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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORMS

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Fire, 409:the atom which is the basic material whereof all forms in all the kingdoms of nature are made.Fire, 409:to progress intelligently from lower to higher forms of manifestation. This is above all theFire, 412:that all that is seen, being objective forms or Beings in manifestation through certain spheres ofFire, 418:to distinguish between oneself and all other forms extant. It is universally developed and hasFire, 420:It distinguishes: [420] The Logos and all forms within His body. The planetary Logoi and all formsFire, 420:within His body. The planetary Logoi and all forms within Their bodies. Man and all forms withinFire, 420:and all forms within Their bodies. Man and all forms within his body. That which must be emphasizedFire, 420:and his relationship to the group of which he forms a part. "I am That I am" refers to a man'sFire, 421:distinguishes between the Self, and all other forms of manifestation; he not only distinguishesFire, 421:leads a man Into matter and form, Through all forms of matter on all planes and Finally bringsFire, 421:brings about his eventual abstraction from all forms and matter, plus the aggregate of transmutedFire, 421:is excessive and various, producing geometrical forms allied somewhat to those portrayed upon theFire, 425:This was produced by a vast destruction of the forms we call animal-man. This point has seldom beenFire, 426:along the line of the mechanistic development of forms to utilize the force. This is all hidden inFire, 426:phenomena to the uses of man; To build forms, and create machines to contain and distribute theFire, 427:of levitation and of rhythmic movement in all forms, from an atom to a solar system, will beFire, 431:works through definite, material, substantial forms. Fire, 432:Temporarily, and as the cycle progresses, these forms become receptive and negative and are thusFire, 436:as a factor in the erection and destruction of forms, is very interesting. It may be asked whereinFire, 437:Forget not the occult truism that all forms of existence pass at one stage of their career throughFire, 438:might eventuate if we ever bear in mind that all forms are dual, both in evolution and in essentialFire, 441:therefore, through the etheric body of all forms and it is through His inflowing force that we mayFire, 443:the Lord of the Builders constructing [443] the forms which the Lord of Life utilizes to developFire, 447:a particular plan. These Builders evolve the forms out of their own nature and substance. Fourth. AFire, 448:Men, of the human units, [448] and of all forms from within outwards, and produce theFire, 450:is theirs. For instance, an adept can work with forms and force within [451] the ring-pass-not ofFire, 452:immediately served by the impartation of mantric forms. Inevitably the time will come when theyFire, 454:the old idealism, demonstrating through mental forms. It will have for its basis the scientificFire, 458:some ideal, and who receive their objective forms on some plane from the earlier group. From theFire, 465:next few hundred years many of the old animal forms will die out and become extinct. To supply theFire, 465:force is likewise a destroying one, and new forms for the animal evolution are, at this time, oneFire, 465:the escape of the life, to newer and better forms. Our subject for immediate consideration concernsFire, 472:and, the result of his past action (which forms the fifth essential). "At the same time it must beFire, 473:Man, while functioning in material, substantial forms in the three worlds, may not trespass acrossFire, 475:himself (from the primordial base) the desired forms. The mind of the alchemist [476] searches forFire, 478:point, a Heavenly Man, or the [478] atomic forms which in their aggregate form the recognized solarFire, 478:aggregate form the recognized solar system. All forms are built up in an analogous manner and theFire, 480:at the transmutation From the lower mineral forms into the higher forms. From the mineral formsFire, 480:From the lower mineral forms into the higher forms. From the mineral forms into the vegetable. FromFire, 480:forms into the higher forms. From the mineral forms into the vegetable. From vegetable forms intoFire, 480:mineral forms into the vegetable. From vegetable forms into the animal forms. From animal formsFire, 480:vegetable. From vegetable forms into the animal forms. From animal forms into the human orFire, 480:forms into the animal forms. From animal forms into the human or consciously and definitely toFire, 487:or with the transference of life into the animal forms. Only when the Self within, or the Ego inFire, 488:connection with different elements, atoms, and forms. To return to our statement of our fiveFire, 488:or the transference of energy into different forms. Fire, 488:of deva entities. For instance, a plane, and forms built of that particular plane substance, is theFire, 489:the soul of the plane. [489] Postulate II. All forms, vibrating to any keynote, are fabricated byFire, 489:and might be considered as the life of all forms that are subhuman. A magician, therefore, whoFire, 495:interest him not at all and only those subtler forms of activity which are connected with theFire, 496:particular style of vegetation, or certain basic forms and designs which can be traced in allFire, 497:strongly it is apt to drive out the life of the forms of this second kingdom. The devas who work inFire, 497:with the other kingdoms, globes and other forms and accounts somewhat for the fact that this fourthFire, 500:transmutes, or transfers the life into buddhic forms eventually. III. On the Mental Plane: In theFire, 501:and his utilization of them to control the lower forms. The working out of purpose through theFire, 512:and Repulsion, which governs all atomic forms, and to the question of SEX which is apparent inFire, 516:in the sheaths; they are built into temporary forms, and dissolved when the Thinker has exhaustedFire, 522:Plane of physical - Ether. Thought - Thought-forms - Materialization. Microcosm - Macrocosm. PlanesFire, 524:and will cause that destruction by fire of the forms of the men who have failed, which willFire, 527:the divine Ray." (S. D., I, 108.) Negative force forms a receptacle for positive force. Atoms areFire, 529:on consciousness by their interplay. Back of all forms and of all substances (as yet but littleFire, 529:through the energy of matter, the coherency of forms, through force centers, and force points. ItFire, 530:to enlarge further upon this mystery. 73 Forms. Divine ideation passes from the abstract to theFire, 530:three lower. There is a form which combines all forms. - S. D., I, 118. See S. D., I, 77. This FormFire, 530:Every atom of substance on every plane. All forms are destroyed periodically. Read carefully S. D.,Fire, 536:dealt with the positive force in all negative forms above, and including the human kingdom. Fire, 544:elementals of the mental plane, with the thought forms they animate, and with the consideration ofFire, 550:with which he may be concerned. I. Thought Forms 1. Their Function It will be noted that inFire, 552:form and then turn our attention to the thought forms fabricated by the Thinker from the systemicFire, 554:ideas in connection with man and the thought forms which he fabricates (such as his materialFire, 554:builds in mental thought matter and constructs forms extraneous to himself, we shall deal withFire, 556:follow a similar procedure. [556] His thought forms will be constructed of mental matter, chosenFire, 556:as the Idea seeking embodiment, and these forms will persist - as does the logoic thought form, theFire, 556:man - all substances with which he creates, all forms which he builds, and all processes ofFire, 559:mental creation, on the formulation of thought-forms in a scientific manner, and the dense physicalFire, 560:most vital element in the building of thought-forms. In our first point we touched upon the aspectFire, 561:nature of the emanating Identity. All thought forms - logoic, planetary, and human - (for no otherFire, 562:life (spiritual life where cosmic thought-forms are concerned; manasic life when solar thoughtFire, 562:are concerned; manasic life when solar thought forms are constructed; and elemental life whereFire, 562:and elemental life where human thought-forms are built) withdraws and the form dissipates. In allFire, 562:recognizable. This is true fundamentally of all forms. Where the relatively unimportant forms -Fire, 562:of all forms. Where the relatively unimportant forms - such as those constructed by man at thisFire, 562:for us to differentiate between those thought forms which are effects and those which are causes.Fire, 564:and the astral plane, for the human thought-forms are kama-manasic; the physical plane builders areFire, follow:evolution. All these kingdoms of nature are "forms of thought"; all have body, vitality, qualityFire, 566:is the purpose behind the differing national forms? [567] Let us next bring the whole idea own o aFire, 567:What is the psychic quality of my thought-forms? With what specific purpose do I use mental matter?Fire, 567:or unconsciously? Do I vitalize my thought-forms with a high or a low order of entity? Do I studyFire, 567:of the will to vitalize? Do I destroy thought-forms when they have accomplished their purpose by aFire, 567:by a conscious act of the will? Do I make forms which bring karmic effects, or do I build thoseFire, 570:so we have seen that the objective solar system forms the physical body of the Logos, though HisFire, 571:to us, our Logos, with His system, forms a part of a still greater Logos. This does not involveFire, 571:Each one of us, in due process of evolution, forms part of one of the Heavenly Men, Who ThemselvesFire, 572:our Logos loses not His identity, even though He forms part of the Consciousness of the Logos ofFire, 572:Logos of Sirius. In His turn, the Sirian Logos forms one of the seven Grand Heavenly Men, who areFire, 573:laws of thought, and on the building of thought-forms. It is impossible to do more than sense theFire, 574:its full volume, when it is fully completed, it forms one of the notes in the major cosmic chord.Fire, 580:evolutionary path it controls the building of forms. It has been stated that the matter of theFire, 580:stated that the matter of the lowest subplane forms the basis of a new plane; therefore we have onFire, 580:the Monad has circled through all disintegrating forms, and has achieved the sixth Initiation, it
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