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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORM

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Psychology2, 58:ages, it has been preparing in the quarry of the form life, the personal life. Here, therefore, arePsychology2, 58:the soul, blinded, limited and handicapped by form, begins to work in the quarry of experience, farPsychology2, 58:Temple of the Lord. The soul, incarnate in human form, places in that Temple his particularPsychology2, 61:Mechanism, after all, implies the creation of a form out of matter and the infusing of that formPsychology2, 61:of a form out of matter and the infusing of that form with a life principle which will show itselfPsychology2, 62:with its own inherent conditioned nature. A form is produced which is adequate to the temporaryPsychology2, 63:of threads of force which, in their turn, form the channels along which still more subtle andPsychology2, 64:or "thread counterparts" in the etheric body, form a unit, and this unit, according to the teachingPsychology2, 65:consciousness of the atoms which construct the form. It will be observed that we are herePsychology2, 65:each other in the region of the spleen and there form a cross in the human body, as they traversePsychology2, 65:in connection with Deity. Consciousness and life form a cross. The downpouring stream of life fromPsychology2, 67:- the energy of substance itself which takes the form of the atomic structure [68] of the physicalPsychology2, 68:of mind itself. These four types of energy form what we call the lower personal self, but it is thePsychology2, 68:a result of a long experience of incarnation in form, the energy of the astral or desire nature andPsychology2, 68:(mind and love, the latter being also a dual form of energy) are anchored, if one may use this wordPsychology2, 70:the mind or the principle of intelligence in the form world. In these three energies we have thePsychology2, 71:Ideas. The creative faculty of conscious thought-form building. This necessarily involves a strongPsychology2, 77:takes to itself what it needs and desires for form building. The stage of incarnation, taken atPsychology2, 77:A sheath or sheaths. A vehicle or vehicles. A form or forms. Immersion in darkness. This was thePsychology2, 78:physical plane experience. The relinquishment of form life. The period wherein satiety isPsychology2, 78:A sheath or sheaths. A vehicle or vehicles. A form or forms. Emergence into light, a symbolic wayPsychology2, 79:appearance and disappearance of any of the three form aspects. Certain brief paragraphs willPsychology2, 81:over-shadowing of the substance to be built into form, and not to the over-shadowing of thePsychology2, 81:and not to the over-shadowing of the completed form, i.e. the child in the mother's womb. In thePsychology2, 81:and force the substance thus grasped into the form or appearance required, enduing it with thePsychology2, 91:consciousness, the increasing refinement of form, and that intensification of life whichPsychology2, 93:descent into matter, manifestation through form, the taking of a body, extension of consciousnessPsychology2, 93:their goal. Then comes a life wherein, in some form or another, he portrays or works out withinPsychology2, 94:themselves, the Word incarnate through a human form. Whether they enact this drama, as did thePsychology2, 94:as yet, identifies himself with the life of the form and not with the life and consciousness of thePsychology2, 94:himself with his soul and not with his form, then he understands the meaning of the Law ofPsychology2, 96:impelled the Soul of God Himself to enter into form life; which impels life, upon the involutionaryPsychology2, 98:into life and knew it to be death. "He took a form and grieved to find it dark. "He drove HimselfPsychology2, 109:second ray which is peculiarly concerned with form, and which constitutes the cohering [110]Psychology2, 110:the cohering [110] magnetic agent in any form, whether atom, man or solar system. We are not herePsychology2, 110:with considering the relation of soul to form, either that of the One Soul to the many forms, or ofPsychology2, 110:or of an individualized soul to its imprisoning form. The laws we are considering are concernedPsychology2, 110:plane which constitute the first of the major form differentiations. These we can only studyPsychology2, 110:souls, who, whilst in manifestation through form, are en rapport with each other. It is a law,Psychology2, 110:power subjectively, and thus work consciously in form and with form, yet holding his polarizationPsychology2, 110:and thus work consciously in form and with form, yet holding his polarization and his consciousnessPsychology2, 110:activities which are not primarily related to form life. This law is of major importance because ofPsychology2, 111:as The impulsive interplay between souls in form and out of form. The basis of egoic recognition.Psychology2, 111:interplay between souls in form and out of form. The basis of egoic recognition. The factor whichPsychology2, 112:are oriented to soul living in their aggregate, form a group of souls, en rapport with the sourcePsychology2, 116:in his own life might also be shown in tabulated form: The world of souls on the higher mentalPsychology2, 120:that the man stands, perfectly balanced in the form of a cross, with arms stretched out and withPsychology2, 122:fashion and the custom to be occupied with some form of service. The tide is on. Everybody isPsychology2, 122:power; service brings one friends; service is a form of group activity, and frequently brings farPsychology2, 126:with the egoic life, and not upon the form side of service. May I beg those of you who respond toPsychology2, 126:the emphasis upon soul contact and not upon the form side of service. Activity of the form sidePsychology2, 126:upon the form side of service. Activity of the form side lays stress upon personality ambition,Psychology2, 128:a natural expression of the soul's life, taking form and direction according to a man's ray andPsychology2, 136:whereas he has only contacted some group thought-form of the Great Ones. He will be under thePsychology2, 139:from each of them, can meet and interlace, and form a network of light in the world. ThisPsychology2, 143:prominence. They are those who investigate the form in order to find its hidden idea, itsPsychology2, 143:the sensed spiritual ideas, lying behind the form side of manifestation, from the many discoveriesPsychology2, 144:that the idea which should materialize in some form on earth can shift from the plane of the mindPsychology2, 144:the plane of the mind and clothe itself in some form on earth. These disciples and servers workPsychology2, 145:period and humanity can evidence and produce in form upon the earth. Their work is potent andPsychology2, 145:group idealism and focalizing it into definite form, carrying forward the emergence of the ideaPsychology2, 147:active scattering or rejection of the aspects of form life. It produces a discriminating contactPsychology2, 147:love and for the interest of the unit, - the form and the existence which finally repulses thePsychology2, 147:and the existence which finally repulses the form. [148] It is an aspect of one of the greatestPsychology2, 148:for it should be remembered that to repulse a form, a situation or a condition may be the evidencePsychology2, 149:not literally affect matter, except in so far as form is affected when the soul "withdraws", orPsychology2, 152:Fire, page 569.) These seven laws concern the form side of life. To these ten laws must be addedPsychology2, 154:ideal state. Everything is governed by some form of urgency towards satisfaction, and this isPsychology2, 155:of the occultist. All this is desire in some form or another, and by these urges humanity isPsychology2, 158:we were told that the following of a prescribed form of meditation, the practicing of a definitePsychology2, 158:urge to satisfy desire is the basic urge of the form life of man, the urge to serve is an equallyPsychology2, 166:of Accepted Discipleship. This we will do in the form of seven stanzas which will give a hint (ifPsychology2, 170:vision, shifting as he moved, and taking varying form; each vision was to him the symbol of hisPsychology2, 171:a sound of great activity, a chaos without form, of work which had no true objective. The eyes ofPsychology2, 172:in order to raise or elevate the lives of the form nature which he embodied. In the process of soPsychology2, 172:that, for a free soul, death and the taking of a form and the consequent immersion of the life inPsychology2, 172:and the consequent immersion of the life in the form, are synonymous terms. Secondly, that in soPsychology2, 179:been basically and primarily selfish, with a form of spiritual selfishness most difficult toPsychology2, 180:out broadcast. This is the first attempt to form a group which would work as a group and attempt aPsychology2, 181:souls). This in its turn will work out in some form of group activity which will constitute thePsychology2, 182:and this will be dedicated to some specific form of service. When the groups are properlyPsychology2, 184:borne in mind that the etheric body of every form in nature is an integral part of the substantialPsychology2, 184:in nature is an integral part of the substantial form of God Himself - not the dense physical form,Psychology2, 184:form of God Himself - not the dense physical form, but what the esotericists regard as thePsychology2, 184:form, but what the esotericists regard as the form-making substance. We use the word "God" toPsychology2, 184:expression of the One Life which animates every form on the outer objective plane. The etheric orPsychology2, 186:present. It will not be easy for disciples to form [187] these groups. The methods and techniquesPsychology2, 187:desire to participate in the group life and to form part of the group activity, but their realPsychology2, 191:deals with the taking of an outer garment or form under the Law of Rebirth. Therefore, when thesePsychology2, 192:between the soul of man and the soul in any form. They will be the great psychometrical workers,Psychology2, 192:human thought. They will link or blend life and form creatively. Today, unknowingly and without anyPsychology2, 193:in close rapport with the inner groups, which form nevertheless, one large, active group. ThisPsychology2, 197:which is distinctive of all disciples in some form or another. In this way, from the [198]Psychology2, 198:to the heart" and then, with the throat center, form a "triangle of fiery light". Such is the WayPsychology2, 201:of the selves who are functioning through form and are therefore intangible and - scientificallyPsychology2, 207:achieved release from all the limitations of the form nature and who dwell eternally in thePsychology2, 207:from identification with any aspiration of the form life, no matter how highly developed. They canPsychology2, 207:how highly developed. They can and do use the form at will for the purposes of the general good.Psychology2, 208:science, but as being presented in symbolic form for the consideration of the minds of men.Psychology2, 208:9. The process whereby the soul nature and the form nature meet and blend is termed
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