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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORMING

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Astrology, 79:three of the zodiacal constellations, thus forming great interlocking triangles of [80] force. ThusAstrology, 89:direction, but literally turns upon itself, forming a living flaming irisdescent globe of pureAstrology, 243:is one of the three major groups of Builders, forming part of the third aspect of divinity; TheirAstrology, 313:also is true of all the signs which go to the forming of the Cardinal Cross of the Heavens. In theAstrology, 347:be Gemini-Sagittarius and Pisces - the latter forming a part of this triangle because it marks bothAstrology, 436:perceive and comprehend, and which we regard as forming the three phases of the mind: The abstractAstrology, 461:Producing manifestation, quality and activity. Forming a reservoir of descending and balancingAstrology, 463:involution and outgoing during the process of forming the lower triangle. In a later stage it - asAstrology, 479:seer who bisected the square esoterically, thus forming two triangles and united them in a freshAstrology, 637:of the Primordial Seven, the first seven rays, forming the manifesting logos, is again sevenfold.Atom, 39:combine [39] with those of other elements, forming the most diverse substances. Do you mean to sayAtom, 58:and thus view that kingdom as a conscious unit, forming a homogeneous whole. Thus each kingdom inAtom, 84:next, atomic matter, in all its varying activity forming the elemental combination; then the form,Atom, 91:by its own inherent activity, and [91] each one forming a sphere which holds within its peripheryAtom, 100:reality, group consciousness, the group itself forming either a greater or a lesser unit. Finally,Autobiography, 39:myself (whilst wide awake) in this valley and forming part of a vast, orderly crowd - mostlyAutobiography, 251:sought to serve and which had resulted in the forming of nineteen centers for service in as manyAutobiography, 263:enough intelligent men and women to warrant the forming of the more advanced schools of training.Autobiography, 264:preparatory schools are already in process of forming and the starting of the Arcane School in 1923Autobiography, 264:of Probation or of Purification. The schools now forming, such as the Arcane School, are concernedAutobiography, 264:the Masters are responsible. The schools now forming to train disciples are intermediate in natureAutobiography, 265:Schools of the Present These schools, now forming, have more esoteric knowledge; this is beingAutobiography, 267:or its responsibilities. The new schools, now forming, convey very different ideas to theirAutobiography, 268:upon individual perfection. The new schools, now forming, are preoccupied with training men to meetAutobiography, 272:the schools now in existence or in process of forming. They do not establish policies or determineAutobiography, 273:His work comes midway between the groups now forming and the old groups. 3. Then we now haveAutobiography, 275:minds in the spiritual field. In the schools now forming, the emphasis is upon soul awareness,Bethlehem, 7:the past, handed down to us for our guidance and forming the foundation of a newer revelation, andBethlehem, 91:humanity for the opportunity then offered, forming the foundation upon which the present is based.Bethlehem, 238:idea of the Masonic Fraternity down the ages, forming the focal point of the work of the sublimeDestiny, 56:three nations were closely related. The newly forming country of the United States is likewiseDestiny, 57:of the evolutionary processes. This pattern-forming tendency is being recognized today by modernDiscipleship1, 17:to work together towards the specific end of forming a nucleus of spiritual power and energy forDiscipleship1, 20:(such as this group) which are in process of forming all over the world. These new groups areDiscipleship1, 33:- of the fifth or spiritual kingdom. The forming of the skeleton structure of the new groups ofDiscipleship1, 34:a little more fully about the groups which are forming in the world today, under direction of theDiscipleship1, 34:these groups are already formed or in process of forming and the others will gradually be createdDiscipleship1, 42:are still only partial. These ten inner groups, forming one group, are related to the Ashrams ofDiscipleship1, 59:the case. It is one of the major reasons for the forming of these groups as far as the individualDiscipleship1, 100:resistance. You must cut athwart these, thus forming the cross of life and existence will then takeDiscipleship1, 132:on the outer plane which the Masters are now forming throughout the world can be regarded as amongDiscipleship1, 439:your share of the world [439] suffering, thereby forming one of the great group of his companionsDiscipleship1, 529:down the entire length of the long south walk, forming a plantation about twenty-five feet wide,Discipleship1, 591:of different nations and circumstances but the forming of a central world party and the organizingDiscipleship1, 680:initiation. They are consequently occupied with forming new groups of disciples who can graduallyDiscipleship1, 686:world. There is always a new world in process of forming; the keynote of the work of every discipleDiscipleship1, 696:must surely be apparent to you that a Master, in forming his Ashram, proceeds as automatically asDiscipleship1, 724:of which all outer Ashrams (which are now slowly forming) are a part. By means of this, the chelaDiscipleship1, 729:of the Masters who work through the method of forming Ashrams is to bring about as rapidly asDiscipleship1, 752:unsatisfactory fashion, he is engaged in forming his own group and today this is very often theDiscipleship1, 752:struggling disciples, intensely preoccupied with forming organizations, with gathering around themDiscipleship1, 784:sought to serve and which had resulted in the forming of nineteen centers for service in as manyDiscipleship2, 18:the other group members. This will result in the forming of seven great centers of energy whichDiscipleship2, 37:activity. Each month I will speak three words, forming one consecutive sentence. Will you see ifDiscipleship2, 39:again to work with renewed interest at the forming of triangles, reaching people who are alreadyDiscipleship2, 39:who are already active, and seek to aid them in forming new triangles. This is a work of majorDiscipleship2, 50:successful. That was not the major intent. The forming of units for special service in organizingDiscipleship2, 60:is asserting itself. The sheep and the goats are forming into two distinct groups. The judgmentDiscipleship2, 293:can be seen as streams and centers of force, all forming a pattern of consummate beauty, allDiscipleship2, 335:the many apparent failures in my experiment in forming an external group affiliated with my Ashram,Discipleship2, 366:and eventually to comprehend by direct program-forming in your own life, and making it at the sameDiscipleship2, 410:groups which the Hierarchy is everywhere forming upon all rays, on every plane and under manyDiscipleship2, 457:today (apart from its need for workers) is the forming everywhere of such groups as yours, theDiscipleship2, 457:that super group, the Hierarchy. Such groups are forming now in their thousands and are to be foundDiscipleship2, 475:theirs," thereby assuming responsibility and forming a more permanent link, both in response and inDiscipleship2, 560:begins to gather around him, preparatory to forming his own Ashram in a still later life. Thus theDiscipleship2, 576:the group members in the earlier stages of the forming of the groups, are in reality rayEducation, 4:more than the investigation of a subject and the forming of subsequent conclusions leading toEducation, 118:race is to be found in America. The new race is forming in every land, but primarily in those landsEducation, 139:that light and substance are synonymous terms) forming an integral part of the education of parentsExternalisation, 27:of the evolutionary process. But the groups now forming are a second ray activity and are buildingExternalisation, 46:later formed, and which are today in process of forming (including this third group of mine) canExternalisation, 57:be possible to do much in connection with the forming of this group, and this for several reasons.Externalisation, 83:groups are already formed (or are in process of forming) to bring about the attainment of variousExternalisation, 102:be superseded. The seed groups now in process of forming will be distinguished by the quality ofExternalisation, 153:world disciples. The second effect will be the forming or constitution of a planetary triangle orExternalisation, 205:world servers is not a new organization which is forming in the world. It is simply a loose linkingExternalisation, 312:was with this idea in view that I suggested the forming of triangles of people, pledged to use theExternalisation, 316:points in the great network of light which is forming everywhere under the inspiration of the worldExternalisation, 317:upon the outer plane. This letter deals with the forming of the group to carry out the plans forExternalisation, 324:activity are essential to success. 6. The forming of triangles of light and goodwill, so that anExternalisation, 330:of books, their digesting and analysis, the forming of a small available library, and the study andExternalisation, 445:has been presented to you. The request for the forming of triangles of light and of goodwill hasFire, 99:passing from each center to the other, and forming an almost separate circulatory system. ThisFire, 152:bands of color, rotating longitudinally, and forming (in connection with the seven planes) a vastFire, 165:great foci there, descends to the cosmic astral, forming corresponding cosmic focal points, and onFire, 170:direction, but literally turns upon itself, forming a living flaming iridescent globe of pure fire,Fire, 206:of the Heavenly Men. The idea of groups of Egos forming centers in the Heavenly Men is neverthelessFire, 236:and the positive rays merging and fusing, forming then the two from the four. Again the two merge,Fire, 374:The Divine Septenary hanging from the Triad thus forming the Decad and its permutations 7, 5, 4, 3.Fire, 390:pass from the present triangle in process of forming (the Earth, Venus, and a scheme whose name itFire, 393:to the purpose in view. This occurred in the forming of the triangle of which Earth and Venus areFire, 405:Devas giving the consciousness and the Pitris forming the body. The two are relative terms. If theFire, 439:will be seen, - human and deva manifestation forming the sumtotal, and always will energy andFire, 510:on the second and as seven on the third, forming there the forty-nine groups which most concernFire, 520:life, and can also be enumerated as twelve, thus forming the twelve-petalled Lotus, or the heartFire, 520:gaseous, liquid, and dense bodies or sheaths, forming in themselves a unity in one peculiar sense;Fire, 534:formed forty-nine groups of seven egoic vehicles forming one group which is the body of this lesserFire, 542:(Bible. Ezekiel, 1:15:21.) In the midst forming a certain geometrical triangle (differing accordingFire, 591:progresses, the Ego evolves the faculty of forming definite concrete thought-forms, and, through
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