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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORMATION

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Astrology, 246:and acted upon from right motive, in group formation and with selfless purpose. [247] Through thisAstrology, 254:of the Christ, you have the history [254] of the formation and the function of the three aspects ofAstrology, 299:being five and eight. You have, therefore, the formation of the triangle to which I earlierAstrology, 299:into our discussion, and you thus have the formation of an esoteric quaternary, affectingAstrology, 377:of the lower will to the higher purpose in group formation. Through the glamor contacted, however,Astrology, 440:because ordinary average man, except in group formation, does not come so potently under itsAstrology, 469:sensitive to that influence, but only in mass formation and not individually. Only theoreticallyAstrology, 472:the international spirit and has led to the formation of groups in every department [473] of humanAstrology, 522:fusion of three powerful racial types in group formation and not through admixture as in the UnitedAstrology, 605:indicated as follows: [605] This diamond shaped formation of the interrelated energies is theAstrology, 691:of the planetary Logos of our scheme. A systemic formation of great importance in the next roundAtom, 27:produced through blending and merging into group formation, and that eventually from the manyAtom, 44:in space, strives in its efforts towards self-formation, and to follow the model placed for it inAtom, 86:and to merge and blend with other atoms in the formation of a group, so the human atom equally hasAutobiography, 230:on our planet was that a group was in process of formation that had in it the nucleus of the comingBethlehem16 The kingdom of God is now in process of rapid formation, as all those with forward-seeing visionBethlehem, 180:or is it sufficient to suppose the automatic formation of such nodes or starting-points without theBethlehem, 186:Resurrection, symbolizing as it did the formation and the precipitation upon Earth of a new kingdomBethlehem, 283:expression now, not turned to theology or to the formation of doctrines and occupied with theirDestiny, 64:today not only individually but also in group formation. This tends to produce an inevitableDestiny, 96:fusion of three powerful racial types in group formation and not through admixture as in the UnitedDiscipleship1, XV:group-conscious and who can work in group formation. This will be possible, because these peopleDiscipleship1, 55:to people and nations at this time. Hence the formation of these working groups of disciples,Discipleship1, 68:by minds-working either individually or in group formation. In true telepathic work (carriedDiscipleship1, 76:identities; you can take initiation in group formation. None of us who do the work of preparingDiscipleship1, 278:you to work on the physical plane in group formation. It is in the field of esoteric endeavor thatDiscipleship1, 280:voluntarily seeking union with the soul in group formation is assuming importance to you. A livingDiscipleship1, 515:the minds of disciples working together in group formation and in a Master's Ashram. Just how farDiscipleship1, 702:for all work done by disciples, either in group formation or in the Ashram, is the expression,Discipleship1, 703:magnetic factors: A united urge towards group formation upon the mental plane. This is the higherDiscipleship1, 703:the Master - both as individuals or in group formation. One of the things which a Master has to doDiscipleship2, 4:- but on truth and understanding. This formation of the New Seed Group is my second attempt to beDiscipleship2, 56:provided that they are contacted in group formation. Thus the individual, the group and humanityDiscipleship2, 61:potent, and at present unsuspected, results. The formation of the Triangles of Light and of [62]Discipleship2, 103:of them fully active; some are in process of formation, and some are, as yet, in a totallyDiscipleship2, 103:or any personality choice which governs the formation of a Master's group. It is ancientDiscipleship2, 119:that at the time of the Full Moon and in group formation, plus direct contact with myself, you wereDiscipleship2, 200:possible the coming of the Sons of Mind and the formation of the fourth kingdom in nature,Discipleship2, 206:and this wide diffusion has led to the formation of that major group of contemplative, theDiscipleship2, 221:attitude, of the mystic, functioning in group formation, will be a powerful factor in the creativeDiscipleship2, 231:all that I do, and was the prime reason for the formation of the group in the early part of thisDiscipleship2, 384:contacts and stands alone, and yet in group formation, before one or other of the two Initiators.Discipleship2, 410:the initiatory formula will have to be in group formation, and that - as you know - hasDiscipleship2, 410:of all kinds and working steadily in group formation; these can be regarded as preparatory classesDiscipleship2, 410:disciples to function in this preparatory group formation and to make it the major interest inDiscipleship2, 543:and be less occupied with yourself and the formation of your own character or with your ownDiscipleship2, 619:preoccupying us at this time and only in group formation can it be adequately handled. In spite ofDiscipleship2, 724:of your life, except the meditations in group formation at the Headquarters of our work. You willEducation, 31:degree the man's thought forms. The key to the formation of the Mayavirupa is found in the rightEducation, One of:appreciation or distrust. The slow and careful formation of the New Group of World Servers isEducation, 87:are getting together and discussing the formation of a better system which will guarantee that theExternalisation, 22:of mind. A possible happening is indicated - the formation upon the physical plane of that group ofExternalisation, 44:of Masters. This work will be done in group formation and with a united synthesized effort. TheExternalisation, 64:world antahkarana, working of course in group formation. This they can do if they divorceExternalisation, 70:appreciation or distrust. The slow and careful formation of the New Group of World Servers isExternalisation, 94:the process can be carried forward into the formation of the seven ray groups, and these in theirExternalisation, 97:and who can (in every country) function in group formation if they choose, and so bring about theExternalisation, 100:of World Servers, and secondly, it led to the formation along the line of the seven rays throughoutExternalisation, 111:the animal kingdom and which resulted in the formation of a new kingdom in nature - the human. As IExternalisation, 133:in the 18th and 19th centuries, and led to the formation of such countries as Italy and GermanyExternalisation, 227:Do this aloud when possible, and in group formation whenever feasible. It is the focused power ofExternalisation, 322:creation of the network of light, through the formation of triangles. It is not for me to decideExternalisation, 388:Make a real effort to be present and in group formation at the exact time of the Full Moon of May,Externalisation, 413:Pass through the portal to initiation in group formation and let the personality life be lost inExternalisation, 526:liberated Units of Life, working in group formation with all forms and lives in all kingdoms andExternalisation, 541:Festival and involved among other matters the formation of a new Ashram in which the Wisdom aspectExternalisation, 556:beginning with the climaxing of the war and the formation of the United Nations, the Festivals ofExternalisation, 628:they come to the point of approaching in mass formation this question of money, can permanentlyExternalisation, 634:the creation of the Triangles and the formation of Men of Goodwill, (Since 1951 this work has beenExternalisation, 647:of the industrial era He was responsible for the formation of the labor movement - a movementFire, viii:training has been attempted in Group formation. The record of one such experiment and attempt toFire, 38:the limiting bounds or the periphery, and so the formation or creation (of all forms); and this isFire, 144:resistance, and repulses all tendency to group formation, while Spirit, governed by the Law ofFire, 175:as globes and everything else in the process of formation." Such is the "hypothesis fully inFire, 210:the Rod without serious hurt, but in triangular formation transmission comes safely. The twoFire, 229:is called the causal body) is only in process of formation, and is not yet perfected, so we mayFire, 312:successive cooling and heating of the air, the formation of clouds and rain, storms and winds, etc.Fire, 356:arc, who are the cells in His body, go to the formation of the centers, and not to the remainder ofFire, 357:number of petals. Be connected in geometrical formation with certain other centers of Heavenly Men,Fire, 381:with the cycles wherein each in turn, or in dual formation, is the recipient of logoic force. ItFire, 390:of the planetary Logos of our scheme. A systemic formation of great importance in the next roundFire, 498:molecules for the benefit and subsequent formation or clothing of the animal kingdom, which in itsFire, 517:Lord, whilst atomic matter per se goes to the formation of other parts of His great body of light.Fire, 525:consciously - will separate themselves in group formation from those who know not, and from thoseFire, 549:plane; how best they can ascertain their group formation, and thus work along with their group, andFire, 589:of Law and Order, of accurate arrangement and formation. It is the reflection on the physical planeFire, 613:aspect and are swept into action in group formation through the play [614] of positive force uponFire, 616:four lower planes and brings about likewise: The formation of force centers on the causal levels,Fire, 642:a menace to man, and are only handled in group formation, and on a large scale by the head of theFire, 728:the work of an interplanetary avatar (at the formation of the triangle which resulted in theFire, 751:under certain planetary forces, and through the formation of a systemic triangle, gave the impulseFire, 755:will demonstrate on the physical plane in the formation of active groups in every city of any size,Fire, 783:This corresponds to the "fire-mist" stage in the formation of a solar system and of a planet. TheFire, 819:solar fire, these solar Pitris in their ninefold formation represent and make possible theFire, 820:these petals that we are concerned, with their formation, their vitalization, their nurturing, andFire, 838:they say, - in Obscuration we say; - planets in formation and not yet luminous, etc." ... "When soFire, 840:after its segregation in space, and the formation of its ring-pass-not. We have touched upon theFire, 856:group of solar Angels concerned with the formation of the lotus. The activity of the deva substanceFire, 894:round. These happenings necessitated the formation and evolution of that peculiar and mysteriousFire, 945:the planet from another scheme, or through the formation of a systemic triangle, A cosmic triangle
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