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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORMLESS

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Astrology, 43:altogether. They are, therefore, the arupa or formless groups, as the remaining are the rupa groupsAstrology, 44:In this latter case the bodies used are called "formless" from our standpoint, and are "vitalAstrology, 48:that all these groups are (even when termed "formless") the true forms of all that persists, forAstrology, 326:cried aloud. Their voices penetrate into the formless world and there evoke response. "Those who inAstrology, 346:whose horoscope is under consideration. The formless nature of the influences of Gemini isAstrology, 466:Path of Initiation. He enters the realm of the formless worlds because Aries, the sign ofDestiny, 112:life and to focus it upon the ideal and upon the formless expression of living truth. Today, wholeDiscipleship1, 279:form and the building of forms. The intuition is formless, and yet the ideas intuited must expressDiscipleship1, 287:of greater importance than of the whole and the formless. For you, however, this was a needed stepDiscipleship1, 287:process; the sense of the abstract and the formless was unduly developed in you. You were the trueDiscipleship1, 461:that it will deal primarily with that which is formless, and its attention will be turned upon theDiscipleship2, 151:that the type of work I am now giving you is formless in comparison with the earlier meditationsDiscipleship2, 367:the hope of the present era." Revelation is both formless and also within form, and the closer toDiscipleship2, 368:can be - as I said - either in form or formless; it can be a pictorial symbol or a subtleFire, 12:of fohatic heat, watched o'er the forms that formless stood, waiting a point in time. [13] TheFire, 15:seven times great the heat. More solid grew the formless mass, and deeper sank the Stone. To theFire, 188:7th (form) 6th (form) 5th (form) 4th (form) 3rd (formless) 2nd (formless) 1st (formless) BuddhicFire, 188:(form) 5th (form) 4th (form) 3rd (formless) 2nd (formless) 1st (formless) Buddhic plane 1.Fire, 188:4th (form) 3rd (formless) 2nd (formless) 1st (formless) Buddhic plane 1. Comprehension 2. HealingFire, 192:is known by the Ego in the causal body on the formless levels of the mental plane. On the buddhicFire, 400:Triad, made possible via the four, or the formless repositories of karmic purpose; thus isFire, 616:and "arupa" devas are relative, 97 for the formless levels and the formless lives are only so fromFire, 616:are relative, 97 for the formless levels and the formless lives are only so from the standpoint ofFire, 616:the standpoint of man in the three worlds; the formless lives are those which are functioning inFire, 617:"Arupa-devas" (the "form" or objective, and the "formless" or subjective Dhyan Chohans; and (2)Fire, 617:Sinnett, 107. 97 Rupa, with form or body. Arupa, formless or bodiless. Generally speaking, the termFire, 792:substance in the three worlds, but also from the formless levels of the system. The response willFire, 828:aspect. The embodied Idea. Consciousness. The formless Square, the matter aspect, substance andFire, 923:constitution of the mental plane, with its three formless levels, and its four levels of form.Fire, 1126:levels and the manasic permanent atom on the formless planes. These two types of manas may beFire, 1201:human stage altogether. They are, therefore, the formless groups, as the remaining are the rupaFire, 1202:In this latter case the bodies used are called "formless" from our standpoint, and are "vitalFire, 1206:that all these groups are (even when termed "formless") the true forms of all that persists, forGlamour, 205:consciousness to another until the worlds of the formless and of form stand revealed in the lightGlamour, 206:of these forms of life to the world of the formless and of the conflict between the real and theHealing, 148:Triad (the expression of the monad in the formless worlds) to the personality. Ponder on thisHealing, 408:vehicles of expression which are found below the formless levels of the cosmic physical plane.Healing, 485:been an inherent part, either in form or in a formless condition. After death and cremation theseMagic, 26:with correctness; they cast that light into the formless realms of the higher three planesMagic, 26:the formless realms of the higher three planes (formless from the standpoint of man in the threeMagic, 31:soul-consciousness is touched and known and the formless One can be perceived through the clearMagic, 82:of affairs. First, the world of spirit, or the formless abstract world of subjective consciousnessMagic, 325:of personalities, and bear only in mind the formless forces that are at work through all forms andMagic, 354:groups stand the Masters and the devas of the formless levels - a Great Brotherhood, pledged toMeditation, 180:individual and collective, based on form or formless; it is the medium through which the mantramsPatanjali, 101:out of the world of form into the realm of the formless. Students will find it interesting toPatanjali, 101:of his own pure spiritual nature), can ideal, formless, seedless, objectless meditation be arrivedPatanjali, 104:all forms, and in identifying himself with the formless. He has arrived at the point at the heartPatanjali, 110:in which the spiritual man functions and the formless levels or planes of our solar system arePatanjali, 256:apart from any of the seeds of thought, which is formless, and which can only be described (andPatanjali, 323:4th (Form) 5. Spiritual discernment 3rd (Formless) Response to group vibration 2nd (Formless)Patanjali, 323:3rd (Formless) Response to group vibration 2nd (Formless) Spiritual telepathy 1st (Formless)Patanjali, 323:2nd (Formless) Spiritual telepathy 1st (Formless) Buddhic 1. Comprehension 7th 2. Healing 6th 3.Psychology1, 19:we, from our little point of view, regard as formless are not really so. Our seven planes are butPsychology1, 46:which is striving towards a love of the formless instead of desire for form, and the wisePsychology1, 51:is expressive primarily on the first [51] of the formless planes, counting from below upwards, andPsychology1, 163:and interplay is synthetic on all planes, on the formless levels and also on the planes of form,Psychology1, 213:includes three kingdoms - nebulous, relatively formless, and unexpressed - and the four kingdoms asPsychology1, 318:upon the Lemurian race and the two earlier and formless races need not here be considered by us.Psychology2, 45:and says: 'I return from whence I came; from the formless to the world of form I make my way. IPsychology2, 46:The higher and the lower meet; form and the formless merge and blend, and know themselves as one.Psychology2, 47:of forms. Thus he connects the world of form and formless life. Heaven to earth he brings; earthPsychology2, 56:in all else in nature, - apparently inchoate and formless, from the angle of the true pattern,Psychology2, 230:is over, becomes again the unmanifest and the formless, and which can also say: "I remain." In formPsychology2, 230:the manifested universe, however, stands the formless One, That which is not an individual, beingPsychology2, 231:of manifestation. There is but life, formless, freed from the individuality, unknown. In thePsychology2, 397:with those great Lives Who, working on formless levels, are busy with the development of an innerPsychology2, 560:7th (form) 6th (form) 5th (form) 4th (form) 3rd (formless) 2nd (formless) 1st (formless) BuddhicPsychology2, 560:(form) 5th (form) 4th (form) 3rd (formless) 2nd (formless) 1st (formless) Buddhic plane 1.Psychology2, 560:4th (form) 3rd (formless) 2nd (formless) 1st (formless) Buddhic plane 1. Comprehension 2. HealingPsychology2, 566:as well as the communication is wordless and formless. The recipient simply knows and the impartedPsychology2, 566:any intermediate stages or steps. This is formless telepathy. Other people instantaneously stepRaysif I again laid emphasis upon the fact that the formless world is only entered when the aspirantRays, 8:control prior to an attempt to enter into the formless realm. The reason for this will be apparent.Rays, 10:it, and in an ability to hear the voice of the "formless One" above the strife of all the lowerRays, 45:Note, I do not say "of consciousness." This is formless, but preserves the fruitage of formRays, 50:of the inadequacy of modern language; ideas are formless and are in effect points of energy,Rays, 158:whereas the initiate understands it from its formless angle. This law is concerned with theRays, 201:This is the Sound which reverberates in the formless worlds; it is the Sound to which the SpiritualRays, 308:form; with the initiate it is, however, to the "formless form" which is always the subjectiveRays, 308:The destruction considered is that of the formless structure on which the grosser structure isRays, 398:of impression is, however, concerned with the formless worlds, whereas all the impressions to whichRays, 438:Is, that He exists as a divine aspect upon the formless levels of the cosmic etheric planes; thisRays, 471:of our planetary and systemic planes are called formless. It is this which is the true symbol ofRays, 507:levels of conscious existence which we regard as formless are only relatively so, because our sevenRays, 531:to symbols or to symbolic happenings; they are formless and remain in the higher consciousness. IRays, 539:so express it) the "worlds of living forms and formless lives become his own." Again duality entersRays, 588:the created form world and the "world of formless forms" (that is, the cosmic etheric levels ofRays, 607:as we understand it, ends. In the realms of formless living wherein the Hierarchy lives and movesSoul, 93:will substantiate this. "Unmanifested, formless, the one giver of light, is the Great Power; fromSoul, 96:at base? The answer is, infinitely tenuous formless energy which materializes into relativelyTelepathy, 53:The world of subtle phenomena (called formless, because unlike the physical phenomena with which weTelepathy, 62:invoking all the higher kingdoms upon the formless planes and evoking all the lower or subhumanTelepathy, 155:matter of which the manifested worlds are made - formless, as on the cosmic etheric planes (ourTelepathy, 155:to the highest of the cosmic physical planes, is formless. These distinctions must be most
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