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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORMER

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Astrology, 209:to the mode of human development and the former to the methods of the Piscean age which is justBethlehemthat fervent adherence and service which in former ages could be obtained from the average laymanBethlehem, 60:number of correspondences with the stories of former Sungods and with the actual career of the SunBethlehem, 83:and as integral a part of our redemption as the former. But the doctrine of Divine Immanence in theBethlehem, 164:thee, beholding My form so terrible! Behold my former shape once more, thy fear gone, thy heart atBethlehem, 171:my heart trembles with fear; show me, Lord, the former form; Lord of Gods, be gracious, upholder ofBethlehem, 215:no longer make our earlier errors or commit our former sins. For we suffer and agonize, and learnDiscipleship2, 41:- the great White Lodge and the Black Lodge. The former is now gradually gaining control. TheDiscipleship2, 580:- though the latter is far easier than the former. The growth of a network (through organizedExternalisation, 229:just as determining for good or evil as is the former), that I feel again the need of writing onExternalisation, 497:for the latter is largely dependent upon the former. Our mechanical civilization will beExternalisation, 550:restoration - of God's plan for man, and not of former conditions. Fire, 231:matter aspect to the Spirit aspect, so that the former proves entirely adequate as a body ofFire, 472:seeds to grow the countless births; the store of former actions preserved. Ibid., question 35).Fire, 643:Lotus in the Heavenly Man, and in man (the former through reflex action between the cosmic physicalFire, 898:natures, for the latter determines the former. The planet Neptune therefore has a profound effectFire, 1243:greater than the "Masters of the Wisdom." The former must therefore all pass to the sun SiriusFire, 1261:pass onto Path IV. Five-eighths of the former pass on to this path just as four-fifths of theGlamour, 126:three worlds of activity; he there re-enacts the former processes - briefly and with understandingGlamour, 136:and world Saviors, such as the Christ. The former is motivated in all probability by some oneHealing, 48:practitioners may like to recognize it. The former group need a more careful and lengthy training,Healing, 178:solar Lord or Angel. The field of work of the former is the sacral center, par excellence; that ofHealing, 222:efficiency, which may or may not parallel the former. [223] The animal instincts are thereforeHealing, 400:and the religious man or churchman. The former rightly refuses to believe that which remains stillHealing, 698:heart or the solar plexus, always preferably the former. Process two. He will next create theHercules, 90:Argo. The common occidental names for the two former are the Great Bear and the Little Bear, but itHercules, 217:are two Zodiacs, the greater and the lesser. The former comprises the twelve constellations throughInitiation, 97:seek to feel, whilst man seeks to know. For the former, then, those expansions of consciousnessIntellect, 126:the brain and the mind become coordinated. The former becomes simply the tool or instrument of theIntellect, 142:man, the perceiving being, contemplates." In a former book I have dealt more fully with this use ofIntellect, 206:and these two together spell success. The former takes some time, but it can be entered upon atIntellect, 206:regularity and persistence. The success of the former depends upon persistence largely, but alsoMagic, 12:which after all is but a department of the former group in its highest presentation. Secondly,Magic, 333:for the latter is largely dependent upon the former. Our mechanical civilization will beMagic, 354:guide them, the blue and yellow devas, as the former group are guided by the blue and rose. Back ofMagic, 448:existence. The embodied idea or thought (the former being potentially far more potent than theMagic, 479:is exhausted and the AUM sound can dominate. The former influence is however weakening, and the AUMMeditation, 132:emotional or mental levels but is usually on the former. One form employed is to cast over theMeditation, 133:of the Ego must be called in, whereas in the former frequently the calm reasoning of the lower mindPatanjali, 43:to a knowledge of the soul and of sainthood. The former line is that to be followed by our AryanPatanjali, 121:expressions are: Hatha Yoga, Laya Yoga. The former has specifically to do with the physical body,Patanjali, 259:and the Nirodha (respectively), when the former is subdued and the latter is manifested, and, atPsychology1man's self, is what Is - And leans upon the former, makes it play, As that played off the first:Psychology1, 169:are different; the one modifies the other, the former being the primary (called by Mrs. Besant thePsychology1, 201:will power, for either good or evil, for the former when the will is directed by wisdom and madePsychology1, 258:between animals and men is to produce in the former that step forward which is calledRays, 271:the plan as the latter is the instrument of the former. The event of realization takes place viaRays, 426:greater than the "Masters of the Wisdom." The former must therefore pass to the sun Sirius there toRays, 539:may now enter. This involves no leaving of the former field of activity in which he has worked andSoul, 91:man's self, is what Is - And leans upon the former, makes it play, As that played off the first;Soul, 101:and not the head is the home of manas; and the former therefore is the center also of consciousSoul, 112:and not an identification, since the former are not corporeal, and that we are dealing in realityTelepathy, 163:vehicle of the planet was inherited from a former solar system, with the purpose or intention in
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