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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORMS

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Education, 65:redeemed and then principled substance and forms. It is the redemption of unprincipled substance,Education, 93:part of the total life pulsing throughout all forms, all kingdoms in nature, all planets, and theEducation, 119:(and therefore of death) all those forms through which the Piscean ideals have been molded. TheyEducation, 119:This has led to the imposition of the different forms of paternalism upon the [120] race -Education, 124:only in terms of personal interest, and to apply forms of idealistic philosophy to the life ofEducation, 124:or joins some of the many groups occupied with forms of esoteric philosophy, or becomes a member ofEducation, 128:in their animal, psychical, mental or spiritual forms. That concerning the spiritual life of manEducation, 134:for a massed and hurried creation of human forms. The economic situation will make it necessaryEducation, 136:lives function, or the seasonal law under which forms in the vegetable kingdom operate - thusEducation, 139:opportunity and correctness of producing the forms which incarnating souls will assume. The idea ofEducation, 148:thread of sentient consciousness into all forms, into all body cells and into all atoms. The humanExternalisation, 8:of symbols, for all visioning of geometrical forms is mental clairvoyance. All these powers are,Externalisation, 12:it the seeds of separativeness and of disaster. Forms of flattery are sent out from it, ideas ofExternalisation, 27:activity and are building groups - building the forms of expression in the new age. They are notExternalisation, 35:within the husk of the old age and the old forms. Hence the opportunity, the service and theExternalisation, 44:a racial life which will be embodied in those forms which will bridge the gap at present existing;Externalisation, 44:of the worst kind, though death and certain forms of bodily breakdown which may eventually end inExternalisation, 50:is available in the other two groups and thus forms the nucleus of the Kingdom of God, of the fifthExternalisation, 56:personnel, the work of the destroyer of outgrown forms, the findings of the scientists whoExternalisation, 56:magician who - under the law - creates the new forms, as expressions of the inflowing life. [57]Externalisation, 57:scientific hypotheses, they will formulate those forms of service on the physical plane which willExternalisation, 59:of the subjective consciousness found in all forms without exception, and the existence of anExternalisation, 59:and the existence of an interplay between these forms, through the medium of the soul, will be theExternalisation, 72:undesirable and hindering in the present world forms (in government, religion and society). TheExternalisation, 74:and, my brothers, satisfactorily. The form or forms may suffer but the intrinsic awareness of manExternalisation, 75:with the matter aspect in its multiplicity of forms. Again, light may come to you, if you relateExternalisation, 85:for instance, have seven centers, as have all forms of existence from the human and animal upwards,Externalisation, 87:of the planet, dealing with the generation of forms, and their work is to keep the direction ofExternalisation, 88:personality nature in its physical and emotional forms. I wonder whether you can grasp theExternalisation, 91:the germination and thus the new and better forms of life. And yet the form remains and yet itsExternalisation, 97:widespread disaster. This disaster can take many forms, but upon them we will not speculate, exceptExternalisation, 98:and His purposes are inclusive of all forms of life and their relationships. This quality of theExternalisation, 114:death or the passing away of the form. Forms are ever open to attack. A strong subjective life andExternalisation, 114:is everywhere a cry for change and for those new forms in the religious, political, educational andExternalisation, 115:The realities are eternal and undying; the forms are ephemeral and temporary; the soul isExternalisation, 115:will in the future prove successful in bringing forms to birth, to maturity and to death. But (andExternalisation, 118:itself not taken unto themselves material forms, and had the positive spiritual element notExternalisation, 119:to progress, as we know it, but their embryonic forms. It is not possible for modern man to visionExternalisation, Esoter:altered their ancient policies, changed their forms of government and reacted gradually and slowlyExternalisation, 150:subjective and inner divine life which all outer forms veil. This is now for the first timeExternalisation, 165:places and evoking a response from all [165] forms of life in the three worlds of manifestation,Externalisation, 166:to give Themselves for the lesser lives and forms of existence in order that these lesser livesExternalisation, 178:We endeavored to make clear that differing forms of government and varying ideological systems wereExternalisation, 183:The history of the past is the history of many forms of government. Races and nations have come andExternalisation, 183:come and gone. Political regimes and religious forms have played their part, have persisted orExternalisation, 190:democracies work? Utopian schemes, idealistic forms of government and cultural living processesExternalisation, 193:who have few or none; the problem of the varying forms of national government must be faced withExternalisation, 201:there is a general similarity of reaction. Forms of religion are so different, and the theologicalExternalisation, 202:of true religion is unobstructed by ancient forms and interpretations, then we shall see a world inExternalisation, 221:or damages the form side of life or the physical forms, is entirely compatible with the constantExternalisation, 221:and to do this at any cost to the hindering forms. It is against this transference of emphasis thatExternalisation, 223:of some great and spiritual Entity. That thought-forms, embodying evil lives can be and areExternalisation, 254:idealism, racial and nationalistic thought-forms and the withdrawing fear of responsibility areExternalisation, 261:We have, therefore, hinted at the following forms of divine intervention: Divine embodimentsExternalisation, 276:higher. The lower self reflects only distorted forms of the higher divine energies. This is a pointExternalisation, 278:limited and handicapped by the quality of the forms upon which they make their impact. If anyExternalisation, 289:God is here, present among us and in all forms of expression; He includes, pervades and remainsExternalisation, 299:the light in the world, in humanity and in all forms. He served the soul of man. The Christ,Externalisation, 301:about death - the death of all old and limiting forms and of that which houses evil. Their workExternalisation, 303:stands in the way. This is not destruction of forms by force such as is now being imposed on theExternalisation, 345:employ the first divine aspect to destroy the forms which are obstructing the free play of theExternalisation, 356:man, in groups and nations, in organized forms and in religion, in humanity as a whole and in theExternalisation, 356:the Dweller and the Angel, and thus the three forms of glamor and the final form of the conflictExternalisation, 405:its witnesses are those who have transcended all forms and all theologies, and have penetrated intoExternalisation, 426:for humanitarian reasons and from love of the forms through which humanity functions, bring the warExternalisation, 439:power of Shamballa was let loose, destroying old forms - political, social and religious - but atExternalisation, 439:good. The old social, political and religious forms were stultifying the human soul andExternalisation, 442:and are being presented in their specific forms by the other Masters. There is little that I canExternalisation, 443:at this unique and critical moment. The form or forms of their tyranny must be broken and dueExternalisation, 470:Resurrection of the spirit in man, in all forms in all kingdoms, is the objective of the entireExternalisation, 482:new lines. This the total destruction of the old forms will necessitate. It is this great group ofExternalisation, 483:and substance and their fusion into living forms are aspects of divinity; it has been theExternalisation, 489:and adequate phrases, the very ancient word-forms which the Christ will employ. These word-formsExternalisation, 489:which the Christ will employ. These word-forms are only seven in number, and they will constituteExternalisation, 492:to the continuous crystallizing of the material forms which hide and veil the anima mundi. BothExternalisation, 496:remind you that it has been the destruction of forms and not the destruction of spiritual valuesExternalisation, 497:those primary units of life of which all forms are made. 5. You will now understand the meaning ofExternalisation, 498:this was inevitable and desirable; old forms (obstructing the good) have had to be destroyed; theExternalisation, 498:within the atom and imprisoned in these ultimate forms of life, can be turned wholly into thatExternalisation, 498:to all upon our planet; its expression in forms of right living, if motivated by right humanExternalisation, 498:warmth, color, the abolition of the present forms of disease, the withdrawal of mankind from allExternalisation, 502:Statements December 1919 Those thought-forms which will materialize as the religion of the New AgeExternalisation, 502:the Churches on the minds of the masses. The old forms of thought and of interpretation are now tooExternalisation, 502:and uncorrelated manifestations in the world of forms. In all the progressing developments, the oldExternalisation, 503:required is the revivification of the [503] old forms, and their infusion with fresh life; the oldExternalisation, 505:lesser angels or devas who vitalize thought-forms and who keep alive the thoughts of the Guides ofExternalisation, 511:great basic doctrines and (shattering the old forms in which they are expressed and held) showExternalisation, 512:know the difference between etheric and astral forms, between mental clairaudience and clairvoyanceExternalisation, 515:murder stalk unarrested; a world in which the forms of religion exist but the life has gone, inExternalisation, 518:is not ever so. In the infancy of the race the forms for long endured. Evolution moved more slowly.Externalisation, 519:of awakening the consciousness aspect in all forms, so that it is awakened, expanded andExternalisation, 519:social, political, religious and economic world forms. They give direction; They throw a light;Externalisation, 519:civilizations. These can then provide adequate forms, temporarily [520] useful for the emergingExternalisation, 520:for initiation. Each major cycle receives new forms of the same ancient, yet basic, teaching. ThisExternalisation, 526:of Life, working in group formation with all forms and lives in all kingdoms and with all soulsExternalisation, 526:is solely on the consciousness aspect of all forms; Its present agency of salvage and of service isExternalisation, 532:so the Master, when He chooses this Path, forms a constituent part of the Council Chamber of theExternalisation, 537:out with much destruction in the world of forms. Adjustment to certain basic changes within theExternalisation, 547:thinking and consequent formulation of thought-forms which esotericists (since the time of H.P.B.)Externalisation, 548:hands of the United Nations to enforce the outer forms of peace, and thus give time for teaching on
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