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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORM

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Rays, 653:is, however, misleading, because the form of it which he can now express carries no quality ofRays, 653:processes which have naught to do with form or consciousness, but with the "sensitivity of theRays, 654:the first divine aspect, through the medium of form and through a humanity which has behind it theRays, 655:medium of certain of its Ashrams; They will also form a protecting wall around the Christ, and actRays, 658:(up to date) have worked destructively where the form aspect is concerned, but which have developedRays, 660:continuously leaving behind those aspects of the form life which have been destroyed by him asRays, 672:and body, the higher and the lower, life and form, spirit and matter. This is the creative taskRays, 673:in the light, that which must be lowered into form is now perceived. The vision is acknowledged.Rays, 674:"pull" coming from the material or substantial form side of nature. In its cycles of tranquility itRays, 674:the dominant position and not the phenomenal form. All the limits of the form nature are thenRays, 674:not the phenomenal form. All the limits of the form nature are then transcended. It is the visionRays, 675:the initiate. It expressed the purely Atlantean form of the initiatory process, giving us theRays, 680:process, the liberty to decide on the required form of government or of religion - these are theRays, 680:prerogatives of mankind. Any group of men or any form of government which fails to recognize thisRays, 685:entail hierarchical recognition, but not in the form usually pictured. The initiate finds himselfRays, 686:and a liberation into a state of awareness, a form of conscious recognition which has no relationRays, 687:the subject of the five initiations in a form suitable for the Christian West. I would like toRays, 700:It is death in its truest and most useful form; every death, as it takes place today and on theRays, 705:build this body in semblance of the human form, doing so instantaneously and by an act of the will,Rays, 705:substance. This body will appear in the original form in which They took initiation. This IRays, 705:did in creating a body which was made in the form in which He took the fifth initiation. It mayRays, 705:vehicle He will employ should He take physical form and work definitely upon the physical plane. HeRays, 716:selfishness and separativeness. Their particular form of selfishness is far worse than anythingRays, 723:which we can consciously understand, nor is it a form of conscious reaction; neither is itRays, 724:chooses one of the seven Paths which unitedly form the planetary antahkarana, is forced thereto byRays, 731:it with care) prefaces resurrection in some form or another until we come to this finalRays, 731:is material and hate to lose contact with the form aspect of nature do they fear death. It is wiseRays, 732:the idea that incarnation and the taking of a form is the true place of darkness to the divineRays, 732:it is revealed to the initiate that life in form is indeed death, and he then knows this truth in aRays, 732:a manner which my few short words cannot convey. Form dies for him and he knows a new expansion ofRays, 732:is divorced from all considerations of form, and the initiate becomes a concentrated point ofRays, 733:planetary Logos what His life is to the lowest form of life in the third or animal kingdom. It isRays, 736:words, i.e., the sensitivity which in some form or another distinguishes each initiation. We knowRays, 738:greater beauty behind it as it moves through one form after another and from kingdom to kingdom.Rays, 744:Communism; he cannot imagine another suitable form of government; again, a man born in the UnitedRays, 747:evil. Socialism can degenerate into another form of totalitarianism, or it can be more democraticRays, 750:by a true appreciation of divinity in human form. It is not possible to list the cleavages whichRays, 754:light is transferring itself into a new form which will manifest on earth eventually as the newRays, 754:eventually as the new world religion. To this form all that is true and right and good in the oldRays, 754:that good, and incorporate it in the new form. Judaism is old, obsolete and separative and has noRays, 764:first and conscious oneness; then death to every form that holds and hides the life; next wisdomReappearance, 10:cry of humanity in every land for some form of divine relief or divine intervention; it is theReappearance, 11:or anchors a dynamic truth, a potent thought-form or a vortex of magnetic energy in the world ofReappearance, 44:staff of the Christ is already active in the form of the New Group of World Servers; they are asReappearance, 45:Both the Christ and the Buddha are present. To form a rallying-point and a meeting-place for thoseReappearance, 71:the Mysteries of Initiation in such a form that they would prove the basis of the new worldReappearance, 71:is to be found in the words, "blotting out all form." When the lure of substance is overcome andReappearance, 72:the emphasis (so long laid upon [72] individual form and individual living and activity) givesReappearance, 72:living and activity) gives place to group form and group purpose. Then the attractive power of theReappearance, 72:of divinity can be felt - entirely unrelated to form or forms, or to groups or a group. In theReappearance, 81:Age, Christ foresaw and reduced to pictorial form for us, thus preserving for us - down theReappearance, 83:planes, the new world religion began to take form. The word "religion" concerns relationship, andReappearance, 90:the past, proved useful and good and which could form the living germ of the new creation. At theReappearance, 94:by the greatly strengthened life within the form. The significance of these divine principles willReappearance, 100:says, the Buddha will render Christ. In symbolic form, the legend runs that when the Buddha reachedReappearance, 103:of humanity in old Atlantis; these, however, form the firm foundation of all later teaching. We canReappearance, 104:He presented to the world, through [104] the form of a pictorial and world drama (symbolic inReappearance, 111:Countless men and women in every land will form themselves into groups for the promotion ofReappearance, 116:the life of God progresses onwards through [116] form after form, that life in the subhumanReappearance, 116:God progresses onwards through [116] form after form, that life in the subhuman kingdoms of natureReappearance, 116:forms into animal forms; from the animal form stage, the life of God passes into the human kingdom,Reappearance, 118:aspect of the soul and is not the result of any form decision; it is the soul in all forms whichReappearance, 121:of God. Divinity was then present in physical form and the Members of the spiritual Hierarchy wereReappearance, 122:thus reviving the churches in a new form, and restoring the hidden Mystery which they long haveReappearance, 145:in every human being and in every created form. Today, we should have the churches presenting aReappearance, 150:Transcendent and of God Immanent within every form of life. These are the foundational truths uponReappearance, 151:disciple and initiate, - by all, in fact, who form the New Group of World Servers. The science ofReappearance, 154:stepped down into thought energy and in that form will make its due impact upon the minds of men,Reappearance, 168:of spiritual light. This is essentially a form of spiritual cowardice but is so widespread that itReappearance, 172:Into the myriad homes in the world in the form of wages, salaries or inherited wealth. All this isReappearance, 180:the highest type of prayer there is, and a new form of divine appeal which a knowledge ofReappearance, 184:are fulfiling the part of destroyers of the old form or of builders of the new. They are notReappearance, 185:by man, but before that unity can take [185] form in constructive measures, it is essential thatReappearance, 189:light and love. Let the soul control the outer form, And life, and all events, And bring to lightSoul, 14:(who held that an inner purpose determines every form), and issues in the vitalism of Bergson andSoul, 15:not thus occupied they are presenting another form of a materialist psychology. Dr. Wolfgang KöhlerSoul, 23:the human animal the same as he would any lower form of life, and observes merely the overt andSoul, 27:deals with that which it claims lies back of the form. It is spiritual and transcendental. ItSoul, 27:are based on this premise. It fully admits the form and the structure, but lays the emphasis uponSoul, 27:but lays the emphasis upon the one who uses the form and the energy with which he drives itSoul, 28:psychologist in the realm of the energized form. The defects of the two systems are plain andSoul, 29:the scientific knowledge of the West about the form, and the accumulated and inherited wisdom ofSoul, 35:the receptors, into outgoing energy in the form of the work of the muscles and glands and, at theSoul, 37:normality to genius; we only produce another form of abnormality. And so far, no chemicalSoul, 39:it is claimed, to make a man what he is. They form, in fact, a close interlocking system withSoul, 44:a skull." As most of the glands do, in some form or other, it has a close relation to sex, and isSoul, 52:or what you will, - but does it not, itself form a part of a transcendent whole - call it God asSoul, 54:world. Matter is energy or spirit in its densest form, and spirit is matter in its most sublimatedSoul, 54:forms are interpenetrated by this ether, every form has an etheric form or etheric body. Third: AsSoul, 54:by this ether, every form has an etheric form or etheric body. Third: As the tiny atom has aSoul, 57:Life is activity or spirit, and substance form or matter. Life is the father and begets, substanceSoul, 57:Matter is energy in its densest or lowest form; spirit is this same Energy in highest or mostSoul, 57:is this same Energy in highest or most subtle form. So matter is spirit descending and debased;Soul, 60:can be investigated, is a question which in one form or another has often been debated. As to theSoul, 62:that is, it can unite, divide, scatter, bind, form the small parts, order the forms, set inSoul, 65:matter, whether in the atomic or the corpuscular form; movement or locomotion is itsSoul, 67:and shows the relationship between life and form. He comes close indeed, to the Eastern theory ofSoul, 68:and mind... In the heart of matter, giving it form and power, is something not material, possessedSoul, 68:in logic, and in significance; matter is the form and visibility of life... "The life is not aSoul, 68:of life... "The life is not a function of the form, the form is a product of the life; the weight
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