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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORM

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Telepathy, 54:ages, have unfolded one sense after another; one form of sensitive response after another becomesTelepathy, 60:in certain short sentences and in tabulation form: [61] The advanced man in the three worlds isTelepathy, 62:lower or subhuman kingdoms upon the planes of form. Some day, two-thirds of the human family willTelepathy, 62:that growing awareness which distinguishes every form throughout the manifested [63] world. EveryTelepathy, 63:form throughout the manifested [63] world. Every form has its own area of awareness, and evolutionTelepathy, 66:these three centers of divine life-reason had to form in order to make the needed contact and toTelepathy, 69:valuable to humanity - when presented in right form by the Hierarchy - are registered by Them. TheyTelepathy, 70:"impression" emanating from Shamballa takes the form of a focused emanation which employs theTelepathy, 71:three which are of major importance and which form an esoteric triangle requiring to be broughtTelepathy, 71:divine purpose and step it down into such form that we call it the hierarchical Plan and can actTelepathy, 78:has been developed by the life within the form throughout the creative period and - as far as theTelepathy, 78:controls the spiritual life within the mineral form; in the vegetable kingdom, it is more rapid,Telepathy, 80:(for the man responsible or for any other form within its limitations) is good, happy, beneficentTelepathy, 81:up to and including all the Lives which form the Council Chamber of the Lord of the World; it isTelepathy, 83:convey different aspects of the reaction of form or forms to contact, to impression, to impact, toTelepathy, 87:Impression is in reality the science of thought-form-making, thought-form vitalization andTelepathy, 87:the science of thought-form-making, thought-form vitalization and thought-form direction; and onlyTelepathy, 87:thought-form vitalization and thought-form direction; and only a disciple who has passed throughTelepathy, 91:this only becomes possible in this particular form when "the Sons of Mind who are the Sons of GodTelepathy, 95:"into his mind". This magnetic aura begins to form itself from the first moment he makes a contactTelepathy, 110:interpretations. The higher telepathy - also a form of sensitivity, and which is as an enteringTelepathy, 111:and with astral substance. This, in its highest form, becomes the factor which later makesTelepathy, 111:the knowledge petals of the egoic lotus - a high form of mental intelligence. The abstract mind, soTelepathy, 113:longings of the masses of men in an invocative form; it does so in order to bridge the gap existingTelepathy, 114:process. This is happening today in an acute form and accounts for much that is taking place in theTelepathy, 119:Great Lord is found and the three planes which form the active arena for hierarchical work - theTelepathy, 121:it might be said that evolution controls the form of the Purpose; the Plan concerns theTelepathy, 128:development of the knowledge of substance and of form; this knowledge will make it possible forTelepathy, 130:which holds the manifested universe or planetary form together and is responsible for allTelepathy, 132:and not souls awaiting incarnation in human form on Earth, as was the case with the vast majorityTelepathy, 136:am pointing this out for two reasons which must form part of your thinking as you study thisTelepathy, 139:on this unique substance which is the true form to which all physical bodies in every kingdom inTelepathy, 140:of energy as a dominant factor in all form expression. Theosophists and others pride themselves onTelepathy, 140:being forms of energy, and that the true human form is no exception, is the gift of science toTelepathy, 142:in nature - which does not possess an energy form, subtle and intangible yet substantial, whichTelepathy, 142:body. This is the etheric body. This energy form - underlying the solar system, the planets and allTelepathy, 143:apparent, are of two natures: The energies which form (through interlocked "lines of forcefulTelepathy, 143:and in relation to all physical forms. This form is qualified then by the general life and vitalityTelepathy, 145:and, secondly, as it extends beyond the physical form and surrounds it like an aura. According toTelepathy, 148:the unillumined human mind. Everything - every form, every organism within all forms, all aspectsTelepathy, 148:into, through and out of every aspect of the form nature. The only differences which exist areTelepathy, 148:of the Hierarchy. Lines of light pass from form to form. Some are bright and some are dim; someTelepathy, 148:the Hierarchy. Lines of light pass from form to form. Some are bright and some are dim; some moveTelepathy, 149:this living, moving energy; there is no single form that is not "kept in shape and livingness" byTelepathy, 149:Plan and then present it in an understandable form to the lesser initiates and disciples andTelepathy, 150:separated off by their emphasis upon form as it exists in the three worlds - the dense physicalTelepathy, 150:the lowest of these levels, the outer physical form reacts and responds to the circulating energiesTelepathy, 150:- falls into three categories: The outer form changes under the impact of the etheric energiesTelepathy, 150:from (ceaselessly aeon after aeon) the form. The energy that is there one minute is gone the next.Telepathy, 150:according to the type or nature of the form through which it is at any moment passing. The energyTelepathy, 151:so inappropriate a word) which take the general form of the dense material or tangible form withTelepathy, 151:general form of the dense material or tangible form with which they may be associated. This formTelepathy, 151:form with which they may be associated. This form underlies every part of the physical body and canTelepathy, 151:a certain distance outside of the recognizable form. This etheric body is not in reality an ovoidTelepathy, 151:older occult books teach) but usually takes the form or general outline of the physical vehicleTelepathy, 152:nadis. The dense physical body. These form one unit and in incarnation are inseparable. The centersTelepathy, 152:of the endocrine glandular system in a form either limited and inadequate, or representative of theTelepathy, 153:type of the etheric substance "substanding" any form is dependent upon two factors: The kingdom ofTelepathy, 155:All is regarded as belonging to the world of form which is found on the physical plane, the astralTelepathy, 164:at the same time, see them taking the circular form in their totality of the etheric body of theTelepathy, 173:the knowledge of the number of the petals which form a center is involved, because this knowledgeTelepathy, 175:of Master. Disciples and other onlookers must form their conclusions from the "nature of the sphereTelepathy, 177:confined. You - as you sit in your room - are a form within a form; that room is itself a formTelepathy, 177:- as you sit in your room - are a form within a form; that room is itself a form within a house,Telepathy, 177:are a form within a form; that room is itself a form within a house, and that house (another form)Telepathy, 177:a form within a house, and that house (another form) is probably one of many similar houses, placedTelepathy, 177:by side, and together composing a still larger form. Yet all these diverse forms are composed ofTelepathy, 177:in the mind of some thinker - creates a material form. This tangible substance is composed ofTelepathy, 178:and have our being, as well as to the smallest form of life known to science and perhaps covered byTelepathy, 178:coloring, and its own specific and peculiar form of consciousness. This etheric body - vast andTelepathy, 178:speaking) in capacity; it preserves a set form, a form [179] of which we know absolutely nothing,Telepathy, 178:in capacity; it preserves a set form, a form [179] of which we know absolutely nothing, but whichTelepathy, 179:absolutely nothing, but which is the etheric form of the Unknown Entity. To this form the esotericTelepathy, 179:the etheric form of the Unknown Entity. To this form the esoteric science gives the name of SPACE;Telepathy, 179:of SPACE; it is the fixed area in which every form, from a universe to an atom, finds its location.Telepathy, 179:of that great Life which we call SPACE. Every form within the etheric body is like a center in aTelepathy, 179:centers - is correct and recognizable. Each form (because it constitutes an aggregated area ofTelepathy, 179:is a center within the etheric body of the form of which it is a constituent part. It has, as theTelepathy, 179:a living dynamic point which integrates the form and preserves it in essential being. This form orTelepathy, 179:form and preserves it in essential being. This form or center - large or small, a man or an atom ofTelepathy, 180:it is the CONSCIOUSNESS aspect which renders the form magnetic, receptive, repudiating andTelepathy, 180:time and space by the intention, the wish, the form and the quality of the indwellingTelepathy, 180:by the point of evolution of the life within the form; the correlating, integrating factor,Telepathy, 180:book. (A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Vol I.) A form is therefore a center of life within someTelepathy, 181:energies expresses the ensouling life of the form; another expresses the quality of itsTelepathy, 181:- the dynamic, integrating life which holds form and consciousness together in one expressiveTelepathy, 181:livingness - conditions the radiation of the form, its responsiveness or non-responsiveness to theTelepathy, 181:to a planet, to a human being, to any subhuman form and to the tiniest atom of substance (whateverTelepathy, 182:according to the natural receptivity of the form, according to its point in evolution, and to itsTelepathy, 183:in their aggregate, constitute the planetary form. Preserve, therefore, in your consciousTelepathy, 183:energies, located within the greater form of the solar system which is, as we know, esotericallyTelepathy, 183:is His Will-to-Be which brought His manifested form into the tangible arena of life; it is HisTelepathy, 183:activates the Law of Evolution and carries His Form, with the myriad lesser forms of which it isTelepathy, 183:the basic principle of life itself to every form which is held within the planetary ring-pass-notTelepathy, 183:is the dynamic incentive at the heart of every form and the sustained expression of the intentionTelepathy, 184:all states of consciousness is latent in every form, and of this the instinct to perpetuate and theTelepathy, 186:with the completed circle of the entire energy form, with the central triangle of energies carryingTelepathy, 187:except after due preparation and in group form, and then only for a few scant minutes; neverthelessTelepathy, 189:(if they live so long) they assume physical form. An idea which comes from the intuitive levels ofTelepathy, 189:In the great creative process he must give form to the idea, if he possibly can, and thus the
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