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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORMS

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Discipleship2, 246:There are six ancient formulas or symbolic forms which are to be found in the archives forDiscipleship2, 249:these sheets are words, symbols, and symbolic forms. These, when related to each other, contain theDiscipleship2, 250:and to the central point of life in all forms. Of form and of consciousness, the circle and theDiscipleship2, 263:of the point of life at the center of all forms. These effects, resulting from right comprehensionDiscipleship2, 272:upon them, which have constructed thought-forms anent them, and which have used them as modes orDiscipleship2, 280:and their distinction from contacted thought-forms - to express it simply, and therefore, from theDiscipleship2, 287:in full consciousness with the soul in all forms of life, latent within the planetary substance.Discipleship2, 287:and savior of the seeds of life within all forms with which he may achieve a measure ofDiscipleship2, 288:know him to exist. From the standpoint of the forms of life in the four kingdoms of nature, SanatDiscipleship2, 296:plan which includes more than the physical forms, and later of a definite and clear purpose forDiscipleship2, 303:becomes one of reflective meditation. Meditation forms may at some point of unfoldment drop away,Discipleship2, 303:and take shape eventually as created thought-forms. They are then subjected to a process ofDiscipleship2, 304:lies behind the exoteric manifestation. These forms convey to the occult student the symbolism ofDiscipleship2, 304:condition the evolutionary process through the forms which are the result of the correct use ofDiscipleship2, 306:of what already is, but are [306] indicatory key forms of what may or shall be - a very differentDiscipleship2, 307:reveal? What can they expect and what aspects or forms can the revelation be expected to take? AreDiscipleship2, 309:Great Life in which we all, as well as all other forms, live and move and have our being. [310] IDiscipleship2, 313:can create in the world of thought those living forms which bring light and help and truth toDiscipleship2, 315:stirs [315] the secret light within all other forms, then the One in whom we live reveals hisDiscipleship2, 318:and which is not, at the time when the other two forms are prevalent, reduced to writing; it willDiscipleship2, 323:will be that of creativity, the world of thought-forms and the desire which each human being andDiscipleship2, 328:initiation indicated a closer sharing in all forms of the hierarchical life. Do you realize in anyDiscipleship2, 337:is prone to interpret it. It can take many forms: it can show itself as sacrifice on the part ofDiscipleship2, 344:must be remembered that these words, symbols and forms have relation (a progressive relation) toDiscipleship2, 344:divine ideas, brought down into human thought-forms, and each of them conditions the work of ourDiscipleship2, 349:(as hinted on page 313), the myriad thought-forms of the concrete or lower mind are seen asDiscipleship2, 351:initiate, but it is increasingly taking on new forms and fresh outlines for the Masters who haveDiscipleship2, 363:of soul ideas. Essentially, they are geometrical forms, lying behind all exoteric manifestations;Discipleship2, 363:are susceptible of being reduced to definite forms. They are building patterns. They expressDiscipleship2, 364:symbols to be found behind all exoteric [364] forms. They veil that which is in process of beingDiscipleship2, 364:connected with the integration of lesser forms into a greater whole. They are related to the entireDiscipleship2, 364:is the integration of the essential being in all forms with the pattern which produced its exotericDiscipleship2, 367:be that of creativity, of the world of thought-forms which humanity as a whole has created and theDiscipleship2, 368:(tangible because [368] within the world of forms) to the higher correspondences which he must useDiscipleship2, 372:automatically an energy which produces objective forms, induces related action, and is the sourceDiscipleship2, 373:line with their fixed intention, those thought-forms which must be "impressed" upon the substanceDiscipleship2, 373:the level of consciousness desired. These living forms of thought are then occultly energized andDiscipleship2, 373:the creative source at the center. These thought-forms and this generated energy are held steadyDiscipleship2, 376:will of God; they are therefore building thought-forms and are developing the power to beDiscipleship2, 377:intelligence; this desire has built thought-forms which are in tune or allied to every phase ofDiscipleship2, 397:enough had been given anent these abstruse forms to serve the purposes of instruction during theDiscipleship2, 402:be used, as the world of being and of forms makes progress under the Law of Evolution. It must beDiscipleship2, 402:be remembered, for instance, that the planetary forms are now composed of a much higher substanceDiscipleship2, 404:redeems sequentially the substance of which all forms are made and brings into manifestation theDiscipleship2, 404:of meaning, thereby redeeming and liberating the forms in the world of appearances. You haveDiscipleship2, 405:energies are "let loose upon the world of outer forms." This process has been greatly facilitatedDiscipleship2, 422:the consciousness of man and also within the forms in the service of the Hierarchy. This Law ofDiscipleship2, 427:awareness; nevertheless, they only affect those forms of life which react instinctively to theirDiscipleship2, 449:my brother and my friend you [449] resent all forms which you do not yourself initiate. I am not,Discipleship2, 476:months around the concepts hidden by these word forms. The first three statements were fairlyDiscipleship2, 483:loose - hard though it may be - from the thought-forms which so powerfully condition you, basedDiscipleship2, 497:personality has prepared him. Gigantic thought-forms dominate the sons of men, speak through aDiscipleship2, 497:indicate a mental interplay. You reach their "forms of thought." Discriminate. There is a triangleDiscipleship2, 523:Simplicity does not rule. Relinquish the thought-forms which seem at this time to stand between youDiscipleship2, 524:of the disciple has created so many thought-forms that temporarily he cannot be reached; [525] orDiscipleship2, 549:life and living) prompts him to concede certain forms of obedience to the Master who has him inDiscipleship2, 552:sought contact with me. This trained facility forms the basis of the following suggested exercise,Discipleship2, 569:the stages of set meditations and definite forms; your requirement at this time is to start eachDiscipleship2, 589:through the medium of old and patched up forms, or through the preservation of ancient techniquesDiscipleship2, 589:It will come into being through entirely new forms and by means of the intelligent discarding ofDiscipleship2, 589:steps is great. They must create the forms which these subjective ideas must utilize. I make theseDiscipleship2, 621:and are not so easily detected as are the cruder forms of personality reaction. I would suggest,Discipleship2, 624:of ages been thrown into activity by all the forms of life in all the kingdoms of nature. This hasDiscipleship2, 625:faculty of the mind, and the thought-forms thus created (embodying the mind's reaction to the worldDiscipleship2, 625:between mind, emotion, feeling and the thought-forms which memory guards, it is impossible for aDiscipleship2, 625:arc, wherein the various bodies and forms are created by the descending, involving Spirit, and theDiscipleship2, 626:path into physical manifestation, the bodies or forms are built. On the Path of Return, they areDiscipleship2, 631:are definitely pledged to certain hierarchical forms of service which must take precedence in allDiscipleship2, 632:a world of mist and fog, of gloom and shadowy forms is seen - a land of woe and dire distress, withDiscipleship2, 634:aspects of consciousness into material symbolic forms so as to bring pictorially to your attentionDiscipleship2, 648:Pain comes from form-attachment. It takes two forms: Attachment to the forms of earth, of men andDiscipleship2, 648:It takes two forms: Attachment to the forms of earth, of men and place; attachment to the truth.Discipleship2, 654:the world of men. Beyond its gates I see the forms of those who long to enter. Into my heart thereDiscipleship2, 689:many; you can free yourself from certain thought-forms which condition much of your thinking; youDiscipleship2, 690:susceptible to established and powerful thought-forms. These latter can always be dissipated byDiscipleship2, 692:already peculiarly susceptible to group thought-forms; you must learn increasingly to work underDiscipleship2, 693:abstracting one's mind from all imposed thought-forms - imposed by one's background, one'sDiscipleship2, 694:political, religious and circumstantial thought-forms (using the word "circumstantial" to mean theDiscipleship2, 740:followed them with exactitude. There are certain forms of pride from which every one suffers moreEducation, viii:more than a recrudescence of some earlier forms of Christian ideology. In this education for theEducation, 3:date of human knowledge. It has dealt with those forms of science which the past has evolved. It isEducation, 8:relayed to it by the brain. [8] Create thought-forms in response to impulses emanating from theEducation, 12:individual thinking, to the creation of thought-forms, and eventually to the steady orientation ofEducation, 14:In transitional periods some of the bridging forms have disappeared and the gap appears to beEducation, 15:process and concerns the production of those forms upon the physical plane which will adequatelyEducation, 18:- the flow of divine energy through all forms - temporarily seated in the heart, while theEducation, 20:impact, to translate, analyze, and to construct forms for revelation. Thus the soul of man creates.Education, 21:objectives. It is the attribute latent in all forms and is that innate urge or discontent whichEducation, 21:to concretize his concepts and so build thought-forms whereby he materializes his visions and hisEducation, 24:are seven major types of energy qualifying all forms, and that these in their turn are subdividedEducation, 24:(spirit-matter), producing "the myriad forms which make up the form of God" (Bhagavad Gita, XI),Education, 26:One thread (the sutratma) links and vivifies all forms into one functioning whole and embodies inEducation, 27:process and the evolutionary unfoldment of all forms. It is, therefore, the path of life, whichEducation, 27:heart and at some central focal point in all forms of divine expression. Naught is and naughtEducation, 28:becomes aware of his emotional life in its many forms (note this phraseology), and through it heEducation, 31:in ever increasing degree the man's thought forms. The key to the formation of the Mayavirupa isEducation, 35:are promulgated. Mental concepts or thought-forms are constructed which in due time will make theirEducation, 65:substance of which his form and all forms are made, and the qualified principles which are seekingEducation, 65:which are seeking expression through those forms and, incidentally, to redeem, salvage and purifyEducation, 65:exponents. It was to redeem substance and its forms that the planetary Logos came into
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