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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORM

(page 64 of 69)


Rays, 275:already formed are in reality building a thought-form anent this work which will evoke responseRays, 275:is familiar to the public, this activity Will form an important part of the new world religion andRays, 275:Today we have the creation of a general thought-form or the germinating of the seed of an [276]Rays, 276:become aware of the existence of the thought-form in its nature of light and its quality ofRays, 279:of universal awareness or identification and the form-expression in the three worlds. TheRays, 280:energy upon substance, so that substance, taking form under the cyclic intention of the planetaryRays, 287:is the power to see the beauty underlying form, to recognize the subjective divinity and toRays, 287:to put the divine ideas into their ideal form and then bring them down into the world of meaning,Rays, 288:he is then told to know the relation of form and soul, and the area covered by his knowledge isRays, 288:aspect of divinity which we call the soul in form. Putting this in still another way, I might pointRays, 292:knowledge of that which lies behind the outer form, the perception of that which must be done.Rays, 293:is beauty, goodness and truth; which is not form but quality, which is that which lies behind theRays, 293:but quality, which is that which lies behind the form and that which indicates destiny, soul,Rays, 293:recognizes but to which he cannot as yet give form. This is valuable because it feeds hisRays, 294:when the desired creative work has taken due form. Conscious projection of his contribution ontoRays, 295:workers must therefore express the true need in form, appropriate to the registering capacity ofRays, 296:ever-moving purpose. They are not occupied with form, but with life, with organism rather thanRays, 296:in Himself and refrained from putting it into form; He Himself was the truth, yet inevitablyRays, 296:its inherent life) that which He expressed took form and has greatly modified and colored humanRays, 301:turn of the spiral than he did at the time the "form of interrogation" was compiled. I would like,Rays, 302:to me by means of light, I see a radiant form which beckons me. What is this Being, standingRays, 302:yet triumphant in the light? A radiant shining form which is my Self, my soul. A dark and somberRays, 303:and still are all I meet. It is the one in every form who think mayhap that form is all; who livingRays, 303:is the one in every form who think mayhap that form is all; who living thus in time and space, seeRays, 303:and space, see not the light or life within the form, who hide within, behind the veils, betweenRays, 304:Identified as you are with the form aspect and with life in the three worlds, it is hard for you toRays, 304:or rather is aware, in terms of life and not of form, of being and not that which anchors being onRays, 304:and the soul) has little relation to that form of living awareness which distinguishes the initiateRays, 305:type of destruction is concerned mainly with form life in the three worlds, with individualRays, 306:only a secondary relation to the destruction of form life as you know it. When steps are taken toRays, 306:three worlds. This, in due time, may produce a form-reaction to which we may give the name ofRays, 306:give the name of death. But the death of that form was not a primary objective and was not evenRays, 307:of the soul, the decision to vacate the form and the failure of the basic desire to perpetuate,Rays, 308:destroys. The reference is necessarily ever to form; with the initiate it is, however, to theRays, 308:the initiate it is, however, to the "formless form" which is always the subjective aspect of theRays, 309:process as is usually surmised. The physical form may die and disappear, but an inner process ofRays, 309:physical plane - the plane of appearances. The form of destruction we are considering however, isRays, 309:these qualities produces the death of the outer form. The withdrawing life of a great expression ofRays, 309:destroys the innate quality and consequently the form of a civilization, the type of an ideologyRays, 310:Ponder on this as an illustration of this form of destruction, and seek better understanding. ThisRays, 310:and seek better understanding. This higher form of destruction does not manifest under the activityRays, 310:superhuman evolution, just as the destruction of form in the three worlds emanates from the soulRays, 310:can wield effectively this particular form of death - for monadic potency only becomes availableRays, 330:among men - divinity was present in physical form because the Members of the Hierarchy were guidingRays, 333:gainsaying; the birth hour may be long and the form may be "in labor" for much time, but the ChristRays, 336:evolutionary rhythm which permeates every atom, form, group and center upon our planet, producingRays, 343:the enrichment of the Ashram. This may take the form of some considered project in line with theRays, 344:to them that they should make an effort to form groups - their own group or groups. This is not theRays, 344:of the Masters, given in question and answer form. The questions are addressed to the neophyte whoRays, 345:saw before was a figment of your mind; a thought-form of your separative creation, something thatRays, 352:which is ready to be absorbed by the higher form of electricity. Fire by friction dies out andRays, 352:the etheric body. These two blend, combine and form the "door" through which the spiritual man mustRays, 352:a bewildering, deceiving and illusory energy-form which seeks to sidetrack and mislead the neophyteRays, 352:impact of this energy. This type of energy takes form, and the massed forms of these glamorsRays, 358:truth where there is freedom from the factor of form life. Therefore, temporarily, there is noRays, 363:through and directed by the great Lives Who form a permanent nucleus of the Council Chamber atRays, 364:drives the human being forward towards some form of development (physical, emotional, intuitional,Rays, 377:because they also will and know." They can then form part of the third solar system which will beRays, 382:which all evolution tends; it will take the form of the externalization of the Ashram, so that theRays, 382:in full cooperation, then Shamballa will take form and will no longer be found existing only inRays, 382:purely on to mental levels, but when the thought-form of exoteric existence is created by HumanityRays, 384:relating factor between life and matter upon the form side. Again, so the ancient Archives tell us,Rays, 386:Harmony through Conflict. This Ashram had taken form and attained functioning activity some timeRays, 387:ray quality in its purest and most essential form. During the process of creating the sevenRays, 390:Higher Way is a sevenfold Way. The seven Paths form its seven modes of approach to the One Way andRays, 392:His inner deliberations by means of the highest form of telepathic rapport or impression to beRays, 393:progress; it is put to the test in group form when the entire Hierarchy meets at Its centennialRays, 393:conference and - at that time - decides what form of crisis, on what level of consciousness, andRays, 397:Who work in the Council Chamber of Sanat Kumara form no part of our studies. Many of these supremeRays, 397:under the Law of Attraction; it is this form of esoteric attraction which draws the Master forthRays, 403:It refers to high states of awareness and to a form of cosmic contact which is registered by theRays, 407:as an intensive study of a most exalted form of the Science of Impression. The supreme task of aRays, 408:for Masters on the third Path takes the form of cyclic periods of contemplation and mentalRays, 417:"exerted influence," this "pulling away" from form (as we might simply call it), emanates fromRays, 417:of the laws controlling existence in planetary form. This Law of Economy includes, as you know fromRays, 419:of the Masonic symbolism intact. Whatever [419] form the new nomenclature will take (and thisRays, 419:bringing together of substance and spirit, of form and matter, and is also closely connected withRays, 420:III. Esoteric Astrology, Pages 599-601.) which form the elementary basis of the training given onRays, 431:explain. I will sum up what I have to say in the form of three basic statements: The brain is aRays, 431:the pineal gland and the carotid gland. These form a triangle, practically unrelated in primitiveRays, 438:and space - are shewn in a definitely relative form; later cycles and time periods will show theseRays, 438:show these aspects in a still more perfected form. But the relativity of these matters does notRays, 439:reactions to the work which lies ahead or to the form side of manifestation; it is well-nighRays, 439:this so-called "spiritual responsiveness" is a form of self-centered attitude. Eventually - andRays, 439:that may be, and that of the self-created form which He may use as a member of the Hierarchy and aRays, 442:visualization is not necessarily concerned with form and with concrete mental presentations; it isRays, 443:by an illumined mind (with its thought-form making ability), is then wielded by the disciple inRays, 443:than with the soul, and to bring into symbolic form that of which he becomes aware through theRays, 445:the mind or the principle of intelligence in the form world. In these three we have theRays, 446:Ideas. The creative faculty of conscious thought-form building. This necessarily involves a strongRays, 448:distinctions and unifications are matters of form, [449] symbols in speech, and are used to expressRays, 449:the response of the consciousness within the form to a steadily expanding range of contacts withinRays, 452:the concept in men's minds relating to this form of creative work and this construction of theRays, 453:present (the creative thread), and together they form what is usually called, upon the Path ofRays, 454:is differentiated into its component parts, form the antahkarana. They embody past and presentRays, 455:will on the physical plane in an outer body or form. This body is will-created by the Master. ButRays, 464:substance The Intelligence Aspect The nature of form The Holy Spirit Response to evolution The noteRays, 465:common sense. The highest aspect of the form nature. The reflection of atma, the spiritual will.Rays, 466:Consciousness. Awareness of the soul within the form. Recognition and cooperation with the soul.Rays, 472:disappears. Then you have Spirit-matter, Life-form. For this the triple experience of the unfolding
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