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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORM

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Psychology2, 208:the path of outgoing, through the medium of a form. Thus through the use of a form, expression inPsychology2, 208:the medium of a form. Thus through the use of a form, expression in the three worlds becomesPsychology2, 208:a soul, having exhausted the resources of form life, and [209] having thus achieved mastery andPsychology2, 212:most sensitive), produced the emergence of a new form, that of infant humanity. It was the reactionPsychology2, 213:recognized for what it is, and developed by the form side, and understood and fostered by the brainPsychology2, 213:there came the recognition of the responding form, resulting in an initiated activity, and thenPsychology2, 215:those events in the world of men which later form history. The problem before the Hierarchy isPsychology2, 219:his sense of awareness and identity so that the form aspects of life offer no barrier to hisPsychology2, 220:of life itself. This tendency results, on the form side, in destruction and wreckage, with itsPsychology2, 221:of the hidden vision. This quality, on the form side, produces physical sight, astral illusion andPsychology2, 221:is itself intrinsically founded on the will to form a plan and a purpose. 3. The instinct toPsychology2, 222:focused in the seventh ray. Viewed from the form side, this faculty of planning leads to separativePsychology2, 222:which swings each unit of energy in every form, in all its subjective and unified aspects, into thePsychology2, 222:and beauty, won through conflict. This, on the form side, leads to warfare, struggle and thePsychology2, 223:which is seeking expression through every form in each kingdom in nature. There seems to be noPsychology2, 223:in the Plan and skill in action. On the form side, it manifests as the tendency to separate, dividePsychology2, 224:purpose merits thoughtful consideration. On the form side, this has worked out as material desire,Psychology2, 224:Plan. This is brought to humanity in the form of ideas, which become, in time, ideals - to bePsychology2, 225:and beauty of detail than ever before. On the form side, this produces the sense of beingPsychology2, 226:"original centers of force" which can and will form an outpost of the divine Consciousness, anPsychology2, 227:in conjunction with matter for the production of form. This emerging revelation will produce thePsychology2, 228:of consciousness on earth in any and every form. We shall first deal mainly with the greater Whole,Psychology2, 230:intelligence, growth and attractiveness of every form in all the kingdoms in nature. There isPsychology2, 230:formless, and which can also say: "I remain." In form and when in manifestation, the only way inPsychology2, 230:God as a Person, of His will, His nature and His form. Behind the manifested universe, however,Psychology2, 230:life are united with his undying soul. The outer form with its differentiations into a manifestedPsychology2, 230:gone - never again to return in exactly the same form or expression in time and space. ThePsychology2, 231:idea of individuality, of personality, and of form is built up. When the interplay ceases andPsychology2, 235:of matter and substance which constitute his form nature. These have been brought over andPsychology2, 237:a sensed, divine, psychical attribute upon the form life (with its own psychical habits) will testPsychology2, 243:The soul is occupied not only with the form that the vision of its objective may take, but with thePsychology2, 243:veils or hides. The soul knows the Plan; its form, outline, methods and objective are known.Psychology2, 244:Hierarchy exists in order to render possible in form that sensed Plan and divine Vision. To producePsychology2, 246:of meaning behind the world of appearances, of form - behind what has been called the "world ofPsychology2, 246:is the significance of all that is embodied in form, the meaning behind the appearance, the realityPsychology2, 247:subsequent effects: A close adaptation of the form to the significant factors which have brought itPsychology2, 248:moment of revelation; he must express it in some form, and reveal to others the realizedPsychology2, 249:which produces more artists than another. The form will apparently take spontaneous expression whenPsychology2, 252:appearance will be retained as far as the form is concerned, though refinement and quality will bePsychology2, 253:of the fourth kingdom in nature, but within the form, the consciousness is entirely changed. ThePsychology2, 253:in consciousness and not to a distinction in form. The symbol persists unchanged though perfectedPsychology2, 253:the divine plan for this solar system, this form-differentiation has its limitations and cannotPsychology2, 255:which governs the relations between life and form, between spirit and matter. Upon this we cannotPsychology2, 259:This is, in its turn, slowly conditioning the form life, and in this way the form aspect isPsychology2, 259:conditioning the form life, and in this way the form aspect is steadily altered and adapted, as itPsychology2, 267:be regarded as a personality in truth when the form aspect and the soul nature are at-one. When thePsychology2, 267:"appearance of God on earth." Life, quality, and form is another way of expressing this samePsychology2, 268:we call individualization. At that time, the form becomes aware for the first time of the touch ofPsychology2, 268:tightens its hold upon its instrument, the lower form nature. b. The impact of the soul is calledPsychology2, 270:forth and the great Approaches between soul and form are consummated. Today, in this particularPsychology2, 272:In the personality the focus of consciousness is Form. In the individuality, that focus isPsychology2, 272:represent the soul of humanity within the racial form. The New Group of World Servers is that bodyPsychology2, 275:activity, individualized itself in a human form, so the probationary aspirant, also as a result ofPsychology2, 275:step in individualizing himself in a spiritual form, and the shift of consciousness from a bodyPsychology2, 275:that dead planet, the moon. Today, just as the form of animal man had to reach a certain level ofPsychology2, 275:a certain level of development, so the human form has to reach the level of personality integrationPsychology2, 278:of the intelligence principle as found in form, and was the Avatar Who carried in Himself the fullyPsychology2, 282:law dictates, begun with the relation of the form to the soul, with the descent of life and thePsychology2, 283:through the medium of an outer tangible form which is itself colored, [284] motivated andPsychology2, 290:lower nature. These, in their triple totality, form the personality. They are of man's ownPsychology2, 290:personality. They are of man's own creation, and form the basis of the problem which he, as a soul,Psychology2, 290:on earth. The Lord Who sought for harmony took form. The little lord, who loved to fight for whatPsychology2, 290:was. The little lord of mental stuff also took form. Man's troublous journey then began." These oldPsychology2, 293:to elaborate upon the energies which create and form the emotional body, or the physical body. ThePsychology2, 294:of the available energies, organized into the form of the automatic physical body, colored as itsPsychology2, 295:here be considered. They are here given in the form of statements, but we will not elaborate them,Psychology2, 299:depicted or drawn in color according to ray, form the dossier of a disciple, for the Master onlyPsychology2, 309:the force latent in the dense physical form - the energy of atomic substance, thus producing aPsychology2, 309:Through these, the control of the life by the form, the lowest expression of the third aspect ofPsychology2, 312:upon as the potency of the threefold material form, prior to its conscious cooperation andPsychology2, 313:whereby the ego or soul draws to itself the form, utilizing for that purpose a mental unit and twoPsychology2, 314:required by the soul with which to create a form of expression. The soul itself is a major centerPsychology2, 315:atoms as material centers, or as germs of form, which is the prevailing idea. We will think of themPsychology2, 319:fundamental pairs of opposites (the soul and the form). This will bring in the new era of spiritualPsychology2, 319:is simply this: that the right appropriation of form by the soul is the result of an initial wishPsychology2, 320:there is "that which is manifesting through the form of the manifest". This is "the soul and thePsychology2, 320:form of the manifest". This is "the soul and the form", and many other similar phrases are familiarPsychology2, 321:demonstrated. It conditions the sentient form attracted and the vital body which constitutes thePsychology2, 321:stages of manifestation, it is the nature of the form or of the vehicle which dominates and is thePsychology2, 321:the underlying soul, is not apparent. Then the form or vehicle is sentient in two directions:Psychology2, 325:it is impossible to avoid the use of some form of symbolic rendering of words. So long, however, asPsychology2, 327:stages with respect to the evolution of the form and to the evolution of the indwelling life. InPsychology2, 327:emphasis has been upon the development of the form side of life, and upon the nature and quality ofPsychology2, 327:of life, and upon the nature and quality of that form as it responds, upon different levels of thePsychology2, 329:is established and the soul has appropriated a form upon the mental plane through the will toPsychology2, 330:as a complete prison for the soul or as a "form for revelation", as it has been called, in thePsychology2, 330:of life in a physical body. After appearing in form, he becomes (with each new appearance)Psychology2, 331:cycle of natural processes, concerned with the form life. It expands slowly from the consciousnessPsychology2, 332:consciousness of the soul, incarnate in a human form, arrives at a realization of the futility ofPsychology2, 332:by Realizing himself as a soul and not as the form. This involves a process of what is calledPsychology2, 332:The soul now begins definitely to reject the form, and the man, through whom the soul isPsychology2, 333:intelligent development, within an evolving form, and the final emergence upon the mental plane ofPsychology2, 333:Son of God. From the conscious appropriation of form back again to the conscious appropriation ofPsychology2, 338:activity through the medium of experience in form. Man begins to add to the gained personalityPsychology2, 338:recognitions. With the development of this form aspect we will not concern ourselves, beyondPsychology2, 342:passes. The self within, or identified with, the form nature, Becomes slowly conscious andPsychology2, 342:of Return, and desire for identification with form changes into aspiration for self-awareness.Psychology2, 343:by the divine Observer of the nature of form life. Divine expression, through the medium of thePsychology2, 343:Divine expression, through the medium of the form, understandingly practiced. A period whereinPsychology2, 343:and (through understanding and practice) the form is gradually subordinated to the requirements of
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