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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORMS

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Discipleship1, 222:encouraged. Secondly, to make possible certain forms of service in your personality life. Earlier IDiscipleship1, 222:life if you hold on to love and avoid the outer forms and techniques of authority and control, thusDiscipleship1, 278:aspirants is the attitude you hold to organized forms. Another is your power of intuitiveDiscipleship1, 279:The mind emphasizes form and the building of forms. The intuition is formless, and yet the ideasDiscipleship1, 283:beauty, color and inspiration, clothed in those forms which reveal ideas. Mystical beauty veils, inDiscipleship1, 286:to its formulation into mental concepts, thought-forms, words and phrases; To its clothing withDiscipleship1, 307:pattern of his life can then take on definite forms and he can begin to work with intelligence.Discipleship1, 317:come and stand. Within the midst of whirling forms - some of a beauty rare and some of horror andDiscipleship1, 333:and for this contact and its expression in these forms you should increasingly work. They are freeDiscipleship1, 352:the wisdom aspect of love. This leads to certain forms of hardness in your relations with thoseDiscipleship1, 358:suggest that you work with color more than with forms of words, such as seed thoughts, or withDiscipleship1, 386:usefulness will grow as you detach yourself from forms, no matter how dear or how ancient theDiscipleship1, 426:draws upwards the mists and thus temporarily forms a fog between itself and the earth. Such wasDiscipleship1, 430:separateness. Your first ray mental body forms a good cooperating point for your second ray soulDiscipleship1, 451:today who can be permitted to use force against forms and materialism because of the preponderanceDiscipleship1, 461:all things and the inward beauty of all created forms. This awareness will be of such a high orderDiscipleship1, 462:and bathe my soul and the soul of all created forms. Within those forms, the life of God awakens,Discipleship1, 462:and the soul of all created forms. Within those forms, the life of God awakens, and the power ofDiscipleship1, 467:This leads to a devotion to the known forms. It is this [468] focusing of your personality rayDiscipleship1, 468:lead to a quick reaction to the existent forms instead of leading to a long range vision of theDiscipleship1, 468:to all men as souls, and not of devotion to forms and methods which your personality ray approves.Discipleship1, 473:- past recovery - old thought habits and ancient forms. Be not discouraged because I am making noDiscipleship1, 479:of self-interest. You are freer from the thought-forms of the past. I can look towards you andDiscipleship1, 480:self and he from the glamor of his own thought-forms. The words and phrases which I have chosen forDiscipleship1, 506:aid you to break the power of ancient thought-forms. You ask: What is my gift to the group? IDiscipleship1, 517:you tie yourself to certain people by thought-forms of depression and of suspicion. Do you not, myDiscipleship1, 521:You will have to see that old thought-forms of fear and of worry do not resume their ancient swayDiscipleship1, 521:with a sane and immediate handling of old forms of weakness. For you the word, "substitution," mayDiscipleship1, 525:you are, upon the physical plane. The thought-forms which surround you drain you of vital force andDiscipleship1, 525:no organic trouble or disease. These thought-forms sap your vitality and are definitely destructiveDiscipleship1, 525:- to yourself and to others. Of these thought-forms there are three... I am giving you a specialDiscipleship1, 525:out, the glamor may have dissipated, the thought-forms be destroyed and the path shine clear beforeDiscipleship1, 542:The ivory puzzle box contains the many lesser forms, all true to type, conforming to the pattern.Discipleship1, 543:to life. Fifth month... A bridge is built. Two forms are brought within each other's reach. BuildDiscipleship1, 543:thou a form, a bridge. Sixth month... I saw all forms gathered within the Form of God. Thus oneDiscipleship1, 559:love, the love of God. Into the chalice of all forms I meet, I pour this love which light confers,Discipleship1, 565:love. It is a love which visions not the little forms of self, but the One Self in all. My qualityDiscipleship1, 583:know so much that you will easily see how this forms a very rich combination of energies andDiscipleship1, 597:meditation each morning, eliminate again all forms which turn the attention to the Great Ones or toDiscipleship1, 602:episode of glamor in the early spring. But the forms still persist. You stand before themDiscipleship1, 606:to descend into the clouds of your own thought-forms and into the weaving of your own materialDiscipleship1, 617:into activity well-trained tendencies, old forms of wishful thinking, and old desires for power.Discipleship1, 618:and to recognize the fact that ancient thought-forms still exist upon the periphery of yourDiscipleship1, 633:of the intuition. The brotherhoods are group forms and are in the nature of being the personalityDiscipleship1, 634:ancient thoughts, to control by ancient thought-forms and is consequently subject to facileDiscipleship1, 663:and who stands at-one with all souls in all forms. Such moments of crisis and of intensification,Discipleship1, 674:known desire, and through the red all longed-for forms approach, are grasped and held, used andDiscipleship1, 675:field is green and on its broad expanse the many forms of the one moving Life disport themselves;Discipleship1, 675:they weave the dance of life, the many patterned forms God takes. The soul enters "the playgroundDiscipleship1, 675:soul, immersed in form, emerges from the many forms and hews its onward way. The way of theDiscipleship1, 675:comes, the builder and again the tearer down of forms. The broken forms hold not the power toDiscipleship1, 675:and again the tearer down of forms. The broken forms hold not the power to satisfy. The soul's ownDiscipleship1, 676:shells built in an earlier stage, stepping upon forms discarded and destroyed, and holding forthDiscipleship1, 676:self-conscious, the deva lives which build the forms indwelt by all the sons of God, they know notDiscipleship1, 677:or poverty. [677] The form decays, the other forms retire, and that which is required to nourishDiscipleship1, 677:They grow through appreciation of and joy in the forms built and the work accomplished. The devasDiscipleship1, 677:breaks and through the shattering of the forms man learns through discontent. Thus is acquiescenceDiscipleship1, 678:of nature's growth. The fires burn the hindering forms which seek to hold the pilgrim back and soDiscipleship1, 678:the Heavens and Earth! I vision God; I see the forms God took. I hate them both. Naught do [679]Discipleship1, 679:know, and so I want it not. Time and its myriad forms, I know too well. Pendant I hang betwixt theDiscipleship1, 679:voice of all the hidden souls within the outer forms, for they are as myself; with them I amDiscipleship1, 679:and overtones the little voices of the little forms dim and fade out. I dwell within a world ofDiscipleship1, 679:I am the One; I, God. I am the form in which all forms are merged. I am the soul in which all soulsDiscipleship1, 698:The mind creates or formulates those thought-forms (or embodied energies) which express, upon theDiscipleship1, 704:as to the future and a host of mental thought-forms, plus undue attention to the cyclic life of theDiscipleship1, 710:organisms, in contradistinction to created forms. I would ask you to reflect upon this thought.Discipleship1, 727:by its relation to the whole Ashram of which it forms a relatively small part? When this questionDiscipleship1, 733:experiences upon the Way. People do see thought-forms of the Masters, for those thought-formsDiscipleship1, 733:thought-forms of the Masters, for those thought-forms exist; they do receive symbolic teachingsDiscipleship1, 733:symbolic teaching, these contacts with thought-forms will steadily increase and are indicative ofDiscipleship1, 779:over to the subject of esoteric astrology and forms a unit [780] in itself. It is intended toDiscipleship2, 9:Let me endeavor to explain. All detailed, outer forms are expressions of some subjectiveDiscipleship2, 10:that the world of meaning and the world of outer forms express in essentiality the world in whichDiscipleship2, 19:why the study of the Science of the Antahkarana forms part of my instruction to this group. NoDiscipleship2, 21:the effect that your national and racial thought-forms have upon you, and also the assets and theDiscipleship2, 29:of the soul." This dark night takes different forms and different degrees of intensity, accordingDiscipleship2, 30:of love unite the world of men and the world of forms and they constitute the great chain ofDiscipleship2, 36:lines out into the world, creating thought-forms which will make clear-cut contact with other mindsDiscipleship2, 45:concentration, and of identification with the forms of existence in the three worlds, and findsDiscipleship2, 50:in organizing the life forces, processes and forms for the new technique of Approach to God or toDiscipleship2, 65:the newer modes of training and the changing forms of teaching applied by the Masters who takeDiscipleship2, 66:bringing to bear upon human life and upon all forms of physical existence. These must traverse orDiscipleship2, 71:peoples of the world clamoring for peace, forms a nucleus of unregenerate energy which can and willDiscipleship2, 78:to be used in building up the needed thought-forms anent the correct aspects of the teaching soDiscipleship2, 85:Wisdom must be preserved, but all outworn forms must go. The success and growth of the work willDiscipleship2, 109:been greatly hindered by these foolish thought-forms and by the preconceived ideas ofDiscipleship2, 149:and adequate phrases the very ancient word-forms which the Christ will employ. These word-forms areDiscipleship2, 149:which the Christ will employ. These word-forms are only seven in number, and they will constituteDiscipleship2, 170:are these ideas changed or reduced into thought-forms, and thus presented to the public. IdeasDiscipleship2, 189:Life God, or the divine Reality, veiled by all forms. The polar opposite to this, i.e., the matterDiscipleship2, 190:feels himself at-one with all life in all forms and with humanity in particular. 2. This works outDiscipleship2, 190:the disciple can "tune in" on the life in all forms, and therefore enter into a full measure ofDiscipleship2, 193:of awareness. These symbols are true and living forms, created through the power of thought by theDiscipleship2, 194:was primarily the channel of energy relating forms and their forces to their originating sourcesDiscipleship2, 198:In the Hierarchy, meditation takes two major forms, and [199] (you must remember) in that greatDiscipleship2, 222:use if you care to use them - two meditation forms or outlines for reflection. Shall I call themDiscipleship2, 224:and with the Will of him who is carrying all forms of his livingness towards the perfection whichDiscipleship2, 224:remind all who undertake to use these meditative forms that they will not prove effective and ofDiscipleship2, 226:once a week and upon different days. These two forms of invocative appeal can be used by all whoDiscipleship2, 235:controlled moving forward of all the world of forms into greater glory and light. The work hitherto
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