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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FORMS

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Fire, 581:disintegration, on the astral plane, of thought-forms; it dissolves the astral vehicle when leftFire, 581:interact upon each other. This law breaks up the forms, and the Law of Attraction draws back toFire, 581:back to primal sources the material of those forms, prior to rebuilding them anew. On the path ofFire, 581:upon above, but in the breaking up of the forms in which great ideals are embodied, - the forms ofFire, 581:forms in which great ideals are embodied, - the forms of political control, the forms in whichFire, 581:embodied, - the forms of political control, the forms in which nature itself evolves, apart fromFire, 581:manifests, the great religious thought-forms, the philanthropic concepts and all the forms whichFire, 581:the philanthropic concepts and all the forms which science, art, and religion take at any oneFire, 583:the evolving life escapes to find for itself new forms of greater capacity and adequacy. It is soFire, 589:are periods of the destruction and building of forms, and the shattering of the old in order thatFire, 590:a more receptive attitude. This hierarchy forms the masculine aspect of the divine Hermaphrodite.Fire, 591:the faculty of forming definite concrete thought-forms, and, through these stable products, ofFire, 591:that is the result of crystallization in all forms, takes place, setting the [592] indwelling lifeFire, 592:indwelling life free for further progress. All forms are but hindrances and limitations, andFire, 592:This law governs the crystallization of all forms prior to their shattering in the process ofFire, 592:later period a fresh opportunity will come; old forms will break, and in another mahamanvantara,Fire, 593:deva evolutions in their totality, and of all forms of divine manifestation. Love in theFire, 594:perfects all that is. It is love that builds the forms that cradle temporarily the inner hiddenFire, 594:and love is the cause of the disruption of those forms, and their utter shattering, so that theFire, 594:abstract rays leads to that of the mystic. Love forms the sheath and inspires the life; love causesFire, 596:and kama-manas) in our consideration of thought forms? For two reasons: One is that all that is inFire, 596:of electrical law; all that can be known is but forms ensouled by ideas. Secondly, that in theFire, 596:controls the fivefold destruction of forms in the five lower worlds, and the Law of Death controlsFire, 596:governs the gradual disintegration of concrete forms and their sacrifice to the evolving life, andFire, 601:produces the activity and organization of all forms. The realization of this will reveal the factFire, 602:of thought, with the coherent life of all forms, with the consciousness in its evolving aspect, orFire, 604:of matter. Life of the 2nd Logos - animating the forms, or aggregate of atoms. Life of the 1stFire, 604:Life of the 1st Logos - animating the composite forms. 2. The one Life synthesizes this triplicity.Fire, 604:in the Vishnu purana. Now, each of the triple forms of Agni has numerous subdivisions. The solarFire, 613:were told , "men of your nature. Give them their forms within. She (Mother Earth) will buildFire, 613:God is "One, notwithstanding the innumerable forms which are in Him," so is man, on earth theFire, 613:is comprised in man. He unites in himself all forms. The mystery of the earthly man is the mysteryFire, 615:with the positive aspect in, and of, all forms - the building devas of evolutionary intent - inFire, 617:these are: "Rupa-devas" - Dhyan Chohans, having forms (Ex-men). "Arupa-devas" - Dhyan Chohans,Fire, 617:"Arupa-devas" - Dhyan Chohans, having no forms (Ex-men). "Pisachas" - (two-principled) ghosts.Fire, 617:men). Rakshasas - (Demons) Souls or Astral Forms of sorcerers; men who have reached the apex ofFire, 617:speaking, the term rupa is applied to all forms in the three worlds whilst the term arupa isFire, 617:worlds whilst the term arupa is applied to all forms through which existences manifest on the fourFire, 620:D., II, 66. Spirit becomes immersed in material forms. Forms are the battle ground. EventuallyFire, 620:66. Spirit becomes immersed in material forms. Forms are the battle ground. Eventually Spirit willFire, 620:battle ground. Eventually Spirit will slay the forms. - S. D., II, 67. Note the esoteric order. -Fire, 623:themselves upon the devas who build these forms out of their own substance, and thus develop theFire, 628:or ordinary man) builds and creates his thought forms - consciously or unconsciously - within theFire, 632:us to [632] study the construction of thought-forms in the three worlds through the medium of devaFire, 632:body. Second. The construction of thought-forms, which he builds of mental matter and vitalizes byFire, 636:which produces activity. The construction of forms. They produce the union of negative and positiveFire, 637:interacting the one upon the other, densest forms of all are produced. Yet these three function asFire, 638:subplanes. This recognition by science that all forms are built of intelligent lives will comeFire, 638:when he brings under his conscious control the forms built of this substance, he will graduallyFire, 640:Agnichaitans are kept busy building the mineral forms through the agency of fire; they are theFire, 640:and with the lives embodied in all mineral forms. The secret of the transmutation of the baserFire, 641:basic fire that nourishes and warms the physical forms of all the kingdoms of nature, andFire, 646:vibrates to the measure of kundalini in its many forms and demonstrations; this is the center atFire, 648:manifestation one of the planetary schemes forms the center in the logoic body which harborsFire, 650:The utter impossibility of cataloguing the forms and aspects of deva substance, or of tabulatingFire, 651:enable man to see both the dense and the etheric forms. At this stage his inability to do so isFire, 653:the living God. - S. D., II, 103. The animal forms the basis and the contrast for the divine. - S.Fire, 653:is the storehouse... he unites in himself all forms. - S. D., II, 303. The potentiality of everyFire, 653:evolution of the inner immortal man that forms the fundamental tenet of the occult sciences - S.Fire, 654:matter itself and the intelligence animating the forms of all that exists on the systemic physicalFire, 662:matter aspect is found on all planes; also that forms are ever to be found, until the solarFire, 664:type of electricity, which ever balances and forms the apex of the triangle. But the time is notFire, 672:Substance itself represents essential duality; forms repeat the same duality, and when we arrive atFire, 673:body of our planet, and the astral bodies of all forms are formed. Our planetary Logos is one ofFire, 677:whose work it is to build the aspirational forms towards which average man may aspire. They areFire, 679:capacity who make up the bulk of the desire forms of every kind. The devas of transinutative force.Fire, 683:and mental bodies. Four corporeal which are the forms of the four kingdoms of nature. - S. D., II,Fire, 686:with expectancy, take possession of the forms prepared through their endeavor, and stimulate themFire, 694:the human physical body does not exist. Again, forms differ as do kingdoms according to the natureFire, 701:and kama-manas) in our consideration of thought forms? For two reasons: One is that all that is inFire, 701:of electrical Law; all that can be known is but forms ensouled by ideas. Secondly, that in theFire, 701:or to energize with their life the prepared forms, were acting under Law, and their opposition toFire, 701:and their opposition to incarnation in these forms was based on magnetic repulsion. They could notFire, 701:magnetic repulsion. They could not energize the forms provided, for it involved the opposition ofFire, 714:takes place in the dense substance which forms the petals or wheels of the centers on the astralFire, 731:a point in the energizing of substance. Certain forms are ready for self-consciousness. Two cosmicFire, 732:Logos, and in the particular center of which it forms a component part. These Manasadevas and DhyanFire, 734:to work, instantaneously the system and all forms therein, planetary, human and other would ceaseFire, 738:cycles coincide with the building of racial forms, and civilizations. A man will reincarnate againFire, 740:years of Brahma, and sweeps into dissolution forms of every kind - subtle and dense - throughoutFire, 744:Rebirth In our study of the building of thought-forms and the agencies for their construction, weFire, 744:entities who in a threefold manner produce these forms, utilizing the process of: Meditation, whichFire, 748:within the orb, the circle of manifestation. The forms that exist in maya, and the flame thatFire, 750:and, lastly, that, however the initial forms and ceremonies may have differed in appearance, anFire, 762:is not only sentient as is the substance of the forms in the three worlds and the lunar bodies, butFire, 762:streams out from all sides of the lotus, and forms that spheroidal shape noted by investigators.Fire, 764:affects that body also, and not only man's forms in the three worlds. The effects of the processFire, 765:of energy is seen to be taking place; the lower forms become irradiated with light, and reflect theFire, 769:can be seen grouped together, and each of them forms part of a group. These groups in their turnFire, 772:basis of the formula. At each incarnation, finer forms are required, and the formulas thereforeFire, 775:behold - a plant; the plant whirls through seven forms and becomes a sacred animal." - Compare S.Fire, 775:is formed. - See S. D., II, 179, 187. Who forms him? The seven lives and the One Life. - See S. D.,Fire, 775:The lunar Pitris or fathers of the material forms. Who completes him? The fivefold Lha. Who unitesFire, 780:the positive energy that attracts, builds and forms the body of man on the three planes. The lowestFire, 783:the integral parts of the higher evolutionary forms. Fire, 786:form construction on every plane is true of all forms in all systems and schemes, and is true ofFire, 786:building. Alan is constructing thought-forms all the time, and is following unconsciously the sameFire, 786:less, know more, and construct more accurate forms, which will produce powerful effects on physicalFire, 790:direction of force, the etheric web no longer forms a barrier; it is destroyed and the man is fullyFire, 796:science, so the occult effect of these greater forms upon each other remains unknown. Science
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