagic, 184:the lower life, and which (in their aggregate) form the Dweller on the Threshold. Thus the first
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