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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORM

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Magic, 273:period of an infant and that of a thought-form. The importance of the right placement of the childMagic, 274:medical [274] parlance), and before the thought-form brings about the desired results on theMagic, 274:and the consequent appearance of the desired form of expression. Let us take the facts andMagic, 274:macrocosm and the microcosm. We note that the form absorbs and uses the substance wherein it isMagic, 274:capacity, and manifest as that great thought-form we call our system. In parentheses, it is well toMagic, 275: A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Ten - Thought-Form Building We have generated a term we call theMagic, 275:it) feeds with its measure of sustenance the form - solar, planetary, or human - for which it isMagic, 275:is but one of seven systems, drawn together to form the body, or manifested expression of a life,Magic, 276:with us and the new orientation achieved. The form of humanity is completed. Its right placementMagic, 276:which will manifest a purpose, a beauty and a form which will be full expressions of an innerMagic, 277: A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Ten - Thought-Form Building The "waters of space", in which thisMagic, 278:of a universe, a kingdom in nature, or a thought-form created by a human thinker. In allMagic, 278:thought-form created by a human thinker. In all form-building the technique of construction remainsMagic, 278:not down into close contact with his thought-form. Let him project, in time and space, his formMagic, 278:Let him project, in time and space, his form through [279] visualization, meditation and skill inMagic, 279:Let him withdraw the builders of the outer form, and let the inner builders of dynamic force pushMagic, 279:build. The cycle of creation ends and the form is adequate in manifestation. The cycle ofMagic, 279:inner builders, who constitute the subjective form and transmit the vitalizing life. Let himMagic, 279:life. Let him remember that the cessation of the form ensues when purpose is achieved, or whenMagic, 279: A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Ten - Thought-Form Building Students would do well to study theseMagic, 281:the standpoint of organization work and of that form-building which the disciple does in relationMagic, 281:his service for the Hierarchy. Back of the outer form of a human being, responsible for itsMagic, 281:into two main groups, each of them bringing his form aspect under seven types of energy, orMagic, 281:the group of forces which concerns purely the form side, that are the work of the outer Builders,Magic, 283:the occultist regards the etheric medium as a form or aspect of matter and as relatively tangibleMagic, 283:as relatively tangible as the outer objective form. To him the ether of space, which termMagic, 283:which term necessarily includes the etheric form of all bodies, the [284] astral or emotionalMagic, 284:of them material and are the substance of the form side of life. As the basis of correctMagic, 284:of humanity which manifest through the objective form and which complete the entire man and makeMagic, 287:solar system, the force of attraction of form to form is transmuted, and the attractive force ofMagic, 287:solar system, the force of attraction of form to form is transmuted, and the attractive force ofMagic, 289:theories, is that the etheric body of any form constitutes part of the etheric body of the solarMagic, 290:through the etheric bodies of every exoteric form. This is a basic truth and must be carefullyMagic, 291:us through the forces emanating from their form aspect, but that these same personalities, purifiedMagic, 291:aspirant has to deal are related entirely to the form side. The third and succeeding groups are:Magic, 292:Energy. Emanating from: The coordinated form of man. Advanced human beings who are dominantMagic, 295:the many - unrecognized. These emanate from the form. This is the reason why a horoscope isMagic, 299:identified with the Life Aspect and not with the form side - can therefore enter somewhat into theMagic, 300:lying deep in the subconsciousness. Clinging to form life, because primarily identified with it inMagic, 303:the best advantage. Prevision seldom takes the form of forecasting happiness, and the reason is notMagic, 307:social or political, that it may take the form of a war, of a religious inquisition, of financialMagic, 308:the undying One can be known. Learn that the form is but the veil which hides the splendor ofMagic, 308:no separation. Detach thyself therefore from the form side and come to Me, so dwelling in the placeMagic, 312:planetary forms which as yet exist not in the form of physical planets, nor yet in the ethericMagic, 312:when the complete disintegration of the outer form has taken place. Second, the astral forms ofMagic, 312:lives on the evolutionary arc who are taking form slowly but have not yet taken an etheric body,Magic, 313:is a great Life in process of taking etheric form. This Life, being on the evolutionary arc and notMagic, 317:a desire originate in a lower aspect of the form side. They differ from an emanation coming fromMagic, 317:divine Life within me or is it coming from the form aspect in any of its manifestations? Does itMagic, 319:in him which is inimical to any life in any form, and he therefore attracts to himself only thatMagic, 328:result in the complete destruction of the old form; to them is given the task of defining the oldMagic, 329:use each other's Bibles with equal freedom. They form the subjective background of the new world;Magic, 331:of the planetary Hierarchy are building the new form. 3. That emanating from the masses who belongMagic, 332:will be demonstrated, such as: The soul is the form-building principle, producing attraction andMagic, 332:It is this type of energy, the energy of the form-building aspect of manifestation which is theMagic, 332:in the various kingdoms of nature that produces form, shape, species, kind, type and theMagic, 335:of discovery will open up; the sound which every form in all kingdoms of nature gives forth will beMagic, 341:of much earlier said: First, hold not on to the form no matter what it be. All forms are butMagic, 343:body, the greater your responsiveness to this form of temptation. It is one of the things whichMagic, 343:It renders him negative and receptive from the form side, and slows down his vibration. It preventsMagic, 345:vitalized, which causes a powerful thought-form to be created. This circulates between you and theMagic, 351:into his physical brain consciousness in the form of a deep interest in certain subjects, and in anMagic, 351:and knows more, his knowledge takes a synthetic form and he [352] becomes ready to teach and toMagic, 352:thinking and of conduct has been attained; the form that the Christ is to occupy has beenMagic, 352:is to occupy has been constructed and now that form is to be vivified and indwelt. The Christ lifeMagic, 352:and indwelt. The Christ life enters and the form becomes alive. Herein lies the difference betweenMagic, 355:the light, he becomes aware of a new (for him) form of energy. He learns to work in a new field ofMagic, 356:race. It is found (and sometimes in its purest form) in the humblest peasant. Words of wise counselMagic, 358:cool. They slowly bring relief, abstracting form from all that can be touched. The quivering feverMagic, 358:is the path for all who seek the light. First form, and all its longing. Then pain. Then theMagic, 361:as the Monad, impelled by desire, produces that form of life which we call the personality, so theMagic, 362:are of course talking entirely in terms of the form aspect here. The reason for this lies back onMagic, 362:astral plane comes the impulse which produces form existence and concrete expression - for allMagic, 362:form existence and concrete expression - for all form-taking is the result of desire. From theMagic, 365:or pure reason. The concrete mind is the form building faculty. Thoughts are things. The abstractMagic, 365:next to get back of his thought processes and form building propensities and discover the ideasMagic, 365:the ideas which underlie the divine thought-form, the world process, and so learn to work inMagic, 365:with the plan and subordinate his own thought-form building to these ideas. He has to learn toMagic, 366:them. Then follows the work of conscious thought-form building, based upon these divine ideas,Magic, 366:to the higher. Temporarily the normal thought-form building tendencies are inhibited. ThroughMagic, 367:a period wherein you build your thought-form of as much of the vision as you can bring through intoMagic, 368:be done, for a stable vibration and a well built form is desired. Hurried work leads nowhere. AsMagic, 368:the sons of men. Then you vitalize the thought-form with the power of your will, you seek to makeMagic, 368:heavier and slower, the material built into your form is necessarily coarser, and you find thatMagic, 368:coarser, and you find that your thought-form of the vision is clothed in matter of the mental andMagic, 368:many, only when they have worked at its material form can their united efforts draw it into outerMagic, 371:this statement, that in the destruction of the form lies hid the secret of all evolution. Think notMagic, 371:for its demonstration. The Masters utilize the form to the uttermost; They seek to work through it,Magic, 371:is served and the race instructed through that form. Then the time comes that the form no longerMagic, 371:through that form. Then the time comes that the form no longer serves the purpose intended, whenMagic, 371:and usefulness, and it goes, whilst a new form takes its place. Watch and see if this be not so.Magic, 371:if this be not so. Always the building of the form, always its utilization for as long as possible,Magic, 371:long as possible, always the destruction of the form when it hinders and cramps the expandingMagic, 371:always then the rapid reconstruction of a new form. Such has been the method since the commencementMagic, 371:but now on the upward trend of all things, the form has but short duration. It lives vitally for aMagic, 371:with rapidity and then is succeeded by another form. This [372] rapidity will increase not decreaseMagic, 372:which will later be emphasized. In beginning to form your ideas on the subject, however, it is theMagic, 374:other. As one is subjected to experience in the form world, a paralleling unfoldment ofMagic, 375:the phenomenal phantasmagoria of life in form. He passes from one sense of unity to a sense ofMagic, 375:First, the Self identifies itself with the form aspect to such an extent that all duality
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