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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORMS

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Externalisation, 565:dissipate the thick cloud of inchoate thought-forms which the bewildered, interested and curiousExternalisation, 570:take the place of other languages in all forms of international and business intercourse without inExternalisation, 571:because he endeavors to rid humanity of old forms of religious, economic and political doctrine;Externalisation, 582:and planned work with the consciousness of all forms, and - where humanity is involved - this isExternalisation, 587:and represses all negative conditions and forms of thinking as he contacts them in his environment,Externalisation, 587:environment, but he encourages the growth of all forms of higher sensory perception which expandExternalisation, 591:process, and the eternal hope of all forms in all kingdoms in nature. This is the central truth,Externalisation, 592:truth of God Immanent - divinely "pervading" all forms, conditioning from within all kingdoms inExternalisation, 649:men will be free to think and to create the new forms for the new ideals; then they will bring intoExternalisation, 649:in words, in color, in music and in sculptured forms the new revelation and the new world which theExternalisation, 653:does not run riot, creating those thought-forms which could intervene between the true vision andExternalisation, 654:Of this, the effect of the sun upon all life-forms is a symbol. It must however be remembered thatExternalisation, 657:has been permitted and many false thought-forms have been built. It is a dangerous energy becauseExternalisation, 660:stimulation of the two-thousand-year-old thought-forms which men, down the centuries, have createdExternalisation, 661:liberation. None of these ideas or hopes forms any part of His plan, nor are they possible. NoExternalisation, 676:that soul is the anima mundi and the soul of all forms in all kingdoms. Sanat Kumara, the EternalExternalisation, 680:as He formulates His ideas, creates the thought-forms needed prior to manifestation, and makes HisExternalisation, 683:with the soul of all beings and of all forms. This can best be accomplished in the intense quiet ofExternalisation, 690:Logos (Who is the sumtotal of all lesser forms within His manifested universe), so the same lawExternalisation, 693:not confined only to humanity, but also to the forms of life in the other kingdoms in nature. Fire, xii:and most tenuous manifestation) and that all forms are but the expression of a stupendous andFire, xviii:this treatise is of very real importance, for it forms the basis of that which we shall beFire, 5:because Energy is in motion and circulates. All forms in the solar system form part of the Whole,Fire, 12:waves of matter resolved themselves, and varied forms appeared. Each took its place, each in theFire, 12:Builders upon the plane of air worked with the forms within that sphere which is reckoned mainlyFire, 12:the devas of fohatic heat, watched o'er the forms that formless stood, waiting a point in time.Fire, 13:devas who work with matter, wrought at the forms. They stood in fourfold order. Upon the threefoldFire, 13:the threefold levels in empty silence stood the forms. They vibrated, they responded to the key,Fire, 13:sphere, the denizens of moisture, produced the forms that move within the kingdom of Varuna. TheyFire, 13:increased the endless flow. The ripple of the forms was seen. *** "AUM," said the Mighty One, "letFire, 13:with matter." The molten solidified. The solid forms were built. The crust cooled. The rocksFire, 13:The builders wrought in tumult to produce the forms of maya. When the rocky strata were completedFire, 13:to further growth. The builders of the lowest forms, manipulating densest maya, merged theirFire, 13:densest maya, merged their production with the forms built by the watery ones. Matter and waterFire, 14:all together. The Mighty One looked down. The forms met His approval. Forth came the cry forFire, 24:record due. In the solemn breathing forth the forms are built, the color just apportioned, and theFire, 25:spheres and blend Their myriad atoms. The forms through which They work, the lesser millionFire, 25:out. The streams of color melt together. The forms are left behind, and Parabrahm stands complete.Fire, 25:utters a Word unknown. The sevenfold lesser Word forms part of the vaster chord. The Now becomesFire, 26:refused to heed the call. "We enter not the forms," they said, "until the seventh aeon." The twiceFire, 26:million hearkened to the call and took the forms designed. The rebellious ones laughed withinFire, 28:They said: "Not so shall go the force. The forms and rupas of the third and fourth, within theFire, 28:work is far too good." They constructed other forms. They called for cosmic fire. The seven deepFire, 28:The incoming seventh reduced to order all the forms, - the white, the dark, the red, and shadedFire, 29:fell. The form was changed. Millions took other forms or ascended to the appointed place ofFire, 29:produced the monsters, great beasts and evil forms. They prowled upon the surface of the sphere.Fire, 29:Fifth built in the rupa sphere the concrete forms of thought. They cast them forth. They peopledFire, 31:circulateth, and its fire hardeneth all the forms. The wheel that is not glimpsed moveth in rapidFire, 31:whole. Upward they strive, who in their myriad forms revolve within the wheels of lesser magnitude.Fire, 31:whole is one, yet on the lower spheres only the forms appear. They seem in their divisions moreFire, 31:can be grasped or met. The many circulate. The forms are built, become too firm, are broken by theFire, 38:and so the formation or creation (of all forms); and this is action presided over by Brahma.Fire, 46:as the vitalizing factor in the thought forms fabricated by the thinker. As yet but few thoughtFire, 46:by the thinker. As yet but few thought forms, comparatively, can be said to be constructed by theFire, 46:through the physical brain. Most of the thought forms at present in circulation may be said to beFire, 47:energy in the mental body. Purely mental thought forms, animated by self-engendered fire, or by theFire, 47:life slips forth out of its sheath which forms now only a channel for liberation. 13 These terms,Fire, 49:thinking time and space, and of all forms as existing in them in succession and in places, is theFire, 49:Mrs. Besant so ably expresses it, includes all forms of activity and spiral cyclic evolution fromFire, 51:commences in man at the first initiation), forms a basis of spiritual life or existence. AsFire, 53:which makes the solar system productive of all forms of life. It is the inherent warmth that causesFire, 53:of the human frame causes production of other forms of life, such as: The physical body cells.Fire, 53:heat. The reproduction of itself in other human forms, the basis of the sex function. HumanFire, 63:of the Sun, of the planet, and of man's material forms. He is the sumtotal of the Past. The Lord ofFire, 67:in Themselves the essence of those rays. Other forms of such elemental lives and of deva groupsFire, 71:of atomic matter. A tiny center of force which forms the central factor and the attractive agencyFire, 71:the Triad, and in its lowest or third Aspect forms the Egoic or Causal body, the infant or germinalFire, 74:intelligent organization, demonstrating through forms, which are the product of motion and matter.Fire, 75:with their activity, with their attachment to forms when atomic, and with the development of theFire, 76:through those congeries of atoms which we call forms The effect of the personality Ray upon theFire, 78:the form of which that particular atom of matter forms a constituent part. Emanative prana doesFire, 79:Other rays of the sun act differently, upon the forms and upon their substance. Some perform theFire, 79:Some perform the work of the Destroyer of forms, and others carry on the work of cohering and ofFire, 80:the interpenetrating is so complete that the two forms make but one unit; the pranic emanations ofFire, 80:this process can be seen. Thus the etheric body forms the archetypal plane in relation to the denseFire, 82:four ethers, and built into a specific form. It forms, a focal point for certain radiatoryFire, 82:Fifth. This etheric web, during incarnation, forms a barrier between the physical and astralFire, 87:built; they give the distinctive nature of all forms. 38 Pralaya - A period of obscuration orFire, 92:the emanations of the planet, and of all forms upon the planet. They have a specially closeFire, 93:C - The Etheric Body and Prana 3. The Prana of Forms It must first be pointed out that forms areFire, 93:Prana of Forms It must first be pointed out that forms are necessarily of two kinds, each having aFire, 93:each having a different place in the scheme: Forms that are the result of the work of the third andFire, 93:the second Logos, and Their united life. Such forms are the units in the vegetable, animal andFire, 93:in the vegetable, animal and mineral kingdoms. Forms that are the result of the united action ofFire, 93:Logoi, and comprise the strictly deva and human forms. There is also the still simpler formFire, 93:embodied in the substance of which all the other forms are made. This matter [95] is strictlyFire, 95:third Logos. In dealing with the first group of forms, it must be noted that the pranic emanationsFire, 96:planets, between the planets and the evolving forms upon them, between the forms themselves in everFire, 96:and the evolving forms upon them, between the forms themselves in ever descending importanceFire, 105:permit of trouble in the etheric web, which forms the ring-pass-not for the involved planetaryFire, 108:We have a curious illustration of both of these forms of trouble in sun stroke and in heat stroke.Fire, 109:out that etheric congestion may lead to many forms of disease and of mental incompetence. EthericFire, 111:which is of small attainment in evolution, but forms no barrier to the more progressed. The wholeFire, 119:[119] Hence this fourth cosmic etheric plane forms the meeting ground for the past and the future,Fire, 122:He is the ideal man. He has to work with the forms through which Spirit is to manifest; heFire, 122:known as the "Adamic" and the "Hyperborean," the forms ensouled were astral and ethericFire, 125:of the manasic fire that develops under the forms of instinct, animal memory, and functionalFire, 129:other vibrations) the utter shattering of the forms. Motion is characterized, as we know, by threeFire, 143:are brought about: He gathers the atoms into forms. By means of these forms He gains the neededFire, 143:gathers the atoms into forms. By means of these forms He gains the needed contact, and develops
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