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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORM

(page 63 of 69)


Rays, 115:light of the soul and blotting out the light of form. This is the demand for the building of theRays, 116:in miniature that which it is. It takes on form and knows the divinity of separation. Such is itsRays, 117:and space and all the rich inducements of the form, he knows himself as rich in love, in knowledge,Rays, 118:lights - that of the atom of matter, that of the form and that of the soul itself - must inevitablyRays, 120:in process of making their appearance in final form for this particular cycle. [121] Rays, 122:of the lower self with the higher Self, and of form with the divine Dweller in the form will followRays, 122:Self, and of form with the divine Dweller in the form will follow next. Then the truly esotericRays, 122:fellowship; these two divine qualities will form a basis or foundation from which the nextRays, 123:will lead to a sense of livingness in form. [124] Rays, 126:knows that life is one, whether it takes form in the second kingdom or in the third or the fourth;Rays, 126:be taken or destroyed but "passes on" from form to form, from experience to experience, until theRays, 126:taken or destroyed but "passes on" from form to form, from experience to experience, until theRays, 127:touch that life. His sense of proportion as to form becomes adjusted. He is forward-looking towardsRays, 127:the soul, and not backward-looking towards the form nature. Some very sincere devotees andRays, 127:and promising applicants are so preoccupied with form and its disciplining that they have no realRays, 128:They work in the realm of life energy; the form seems to Them something which They have definitelyRays, 128:the consciousness of appeal or rejection of the form nature and hold is to Them only a memory of aRays, 129:who knows that life is one and that the form is of no material significance, except as a field ofRays, 132:appears which moves onward freed from all form yet subject still to limitations "within the circleRays, 132:cover or deal with life processes and not with form building or the experience in forms, as usuallyRays, 135:has put it: "No true united Sound goes out from form to form, from life to life. Only a cry ofRays, 135:it: "No true united Sound goes out from form to form, from life to life. Only a cry of pain, aRays, 140:that it is not dependent upon the content of the form - whether it is the form of an atom, of a manRays, 140:upon the content of the form - whether it is the form of an atom, of a man or of a planet - butRays, 141:of Sanat Kumara. Few of the great Lives Who form the inner group of the Council Chamber atRays, 142:Power (the ray conditioning Shamballa itself), form part of the Great Council. Many Masters andRays, 143:that, throughout the human structure and form, man is composed primarily of light atoms, and thatRays, 144:light can be trained to enter into and form part of the light of Shamballa and walk in thoseRays, 145:the Hierarchy, is with the life within the form; They have to proceed with the utmost caution asRays, 148:seven, the greater seven and the planetary seven form one great whole, and these the group mustRays, 151:to the planetary life, purpose, intent and form. Each of the seven centers is responsive to one orRays, 151:that the changes thus effected remove the form, bring quality to light and lay the emphasis uponRays, 153:soul-personality. This task at first takes the form of character building and disciplining (whilstRays, 154:from the planetary seven. He knows now that all form a great interlocking directorate through whichRays, 157:therefore, concern the activities of the soul in form and are mandatory and accepted by the formRays, 157:in form and are mandatory and accepted by the form nature. The Laws of the Soul concern the life ofRays, 158:therefore had to express this law in terms of form, whereas the initiate understands it from itsRays, 159:working solely with the seven centers within the Form of the One in Whom we live and move and haveRays, 161:You will also remember that the soul body, the form on the higher levels of the mental plane whichRays, 161:the correspondence to this disappearance of the form of the second divine aspect, the soul, is theRays, 162:the initiate remains, possessed of power over form and a fully awakened consciousness. He is a soulRays, 163:principle, informed by consciousness, from the form or the bodies in the three, worlds. Thus, theRays, 164:organizations and in civilizations in which the form aspect is being destroyed in order that theRays, 164:later again rebuild for itself a more adequate form. It is the same under the great processes ofRays, 164:centers, bringing about the dissolution of the form and the release of the life. Death comes to theRays, 165:that the changes thus effected remove the form, bring quality to light, and lay the emphasis uponRays, 166:upon life. [166] Here the three great aspects - form, quality and life - are brought into relationRays, 166:in its true light - Life. Note this phrasing. Form or appearance, having served its purpose,Rays, 166:served its purpose, disappears. Death of the form takes place. Quality, the major divine attributeRays, 166:and individual but has no implementing form, except that of the greater whole in which it finds itsRays, 166:whole in which it finds its place. Neither form nor quality (body nor consciousness) are paramountRays, 167:of real difficulty when presented in its lower form to applicants. That rule, as you may remember,Rays, 171:is to be found in the words "blotting out all form." When the lure of substance is overcome andRays, 171:the emphasis for so long laid upon individual form and individual living and activity gives placeRays, 171:living and activity gives place to group form and group purpose. Then the attractive power of theRays, 171:of Shamballa can be felt, entirely unrelated to form or forms, to a group or groups. Only a groupRays, 172:light, hiding all difference, blotting out all form. Then - at the place of tension, and at thatRays, 172:to the network of life channels which keep the form aspect of the planetary Logos functioning as aRays, 174:the result of the activity of substance in its form-making capacity and are consequently illusionRays, 181:presented to you, though in a somewhat different form, the ancient problem of duality, involving asRays, 183:with which he must work; these are swept into form generation and activity, and embody in theRays, 185:tribes, and then tribe united with tribe to form larger tribes or embryonic nations, this massRays, 187:bestows being. The life aspect, as it preserves form. The steady impact of the attractive power ofRays, 187:Lodge, both feeding human desire and drawing a form of life from the massed desire of humanity.Rays, 187:aims and ambitions; these constitute a form of focused desire of a compelling, life-determiningRays, 187:in potency. Gradually the forces took organized form and the four "veils of maya" or the sevenRays, 190:point and then project. Look for the energy in form behind the veil attacked. A rent within theRays, 191:The aid of the group is invoked almost in the form of an order. The point of this formulatedRays, 193:in its fourfold aspect from the dense physical form. The rending of the second veil at the time ofRays, 194:and aspirants of the time, but can today form a true part of the realization of humanity. Law,Rays, 200:Way have removed Themselves from the lure of form; the Army of the Voice no longer can succeed inRays, 200:has hitherto hindered his progress; the world of form, of glamor and of seduction has for him noRays, 201:and makes His appearance, either in physical form or upon the planes of what to us might be calledRays, 205:Embodying, therefore, divinity in a sense and form incomprehensible to disciples, and whichRays, 205:all forms and all substances in the planetary form so that they constitute one coherent, energizedRays, 221:group life; this precipitation takes the [221] form of a Word. This Word, being the result of groupRays, 221:of the transference of the life from the outer form into the inner being. Hence the difficulty withRays, 222:Ashram; unitedly that sound has taken the form of a Word, and that Word has made an impact upon theRays, 222:upon the life aspect of the group within the form of the group soul; it has energized it so thatRays, 223:and is now seeking to break out of its confining form. The vehicle of the soul is being subjectedRays, 224:you note that I have given you much in a brief form and have added much of new information anentRays, 226:contact, thus negating both the life of form and the soul. Duality is no longer recognized. TheRays, 235:The war might be regarded as a revolt by the form side of nature against the old conditions, andRays, 236:to pin a strangle hold upon the life within the form - the Hierarchy stands at the midway point:Rays, 244:as yet to express or to produce in manifested form the beauty of that design and to create inRays, 248:governs the thinking of those great Lives Who form the Council of Sanat Kumara in Shamballa.) [249]Rays, 249:of any kind in the consciousness of those who form the Hierarchy. The lower analytical concreteRays, 250:dates of issuing the instructions (in the form of monthly sets for reading and study in the ArcaneRays, 252:as the Ashram of Sanat Kumara in its sevenfold form, thus linking will and love. A presentation ofRays, 252:group fusion and of service underlies the newer form of meditation, and not this powerful emphasisRays, 252:aspirant. This was degenerating into a form of spiritual selfishness and separateness. The TeachingRays, 252:The Secret Doctrine, and formed in an elementary form some of the teaching given in the EsotericRays, 252:hundred students before its publication in book form. This new astrology has been hitherto [253]Rays, 253:light. Ponder on this statement. The attempt to form an exoteric branch of the inner Ashrams. ThisRays, 255:aspirants but a wide and general idea can take form and provide the immovable background for laterRays, 255:shrine of man's living, to reconstructing the form of humanity's life, to reconstituting the newRays, 258:of which some of the more advanced aspirants can form part if they "walk humbly with their God."Rays, 262:around him his own group and thus begin to form his own ashram. The personnel of the world groupRays, 264:is revealed, first of all through desire for form life, and then through attraction to the soul andRays, 273:earlier manifestation. The Buddhas Themselves form a deeply esoteric Triangle. The two types of
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