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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORM

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Magic, 532:God, they know not pain or loss or poverty. The form decays, the other forms retire, and that whichMagic, 532:of building and through incorporation into the form of that which is built. They grow throughMagic, 533:of the mountain; pain is the smashing of the form and the reaching of the inner fire; pain is theMagic, 533:that of liberation. Into the prison house of form enter all that live; some enter consciously andMagic, 536:in all three fields. Prisoners within the human form. This involves working with one's fellow men.Magic, 537:and investigating the many aspects of the Form of God, and of the forms that constitute the Form. Magic, 537:of God, and of the forms that constitute the Form. Magic, 543:qualification, Dangers inherent in unconscious form-building, Etheric blindness, make it well nighMagic, 546:types of forces meet and coalesce, a dim shadowy form clothes itself upon the vibrating astral andMagic, 546:they are, but veiled in rosy light. Within each form the yellow flame is seen and round each formMagic, 546:form the yellow flame is seen and round each form the blue... "Four words they utter forth, one forMagic, 546:mouth to mouth. "Each day of man the words take form and different seem. In... the words will be asMagic, 549:Earth lies beneath my feet and water laves my form. The fire destroys that which impedes my way,Magic, 549:three aspects or principles of divinity and the form through which these three must manifest.Magic, 550:substance constitute what is called the "true form" of all material objects or phenomena, and theyMagic, 551:they deal with that which produces the objective form, which is qualified by them, is energized byMagic, 552:an aggregation of energies arranged in a certain form, in order to express the idea of someMagic, 552:nature of his thought and held in that peculiar form as long as his thought remains dynamic." TheseMagic, 553:this eye pours forth a stream of energy in the form of a beam of light. It rays outward, wideningMagic, 554:matter in space as is needed to give body to his form. Much of this is dealt with in A Treatise onMagic, 554:ethers. He will need to understand that this form which he has created will persist just as long asMagic, 554:to the group of egos who, closely interlinked, form a group on the higher level of the mentalMagic, 556:which he has deemed it wise to build a thought-form and he must hold that purpose steady andMagic, 557:on the physical plane, whether it is a thought-form embodying the urgent desire of a man forMagic, 557:of a man for selfish acquisition or that thought-form which we call a group or an organization andMagic, 566:their tens of thousands, are woven together and form in certain localities in this energy bodyMagic, 566:power of his thought, may have created a thought-form. This thought-form he has clothed with anMagic, 566:may have created a thought-form. This thought-form he has clothed with an astral or desire sheath,Magic, 566:It is the stage wherein the vibrant subjective form has to attract to itself that material whichMagic, 567:an idea let loose in time and space to seek a form and do its work. Many come to naught becauseMagic, 567:with vital etheric energy. Thus the embryo form is destroyed. Where there is not sufficient energy,Magic, 568:of adequate strength and duration to bring the form into being. The occult law holds good thatMagic, 568:interested in the way of liberation from form, and who are seeking to prepare themselves to work inMagic, 568:incarnation and manifests objectively through a form, nor with the work of the initiates, as theyMagic, 579:into functioning life and activity of any form is dependent upon the persistent attention of itsMagic, 582:himself, to change himself and to rebuild his form aspect. In the other case, he is learning to beMagic, 592:in the head. These three bisect the head, and form a series of crosses, as follows: This is muchMagic, 594:a vision of the Master, or he may see a thought-form of the Master, and may get much real good andMagic, 597:of all the centers, for the petals are really in form like a number of superimposed eights. TheMagic, 597:twofold in function. They demonstrate the form building aspect of divinity and through theirMagic, 597:and through their activity bring the outer form into manifestation; then towards the end of theMagic, 604:grasped it and can use it, they can never form part of the New Group; they can never work as whiteMagic, 605:of man as he deals with the development of the form aspect, with the racial trends, and it showsMagic, 606:have passed away. These "Organized Observers" form the outer circle of the new group and theirMagic, 607:too responsive to vibrations emanating from the form aspect in all three worlds. Their state ofMagic, 609:observation that brings about detachment from form, a subsequent power to use form at will and withMagic, 609:detachment from form, a subsequent power to use form at will and with the end in view of furtheringMagic, 611:more stabilized and relatively static exoteric form. In the formation of a solar system, this isMagic, 611:concretion and the tangible appearance of form. The Secret Doctrine refers to the three fires, andMagic, 611:Light," or it can be known as the active form inherent in the one substance which underlies allMagic, 612:soul (reflected in his mind) and the energy of form (as expressed in his etheric body) are for him,Magic, 613:and the streamers of mist which veil the world form and also veil the rising sun. Then we have thatMagic, 614:acknowledged sense of "I am God" and "I am form" which has plunged mankind into the great illusion.Magic, 615:than the kingdom of light and the kingdom of form. In one most interesting sense it is true thatMagic, 616:the magical work, couched of course in symbolic form: "Let the magician stand within the greatMagic, 616:down into the watery depths. Nothing is seen in form correct. Nothing appears but water. BeneathMagic, 617:it dissipates the mist, it washes clean the form and clears the atmosphere. "Thus forms are seenMagic, 621:these desired ends about in such a way that the form nature can be keyed up and prepared to handleMagic, 622:disaster and cataclysm and breaking down of the form aspect and of that which might prevent thoseMagic, 623:strengthened as he seeks to carry his particular form of service to the world. I refer to thatMagic, 624:structure around their service, and construct a form which in reality embodies what they desire,Magic, 627:grasp has emerged (the "will to power" in some form or another) until today we have the intenseMagic, 628:the positive soul and the negative and receptive form. The herd instinct finds its divineMeditation, 2:can transfer their conceptions to the world of form. It is, right through, a question of anMeditation, 2:and has rung most of the changes in the world of form. Later comes coordination perfected with theMeditation, 4:of the [4] Ego, aligned itself sufficiently to form a fairly unimpeded channel. Then at intervals,Meditation, 5:lines of the cube, and their demonstration in a form of some kind. Intricate and uncertain inMeditation, 6:of unselfish endeavor) the higher and the lower form a line direct. Usually the emotional body,Meditation, 9:Dangers to be avoided in Meditation. The use of Form in Meditation. The use of Color and Sound inMeditation, 15:be by the application of the will in a dynamic form to the lower vehicles; it is largely what weMeditation, 17:in order to comprehend the life side of the form. The outer manifestation of that life side in theMeditation, 17:the method is very interesting. It takes the form of the intense application of the concrete mindMeditation, 18:method of approach through meditation takes the form of one-pointed application, through love ofMeditation, 18:that of the glorification and comprehension of form in approach. As said earlier, the goal of allMeditation, 19:within the causal body of an [19] expanding form that results in the shattering of that body. It isMeditation, 25:are grouped in a different geometrical form to those which have not yet experienced the process. ItMeditation, 26:humanity as a unit, all of whose permanent atoms form the molecules in a corresponding cosmic atom,Meditation, 29:and the dimensional lines cannot be given. They form one of the secrets of initiation but certainMeditation, 30:or desire nature sufficiently strong to form a basis for existence, and to guide it by means ofMeditation, 32:to type and ray. Some egoic bodies are of a form more circular than others; some are more ovoid,Meditation, 34:are, as you know, under the control, or rather form part, of the consciousness of one of theMeditation, 41:turbulence will arise the ordered and organized form of the new world. Gradually the new rhythmMeditation, 41:have religious expression itself regulated into form and all ordered by law; instead of economicMeditation, 42:At this particular period the aspect of the Form in meditation (whether meditation basedMeditation, 53:Just a few broad hints will be possible, to form a basis for the intelligent application of theMeditation, 59:of the Word on mental levels and its effect in form building, the key to the erection of Solomon'sMeditation, 65:people on the same ray or on a complementary ray form a group. It is desirable that the Word beMeditation, 67:of the aims groups will have in view when they form themselves, and by the use of the Sacred Word,Meditation, 72:with them the occultist has naught to do. They form the basis of the development of the lowerMeditation, 85:to arouse the fire; that can only be done in due form, in the right key and subject to certainMeditation, 104:The fire does not proceed in due geometrical form, the necessary triangles are not made, and theMeditation, 105:[105] the nervous system; sometimes it takes the form of sleeplessness, of excitability, of aMeditation, 108:the Logos. For certain ends he builds a certain form; he gathers certain material, and aims at aMeditation, 112:to organization (which is after all but another form of ceremonial), actuated by a very concreteMeditation, 124:by the real Ego. This is the most common form of obsession, and affects those with powerfulMeditation, 125:the work of the dark Brothers. It takes the form of snapping the magnetic link that attaches theMeditation, 132:mental levels but is usually on the former. One form employed is to cast over the disciple theMeditation, 132:becomes of little use to the Great Ones. Another form is to throw into his mental aura suggestionsMeditation, 132:he stumbles and often falls. It may take the form of a black cloud of emotional matter, of someMeditation, 135:and the elemental essence as found in evil form, some of the brownies, and the fairy folk of colors
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