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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORMED

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Fire, 355:the solar Logos. Each discriminated, and thus formed His ring-pass-not; each has a purpose in viewFire, 379:of which (temporarily) Venus and the Earth formed two points of the triangle. This produced theFire, 381:and forty-nine globes, and with the triangle formed between them. Separate chains are either TheFire, 390:will eventuate: A systemic triangle will be formed. Logoic kundalini will circulate freely betweenFire, 414:as follows: The Moon chain with the Earth chain formed two units, or two polarities, negative andFire, 506:body is that sheath of mental substance which is formed at the moment of individualization by [507]Fire, 507:body - the ring-pass-not of the central Life is formed. Within this sheath are to be found threeFire, 534:that these groups are differentiated and are formed of aggregates of seven, until there are formedFire, 534:formed of aggregates of seven, until there are formed forty-nine groups of seven egoic vehiclesFire, 573:we might have some idea of the thought-form that formed the basis of System I, the activity system.Fire, 584:(in which the fourth kingdom, the human, was formed), it was this Law of Magnetic Control thatFire, 589:plane) and that the link between the two is formed by a triangle in a circle, representing theFire, 594:results, certain permanent effects, and thus formed the nucleus for the present system. OrderedFire, 616:in and through the etheric body of the Logos, formed of the matter of the four higher planes of theFire, 653:even now upon the earth, Serene amid the half formed creatures round. - Paracelsus by RobertFire, 664:the heart of the sun, works through a triangle formed by the Venusian scheme, the Earth and theFire, 664:and the sun. That another triangle was also formed involving two planets was to be expected underFire, 664:of... of... and of Group... of the Agnisuryans formed itself, and in the turning of the WheelFire, 673:planet, and the astral bodies of all forms are formed. Our planetary Logos is one of the LordsFire, 689:a place. The Fifth (which also is the fourth) formed at the middle point a cosmic TAU, which wasFire, 695:looked upon by our students as the triangle formed by the manasic-buddhic and atmic permanentFire, 699:been coordinated, a triangle in the Heavens was formed under law which permitted a flow of force,Fire, 709:mentality. This triangle of fire, which is formed of pure electrical manasic force, waxes everFire, 726:physical bodies of grosser material than those formed of atmic and the buddhic substance, they workFire, 739:substance (of which the planetary body is formed) persists according to the karma of the planetaryFire, 762:making three circles in all. These petals are formed out of the substance of the solar angels, asFire, 768:into the three worlds. A systemic triangle is formed (for ever the three produce the seven), andFire, 774:not as yet responsive) arrives at the triangle formed by the three permanent atoms, and vivifiesFire, 775:attributes of these, Manu, the Thinker, is formed. - See S. D., II, 179, 187. Who forms him? TheFire, 791:as actively as the other five, an ovoid is not formed as in the case of the etheric, astral andFire, 801:and the true significance of the cosmic triangle formed by The seven Rishis of the Great Bear, TheFire, 839:breaths. The lines become allied, and cubes are formed, shielding the inner fire. The altar isFire, 857:The etheric, centers are the force vortices formed in etheric matter by astral impulse, transmittedFire, 863:so that there is a direct channel of contact formed between the Ego and the physical brain. He mustFire, 878:blaze, and the deva essences who temporarily formed it cease their activity. Again, the solarFire, 879:must ever think in group terms. The Pitris who formed the egoic body of a human being do not -Fire, 920:monadic, the atmic and the buddhic. Group 3 is formed of those who carry on a similar function inFire, 920:scheme, and a certain basic cosmic fire is formed. They are the sumtotal of the head, the heart andFire, 952:from etheric levels, and when all His centers (formed of human units) are fully awakened, then willFire, 956:has brought about the thick swirling fog of half-formed, semi-vitalized forms in which eighty fiveFire, 966:On a level with the eyes. It is an energy center formed by a triangle of force: The Pituitary Body.Fire, 975:consequently surrounded by a dense cloud of half-formed disintegrating thought forms and clouds ofFire, 991:In all these cases, triangles of force are formed which, when balanced, procure the desired end.Fire, 995:energy, can circulate unimpeded; he will have formed an etheric web of such tenuosity that it formsFire, 1000:through meditation and conscious purpose, formed a focal point of energy upon the mental plane,Fire, 1009:of the ethers, whereas the pineal gland is formed of matter of the three lower subplanes of theFire, 1009:order to protect the knowledge. The third eye is formed through the activity of three factors:Fire, 1014:them, the perfected body of the Adept is formed. All magical work on the astral plane has to beFire, 1016:and lives of the tiny thought form already formed. The formula is chanted on a basis of these threeFire, 1018:a twelve-petalled lotus, each petal being formed of forty-nine lesser petals. The planetary lotusesFire, 1020:This takes place after the will energy has formed the central nucleus by being brought into contactFire, 1025:menaced by destruction. The "shadow" having been formed, it is now ready to take to itself aFire, 1042:is an atomic unit. What is an atom? A sheath formed of the matter of the solar system in one orFire, 1086:airy sign in which the Bird can fly." A system formed of "three fires which form a fourth." AFire, 1097:of dense matter. Occultly understood, the eye is formed through the interplay of certain streams ofFire, 1098:whereas the astral body and the physical are formed of seven types. The devas who compose this bodyFire, 1107:kind becomes possible. On the subplane which is formed of lives functioning through the thirdFire, 1122:the eye can scarce follow them. The bodies are formed of the highest grades of substance, eachFire, 1132:enclosed." 20 The alta major center, which is formed at the point where the spinal channel contactsFire, 1132:in the lowest part of the back of the head is formed of the lowest grade of etheric matter, matterFire, 1134:is contributed by the three lower kingdoms is formed of the very highest vibration of which thatFire, 1153:First. Certain systemic triangles will be formed which will permit of the interplay of energyFire, 1153:Second. A final systemic triangle will be formed which will be one of supreme force, for it will beFire, 1156:centers, as we know, are seven in number and are formed in matter of the etheric subplanes of theFire, 1158:which is being received. The etheric body is formed of a negative aspect of fire, and is theFire, 1182:at what we might call its north pole. This is formed by the impact of logoic energy upon solarFire, 1183:representatives. So is the equal armed Cross formed - and all the wheels of energy set in motion.Fire, 1257:of colored light; it [1257] has the long limb formed of the seven colors of the solar spectrum, andFire, 1258:if a great triangle of mahatic energy was thus formed. Sirius transmits energy to our solar systemFire, 1263:fire) confined within a sphere. This sphere is formed by a [1264] serpent biting its tail, and theFire, 1264:of fire enclosed within a sphere. Sphere is formed of a serpent inscribed with the mantram ofFire, 1265:very high initiation in a previous solar system, formed an esoteric group around the Logos when HeFire, 1265:decided upon further progress. In consequence He formed this solar system, desire for cosmicFire, 1273:sapphire blue. Thus is the WAY of triple blue formed into one. This latter aspect of the eye ofGlamour, 45:then around it the disciple can build the easily formed illusions of the mind which is justGlamour, 58:owing to the type of matter of which they are formed. Others are constructive. All of them areGlamour, 181:triple light of the intuition." This light is formed by the blending of the light of the personalGlamour, 197:world service. Groups will eventually be formed of those who are working at the dissipation ofGlamour, 198:or of that focal point of light which is formed by the mental unity and the clear thinking ofGlamour, 201:by second ray spiritual workers. They will be formed of those who: Are learning or have learnt toGlamour, 204:Only through steadiness can the beam of light be formed, intensified, focused and projected andHealing, 34:streams of energy, and is in fact composed and formed of such streams, and that the physical bodyHealing, 73:form one center in reality, but such a center is formed by the two being superimposed one on theHealing, 286:and noted on both sides. Any group which is formed for healing should work under certain determinedHealing, 466:form one center in reality, but such a center is formed by the two being superimposed one on theHealing, 578:head centers, or within the triangle which is formed by so linking them. In Lemurian days, theHealing, 626:includes the gland which the center has created, formed or precipitated and energized. The conceptHealing, 626:an unimpeded channel or a clear passage must be formed along which health-giving life may flow fromHealing, 697:body also. A triangle of energies is therefore formed; it is composed of: The energy of the soul.Healing, 697:Within the etheric body, a secondary triangle is formed for the circulation of energy between: TheHercules, 5:the work to be accomplished, a World Savior is formed. Two great and dramatic stories have beenHercules, 18:entity, no longer a duality, but soul and body formed one unity. This indicates always the stage ofHercules, 23:he symbolized the Fixed Cross in the heavens, formed by the four constellations Taurus, Leo,Hercules, 181:palace then went Hercules and sought out Augeas. formed that Hercules would cleanse the stenchyHercules, 215:animals. This was an imaginary belt in the sky, formed by two circles equidistant from the eclipticHercules, 221:by thousands of years. The cross is originally formed by the interplay between the twelve signs ofInitiation, 42:prepared for ages ahead, centers of energy are formed thousands of years before they will beInitiation, 68:our finding the Master. Groups of Egos are formed: According to their ray. According to theirInitiation, 108:application causes the atoms themselves (which formed that body) to disperse. During the initiationInitiation, 111:are: The Initiator. The triangle of force formed by three adepts or three Kumaras. The sponsors. In
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