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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORMAL

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Autobiography, 24:buried under the sundial in the middle of the formal garden, outside the library windows. In itsAutobiography, 24:Sir William Temple must have seen it - with its formal gardens and terraces, peopled by great lordsBethlehem, 107:is not entered through the acceptance of certain formal beliefs. It is entered by those who haveBethlehem, 114:real individuality, though a diminution of our formal exclusiveness... It will be rejoined thatDiscipleship1, 86:and subjective - of the disciple whilst the more formal meditation would aid in the process ofDiscipleship1, 86:The second phase, which is embodied in the formal meditation, is that of a definite and [87]Discipleship2, 585:to do it in such a way that it does not become a formal service but a living process animated withGlamour, 16:but dropping the consideration of the more formal and visual symbols. You have not gained fromGlamour, 232:minutes of silent preparation which precedes the formal work) for the group members will get usedHealing, 549:with the intent of getting behind the outer formal indications of wrong conditions to that vehicleIntellect, 31:age is the lack of the spiritual element in our formal education." Some of us feel also that therePsychology2, 271:the flesh and the devil (to use the symbolic formal terminology of Christianity) are to bePsychology2, 644:ranks of the New Group, not through a process of formal affiliation, for no such process existsPsychology2, 644:for no such process exists (there being no formal organization) but through the development of theRays, 680:of Christ. The imposition of intellectual and formal communism by a group of ambitious and
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